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The Natural Revolution

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The Natural Revolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dairy Industry. The Natural Revolution. Introduction. The Dairy Industry is one of the major sector of the Food industry worldwide. Milk and Milk based products are playing an essential role in Human Nutrition providing the necessary nutritional elements in adequate amounts.

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Dairy Industry

The Natural Revolution



  • The Dairy Industry is one of the major sector of the Food industry worldwide.
  • Milk and Milk based products are playing an essential role in
  • Human Nutrition providing the necessary nutritional elements in
  • adequate amounts.
  • They are also anexcellent nutritional substrate for the growth of micro-organisms.
  • Micro-organisms can be divided intotwo categories:
    • Those which spoilthe products
    • Pathogens which can cause food poisoning
  • Both categories are important to Modern Dairy Industry since the
  • production of Top Quality Products requires the supply of raw milk
  • which preserves all the quality characteristics of its nature. Also
  • the shelf life of the products is determined mainly from the initial
  • microbiological status of raw milk.

The Natural Revolution



  • The mainpathogens associated with dairy products are Streptococcus Aureus,Salmonella, Bacillus Cereus, E. Coli, ListeriaMonocytegenes and Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis
  • Listeria Monocytegenes and MycobacteriumParaturbeculosis are a major concern to the dairyindustry especially for pasteurized products sincescientific data show that the above bacteria cansurvive pasteurisation treatment.
  • In order to eliminate spoilage of theproducts and pathogen grow, a system based onphysical treatments with the combination of preservatives and the cleaning of the installation with harshchemicalsis normal practice.

The Natural Revolution


Amara Range

  • Amararange includes products that address the growingconsumer trend towards eating higher quality food by replacingsynthetic chemicals for cleaning, decontamination andpreservatives in ready to eat milk products.
  • Amaratechnology incorporates a truly holistic approach designedto increase the effectiveness and profitability of production processfollowing the current trend “from the farm to the fork”
  • It includes “organic approved” systems and sometimes organic certified products.

The Natural Revolution



The Natural Revolution


Product features

  • Using only organic, naturally derived, nontoxic,hypo-allergenic and non-corrosiveingredients.
  • Completely biodegradable, safe and ecofriendly
  • Contain organic compliant active anti-microbial
  • ingredients
  • Easy to handle: non-harmful to human, animals
  • and the environment
  • GMO free
  • Do not alter the taste or colourof Dairy products
  • Effective in very low concentration

The Natural Revolution


Farm Management

  • Amaraproducts are designed for:
    • Controlling the pathogens associated with cows feeding
    • Housing Cleaning & Decontamination
    • Milking Parlour Cleaning & Sanitising
    • Mastitis Management
  • For more information regarding to cows feeding &
  • Housing cleaning-decontamination refer to Animal Husbandry Brochure.

The Natural Revolution


Mastitis Management

Amara routine program to Control Mastitis consist of:

  • Personnel Hygiene using Amara Handwash and Derm-E-San hand sanitiser.
  • Udder Cleaning using Amara decontaminant.
  • Tit treatment using Amara antiseptic Tit-cream.
  • Therapy using Amara Intra – mammarysolution when cows are dried off.

The Natural Revolution


Mastitis Management

  • Mastitis is one of the biggest problems both forfarmers and Milk Processing Industry.
  • Chronic Mastitis causes major issues to thedairy industry like theproduction of low quality products with decreasedshelf life.
  • Chronic Mastitis milk is characterised byincreased cell count, elevated total colony count(TCC) including pathogens, slight pHdifferentiations and mineral imbalances.
  • The term Mastitis refers to the inflammation ofthe mammary gland or udder. The cause of thedisease can be bacteria but also mycoplasma andmoulds. However the most common is thebacterial infection.

The Natural Revolution


Installation & EquipmentCleaning & Sanitising

  • In the Dairy Industry each cleaning is divided into twocategories which consist of
    • Installation cleaning & sanitising
    • Equipment cleaningand decontamination
  • Installation cleaning has as major concern to reduce themicrobial count of the environment in order to reduce therecontamination of dairy products. In a recent study it wasfound that the main source of recontamination was the fillingmachine which was contaminated by bacterial aerosol derivedmainly from sink and floor drains

The Natural Revolution


Equipment cleaning & sanitising

In the dairy industry Equipment cleaning regime plays important role to product quality.Particularly, each cleaning regime must be effective toavoid fouling and removebiofilm.

Fouling is the build-up of deposits on a surface, whichbeside increased operation cost, hasan impact on product quality by cross-contamination or microbial growth. Depending onheat treatment of milk, dairyindustry faces two different types of deposits as can beseen in the table below :

The Natural Revolution


AmaraNon-foaming CleanerLow toxicity, non-corrosive CIP and bulk tankcleaner/descaler.

Amara Acrid Plus Non-foaming Cleaner replaces harsh caustic and acid cleaners currentlyused in cleaning pipelines and bulk tanks. It acts as aprimary sanitiser and acceleratesthe dissolution of fat, proteins, and milk stonethat adhere to the surfaces of pipelines, tanks and vessels.

How It Works

Naturally occurring strong organic acids that are incorporated in the product starts

a vigorous dissolution activity on lime scale, fats and other organic contaminants.

Contaminates the surfaces of pipelines and bulk tanks form excellent growth

media for harmful bacteria and other undesirable contaminating materials in the

food chain and since Amara Acrid Plus Non-foaming Cleaner removes biofilm and kills theattached microorganisms, it acts effectively in bulk tankers as aprime decontaminanthence reducing significantly the amount of terminal rinsesanitiser required.

The Natural Revolution


Amara Acrid Plus Non-foaming CleanerLow toxicity, non-corrosive CIP and bulk tankcleaner/descaler.

Calcium Sulphate Dissolving Properties of Acids and Amara Acrid Plus Non-foaming Cleaner 15 Min Exposure

The Natural Revolution


Prosino non foaming cleanerLow toxicity, non-corrosive CIP and bulk tankcleaner/descaler.

Calcium Carbonate Dissolving Properties of Acids and AmaraAcrid Plus Non-foaming Cleaner 15 Min Exposure

The Natural Revolution


Production of Dairy Products

  • Amara range is used for extending the shelf life ofthe following dairy products:
          • Yoghurt Production
          • Natural Cheese Production
          • Processed cheese
          • Cheese preparations
          • Ice cream Production
          • Cream Production
          • Full Cream & Skim Milk Powders
          • Brine production

The Natural Revolution


Example of ApplicationsFeta & White Cheese Brine Protocol

  • AmaraFlavor compound is used as a naturaldecontaminant especially against mold & yeast which cause blowing inside barrels and affect quality.
  • Detailed protocol on request.

Fruit Yoghurt Protocol

  • AmaraFlavor Compound is used as a natural preservative in fruit preparation
  • Detailed protocol on request.

Cottage Cheese Protocol

  • AmaraFlavor Compound is used as a natural preservative to expand the shelf life ofcheese.
  • Detailed protocol on request.

The Natural Revolution


Example of ApplicationsResults of addition AmaraFlavor Compound inWhite cheese brine compare to competitor product

  • AmaraFlavor Compound was challenged against competitiveproduct (additive) in white cheese brine (against mold & yeasts) attwo different maturation temperatures. Amara productmanaged tocontrol effectively the count of yeast & mold as can be seen inthe results.
  • Detailed results on requets.

The Natural Revolution