Constantly Changing Reality
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Constantly Changing Reality Global Trends, Emerging Technologies and the Future of Corporate Legal IT PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Constantly Changing Reality Global Trends, Emerging Technologies and the Future of Corporate Legal IT. Legal Tech New York 2014. February 4 th 2014 Rohit Talwar - CEO Fast Future Research [email protected] Twitter @fastfuture .

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Constantly Changing Reality Global Trends, Emerging Technologies and the Future of Corporate Legal IT

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Constantly Changing Reality Global Trends, Emerging Technologies and the Future of Corporate Legal IT

Legal Tech New York 2014

February 4th 2014

Rohit Talwar - CEO

Fast Future Research

[email protected]

Twitter @fastfuture

Objectives of ILTA Legal Technology Future Horizons Project

  • Identify key business, legal and IT trends and developments

  • Build timeline of emerging technologies and IT developments with high potential legal impact

  • Explore IT’s transformative role in future legal business models and service differentiation

  • Highlight strategic imperatives for effective use and management of legal IT

  • Conducted January – December 2013

  • Publication – March 2014

  • 6 Sponsors

  • Combined desk research, interviews with managing partners, CIO’s, vendors, futurists and technologists, global surveys on the business applications of IT (499 responses) and emerging technologies (223 responses)

  • Key findings are presented on the following pages including the highest ranked responses in the surveys

‘Future Proofed’ Organisations Work on 3 Horizons in Parallel

1-12 Months

Operational Excellence

1-3 Years

Drive for Innovation Efficiency, Growth

4-10+ Years

Creating the Future

The Future is Being Created Now...

Economic and Political Uncertainty and Turbulence are the ‘New Normal’

Continued Global Shifts Of Influence, Wealth and Power to Emerging Markets

Socio-Demographic Forces are Reshaping Society

Free education is a game changer

Sustainability Issues Will Play a Bigger Role in Decision Making

Financial Innovation is the New Normale.g. Assets: ‘Usership’ vs. Ownership

Rapid Execution e.g. Superfast ConstructionArk Hotel - Dongting Lake - China

‘Magic’ and Science are Blurring

Mapping and Uploading the Human Brain

Cognitive, Genetic, Physical and Electronic Enhancement of the Human Body

The biological era is emerging

‘Big Science’ is the Battleground

Our Technologies are Evolving From Desktop to Mobile ... Wearable... Embedded...

... to Grown and Grafted...

…and totally Connected via ‘The Internet of Everything’

“What happens when the smartest thing in the room is the room itself?”

Madeleine Albright

Artificial Intelligence is Going Mainstream


AI advisers / helper apps will structure legal documents and check content generated by lawyers

Speech / gesture / image recognition, integrated analytics, knowledge management, image / video / voice mining, client self-service, intelligent documents, expertise systems, collaboration, secure email, virtual assistants, intelligent agents and collective intelligence

Technology Timeline (0-12 Months)

Technology Timeline (2-5 Years)

Technology Timeline (6-10 Years)

Technology Timeline (10+ Years)

Turning Insight into Opportunity










Markets – Do we Understand How the Business is Changing?

Leverage Existing Strengths / Relationships

Develop New Capabilities

Emerging Market Activity / Needs

Needs of Fast Growth Activities

New Science and Technology

Mastery – Where do we Need to Excel?E.g. Collaboration, Service, Managing Change, Operational Processes, Technology Planning, Foresight and Insight

Baker Donelson - Client Access to Workflow

Muscle – What New Survival and Growth Capabilities do we Need?

Bradford Barthel – AI Case Analysis

Magic – How to Create ‘Wow Factors’ for Different Customer Types?

Message – How do we Align our Actions with our ‘Brand Story’?

Bryan Cave - Innovation Department

Models – Asset Finance, Innovation and Revenue

Mindset – Uncertainty Tolerant, Experimental, Curious, Sticky and Magnetic

Allen & Overy – Technology Fair

Management – What Critical Actions can we Take to Drive the Future?

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain - Edge

Which are we Pursuing?










Strategic Imperatives -

Embedding IT in the DNA

Embed Horizon Scanning and Anticipatory Planning

Develop IT Vision and Roadmap

Globalized Delivery Model






Raise Business Awareness of IT as Disruptor and Differentiator

Regular Review of Law Firm IT Vision, Strategy and Capabilities

Conclusions – 21st Century Survival Skills

  • Foresight / Curiosity

  • Sense making

  • Accelerated learning

  • Uncertainty tolerant

  • Scenario thinking

  • Embrace complexity

  • Networking

  • IT Innovation

Useful Reference Sources

  • Genetic profiling -

  • X Prize - Breakthrough innovation projects -

  • Google brain uploading -

  • Brain mapping projects -

  • Global Future 2045 (immortality)

  • Human enhancement -

  • Wearable technology – Google Project Glass -

  • Emotiv Epoc Brain-Computer Interface -

  • AI Essay Grading Software -

  • Crypto currencies –




  • Autonomous cars -



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