world war ii letters
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World War II Letters

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World War II Letters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World War II Letters. Your chance to improve your marks. Your letters. You should hand in the planning – If I can’t find the answer for something in you letter but it was in the planning I gave you the mark You must hand in 3 letters

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world war ii letters

World War II Letters

Your chance to improve your marks

your letters
Your letters
  • You should hand in the planning – If I can’t find the answer for something in you letter but it was in the planning I gave you the mark
  • You must hand in3letters
  • If you would like to re-do your letters you can complete and or resubmit them for

February 22, 2011

There will be no letters accepted after this date!

letter 1
Letter #1
  • You have to choose your person
      • Where do they live in Canada? If it is Quebec this will effect your second letter. If they are from BC this will effect another part of letter 2.
  • You have to choose what force they will fight in
    • Air Force
    • Navy
    • Army (infantry)
letter 11
Letter #1
  • If you choose Air Force
    • You will have been trained in the BCATF
    • You will fight in one of two battles
      • Battle of Britain
      • Battle of the Atlantic as a bomber escort
  • Battle of Britain (Before Sept 1940)
    • We have better planes than Nazi’s & radar to track them
    • We were fighting to control the airspace of Britain and save the infrastructure of Britain
letter 12
Letter #1
  • Battle of Britain (After Sept 1940)
    • You LATER went on night bombing raids over Germany
      • Bombing factories so they could not produce more battle goods, and infrastructure so they cannot get around as well
  • Battle of the Atlantic (After 1941)
    • You flew long-range bombers looking for U-Boats
    • You protected the convoys from Nazi “Wolf Pack” attack
letter 13
Letter #1
  • If you are in the Navy
    • You fought in the Battle of the Atlantic
      • This was for control of the shipping lanes between Europe/ Africa and North America
    • You could be on one of the corvetts (small warships) that protected the merchant marine
    • You use sonar to track and find the Nazi U-Boats
    • How does a “Wolf Pack” Attack work?
    • You will likely continue to work on this battle making numerous trips back and forth
letter 14
Letter #1
  • If you are in the Army
    • You fought in either Dieppe or El Alamein (NORTH Africa)
  • If you fought in Dieppe (August 1942)
    • You took a boat over – Battle of the Atlantic – 5-6 Days
    • It is likely that you got injured
    • It was a one day raid that was a major failure
    • There were very few who got off the beach in retreat – most died and the rest got taken P.O.W.
    • Why/ How did the Nazi’s know that the Canadians were coming?
letter 15
Letter #1
  • If you fought in North Africa/El Alamein (Sept 1940)
    • You took a boat over – Battle of the Atlantic – U-Boat attack? Preventative measures?
    • You fought against the Italians in Egypt
    • You preserved the use of the Suez Canal for the Allies
    • You prevented Hitler from getting oil resources
    • You saw terrible close combat with little sleep working through extreme heat and bad food
letter 16
Letter #1

In General

  • You are all very against the war – people volunteered to do this – it was/is an honour
  • You all seem to have a sick grandmother – would you really ask this? And apparently you have dogs – what about the cat lovers?
  • I want gory and specific details – don’t disguise this for me – I want to know that you know specifically what was happening over there
letter 2
Letter #2
  • Where is this person located? This will affect how you answer different questions. Be specific and clear
    • “The weather in BC is great this week.”
  • The people of axis country origin
    • “Enemy Aliens” Germans, Italians, Japanese
    • They might be spies so they had to register with the government
    • They banned the Canadian Nazi party
    • They rioted against the religious pacifists who did not want to go to war
letter 21
Letter #2
  • People of axis country origin
    • They did not want any Jews coming in from Europe “None is too many”
    • The Japanese (mostly those who lived in BC, b/c it is close to Japan) were rounded up and placed in internment camps
    • Their stores were looted and white Canadians often took over their prospering businesses and stole their possessions that were not taken to camp
letter 22
Letter #2
  • What does this person do for work?
    • If they were unemployed, they now have a job and are working more hours
    • This is partly because of the NRMA
    • Any one who is able bodied had to help Canada with the war effort
    • The factories would be running 24 hours a day, and you would have 3 x 8 hour shifts instead of shutting it down every night
letter 23
Letter #2
  • The NRMA
    • If they are a farmer they would be sending their produce to Europe – Canada is on strict rationing
    • If you were making pots and pans you were likely changed into an ammunitions factory
    • They created Crown Corporations so many more people would be working for the government
letter 24
Letter #2
  • The conscription plebiscite happened when?
    • April 27, 1942
    • No conscripts were sent over until 1944 – it takes a long time to train the men adequately
    • Only 12,000 men were sent and for less than 6 months
    • If you lived in Quebec you felt highly betrayed that they would ask to send men over seas
    • If you were in the rest of Canada you were all for it and voted yes to sending men over
letter 25
Letter #2

In General

  • You need to answer all of the questions asked by the first letter – many forgot
  • Think of what the implications of the NRMA could be – you will have to consider things outside of the box
  • This is more of an information exposé than the other letters, so give me lots of information!!!
letter 3
Letter #3
  • If you are in the Army
    • You either fought in D-Day or in the Italian Campaign
  • D-Day (June 6, 1944)
    • This was the largest Canadian military of WWII
    • Canadians landed on Juno Beach
    • They took the beach and in a week had a strong hold on the area
      • In a month they had over 300, 000 troops and 200,000 vehicles
letter 31
Letter #3
  • After D-Day
    • You will push forward and possibly liberate Holland or take Germany straight through to Berlin
  • The Italian Campaign
    • This happened after North Africa had been cleared
    • You take the island of Sicily in July 1943
    • You are opening up a successful second front to take the pressure off of the Soviets
    • They did an amphibious attack (similar to what they used in D-Day)
    • This became the staging area for troops to go up Italy and into Europe
letter 32
Letter #3
  • The Italian Campaign
    • They fought close range battles moving forward very quickly with little sleep and poor living conditions for 4 months
    • They got stopped at Ortona and fought there for one solid month suffering many casualties
    • The French Canadian unit was the most feared in the area – Vandoos
      • They were the first to get through to Rome
    • It was hoped that they may be able to meet up with the other allied troops in France after D-Day to push the Nazi’s to German territory, but this never happened because the fighting was more intense than expected
letter 33
Letter #3
  • If you are in the Navy
    • You are still fighting the Battle of the Atlantic
      • Canadians are doing much better at this now
      • They are making more ships than are being destroyed
      • They are working with the merchant marine now
    • You will now be dropping depth charges on the U-Boats
    • The use of the convoys rendered the wolfpack attacks less effective
letter 34
Letter #3
  • If you are in the Air Force
    • You just finished clearing the way for the allied troops to land in Normandy
    • You took out communications and various infrastructures in advance so supplies could not reach the battle front
    • You are starting to out number the Nazi fighters and are destroying more of their airplanes than they can produce (their factories are getting destroyed)
letter 35
Letter #3

In General

  • Not many people got to even the planning for this so I did not have much to go off of
  • Don’t get too sentimental – I still need to know the information and a lot of people that did get that far said a lot of very sentimental nothing and very little information