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NANOTECHNOLOGY. AND THE IMPLICATIONS FOR OUR SOCIETY. Brief Description. Historical Development. Political and Legal Influences. Concern with any new technology. a. Equity of access Nanotechnology developed for particular country problems.

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Brief description

Brief Description

Historical development

Historical Development

Political and legal influences

Political and Legal Influences

  • Concern with any new technology.

    a. Equity of access

  • Nanotechnology developed for particular country problems.

    a. Potential to clean water as an example.

  • Cross funding of Nanotechnology and Research.

  • Technology Part of an Evolution of Business.

Political and legal influences1

Political and Legal Influences

  • Convergence of Every Science.

  • Biological alteration of food to deliver vaccine.

  • Biological pesticide.

    Inoculate lettuce with polio vaccine to inoculate children.

  • Interagency control of regulations.

Economics question and consideration

Economics Question and Consideration

Psychological and sociological effects

Psychological and Sociological Effects

Technology cultural context and media influence

Technology Cultural Context and Media Influence

Environmental implications

Environmental Implications

Moral and ethical implications

Moral and Ethical Implications

  • Nanotechnology and Nanomaterial:

  • Nanotechnology and the Military:

  • Potential of Different materials.

    a. Chain mail to High tech body armor (radiological fluids)

    b. MIT Institute for Soldiers Nanotechnologies

Moral and ethical implications1

Moral and Ethical Implications

  • Better Communication with nanotechnology.

  • Control the shape and release of chemicals.

  • Better Defense and Security

  • Nanomedicine and Gene Therapy:

    Implanted a chip which control the brain thought.



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