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Spring Product & Service Innovation Looking into Technological Movie ‘Iron Man’ Helga Margrethe Beyer Hye-su Hwang Isabella Poebl Yeo- reum Kang

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Spring Product & Service Innovation Looking into Technological Movie ‘Iron Man’ Helga Margrethe Beyer Hye-su Hw - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spring Product & Service Innovation Looking into Technological Movie ‘Iron Man’ Helga Margrethe Beyer Hye-su Hwang Isabella Poebl Yeo- reum Kang. Introduction. Iron Man – Compile of Future T echnologies . Synopsis – Iron Man 1

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Presentation Transcript


Product & Service Innovation

Looking into

Technological Movie

‘Iron Man’

Helga Margrethe Beyer

Hye-su Hwang

Isabella Poebl

Yeo-reum Kang



Iron Man – Compile of Future Technologies

Synopsis – Iron Man 1

Tony Stark, a playboy and a genius who has inherited Stark industry from his father, realizes that his fabulous weapon is being used by enemy in a harmful way for US. After that, he invents metal suit, providing power with his artificial heart gained when he was hijacked in Afghanistan. With this suit, he saves a village, but Obadiah doesn’t like his good deed for the world. He also gets the suit Tony left in the Afghanistan, and develops it for the use of killing Tony. After defeating him, Tony gets the name “Iron Man”.

Jarvis – No.1 Assistant for Tony Stark

As a artificial intelligence system, it controls everything related to Tony, from his house and schedule, to his Ironman suit. It can even read Tony’s mind, making a conversation with him.


Question 1 & 2


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Control and process every task synthetically which an owner wants to carry out
  • automatically or by orders including human voice using ordinary language
  • Automatically find and deal with problems inside the equipment
  • Read thoughts of an owner -> by connecting Jarvis (name of AI system in the movie) into Tony’s central nervous system

How to use in the future

1. By ordering with voice, people can carry out jobs faster and more efficiently, as well as live life more conveniently, especially in works dealing with delicate tasks like war industry or semiconductor industry

2. As it can control the overall tasks comprehensively an owner wants to deal with, people can think of their tasks more synthetically – so it can be used in any company, organization, or even in home for household affairs


Question 1 & 2


Visual form of computer program


Equipment(carries order physically,

like computers and fixing tools)

4. Metal suit armed with weapons

Looks highly efficient, productive, technical, and modern, mostly consists of metal

barely has artistic or aesthetic feature

Looks complex and hard to understand at once


Question 1 & 2


  • If some error occur in the artificial intelligence, it would be very fatal to the human because many parts of the work process would depend on the artificial program.
  • It can be dangerous to depend on the artificial program too much because there are some potential that can be hacked and abused by the villain.

How to Overcome

Enhancing the safety and security of the artificial intelligence program.

Making a solid solution system for the cases of being hacked or misused by enemies

Diffuse– How to Commercialize ‘Artificial Intelligence’ ?

Give the public opportunity to experience the convenience of artificial intelligence by conference of exhibition.

Developing and adapting technologies separately for different usages, like ‘Home Edition’ and ‘for Enterprise’ of Windows System.


Question 3 & 4


Development of Science and Technology – By expanding A.I. to various fields, people can solve many problems with little effort, making human life way more convenient and efficient.

Security for citizen – by using Artificial Intelligence and weapons together, countries can prevent each other’s attack, making this technology as a sign of “Ideal Peace”

Harmful effects

  • As it is hard to decide whom to control A.I. System, there must be power struggle srrounding A.I. technology.
  • If someone takes an opportunity to misuse it, whole society can be seriously ruined, like the case of nuclear weapons.
  • Dilemma - Can only a system (like Jarvis in Iron Man) get a sense of “will”?

If it can, how can we control this ‘will’? It can be developed in a way of harming people.

If it can’t, in the end, people should program all the things inside AI system, making no

difference from technologies existing today. (Self-updating and curing, Voice order, ….)


Question 3 & 4

Necessary Mechanisms

  • We need strict laws for safety and boundary of opening A.I. technology, like only for confirmed people or company, by greater organization such as UN.
  • We need special laws and lawyers for the cases of A.I. committing a crime with its will.
  • Government should prepare for the cultural effect of AI technology, as it is highly related to human life. It should consider unexpected unemployment and lengthened holidays as people can be substituted by AI machines.

Question 5

The technology in our daily life

Feeling Convenient and Comfortable

Useful for daily life

Becoming Lazy



lots of power

Irritated to be a executer of a complex system

Feeling Uncomfortable as it reads my mind, and feeling complicated

Enjoying communication with ‘alter ego’


No need to use A.I.

technology in daily life,

But use it only for works forcibly

Appreciating spare time


Question 6

Yes, it will be adopted

  • WHY?
  • So many crimes committed by people who failed to control their emotion in important projects or organizations A.I. can be an alternative for “human being” in crucial works which need cool-heads
  • Huge curiosity for the Universe cannot be fulfilled without A.I. technology
  • Needs for integration seeing smartphone and tablet PC, people have nature of integration, making their lives simple. A.I. technology would be the terminus of needs for integration.

When and How?

  • When? - No later than 2040
  • A.I. technology has been progressed for more than 50 years so far. From beginning to 1980s, for 30 years, it was developed really quickly, proving the theory of “neural machine”. Now, scientists are being afraid of the days computers dominating people. Considering these two factors, we can make a short conclusion – it was developed quickly, and it’s going to be developed quickly !
  • How? – From top to bottom
  • Considering situation of Korean society, especially related to North Korea, it would be used in the war industry first, and then it would move onto the aviation and luxury ship manufacturing industry, which are core industry in Korea. And then it’s expected to spread over home-appliances.

Thank You 

Yonsei Univ.

Product & service Innovation

Helga Margrethe Beyer

Hye-su Hwang

Isabella Poebl

Yeo-reum Kang