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Company. 2003: Formation of Vector. Mission: Identifying business areas in the Port and Transport Sector with potential for improvement and innovation with special emphasis on creating environmentally friendly solutions. Objective:

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2003: Formation of Vector.


Identifying business areas in the Port and Transport Sector with potential for improvement and innovation with special emphasis on creating environmentally friendly solutions.


Assist the Client in developing new strategies to improve or extend his business by applying proven techniques and expertise developed in the field.


Propose innovative solutions developed with state of the art Port and Transport business expertise.Plan, manage and conclude the project in the customer’s best interest.


Marine and Inland Terminal Operation and Intermodal Transport focussing on Gateway and Transhipment operation.

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…since 2003

Vector PTS participates in a wide range of international projects, embracing all aspects of port and transport work, both as the prime consultant and also in a supporting role to other specialists.


We change our name to Vector Port and Transport Solutions.


Enhancement of the Consultancy services offering now specific expertise in the fields of General Stevedoring, RoRo, Forest Products, Passenger Terminal and Harbour Railway infrastructure.

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Vector Port and Transport Solutions’ Expertise

  • First hand experience in operational, technical and commercial portmanagementand terminal operationfrom50 K TEU to 2.3 M TEUthroughput gained in both Inland Terminals and Marine Terminals.

  • Efficiency & performance improvement projectson a wide range of container terminal handling systems for Gateway and Transhipment facilities:

  • Wide span rail-mounted stacking cranes

  • Combined RTG and RMG operation

  • Full RTG systems

  • Combined RTG/ Reach Stacker systems

  • Straddle carrier systems

  • Re-engineering and start-up projects

  • Training programmes for management and personnel

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Vector Port and Transport Solutions’ Expertise

  • High level expertise in technical and operational management and supervisionof civil and constructional engineering projects for harbour facilities.

  • Planning, supervision of the construction of terminal facilitiesfor:

    • RoRo

    • Container

    • Forest Products

    • Intermodal

    • Passenger Terminals.

  • Design and development of Harbour-Equipment for Stevedoring, RoRo, Forest Products,  Container - and Intermodal Terminals

  • Operational management of Harbour Railway Systemsincluding design and construction of railway infrastructure

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Vector Port and Transport Solutions’ Expertise

  • Port and Transport Management Consulting

  • Change Managementprojects for the implementation of Terminal Operating Software under running operation

  • Project and tender management

  • Port and Terminal design and Start-Up Management for

    • General Cargo & Forest Products,

    • Container & RoRo Terminals

    • Passenger Terminals

  • Performance and Efficiency Improvement for Operations, Engineering and IT

  • Organisation Audits & Business Due Diligence

  • Supporting Authorities looking to expand business with container and transport industries

  • Development ofIntermodal Transportsolutions

  • Training programmes for management and personnel

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About Vector PTS



















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Voltri Container TerminalEurope, Genoa, Italy

Marine Terminal


930 K Volume

RTG/ Reach Stacker

  • OPS & Engineering Re-organization

  • Crane and shift productivity increase > 35%

  • Equipment productivity increase > 11%

  • Contract labour cost reduction > 10%

  • Cost reduction Running Repair Maintenance >10%

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Cagliari International Container TerminalEurope, Cagliari, Italy

Marine Terminal


2 M TEU Capacity

RTG Operation

  • Start Up Management

  • Organization & and start-up training for operations

  • Negotiation and contracting of labour agreement

  • Definition of storage rules for hazardous cargo

  • Implementation of custom bonded area

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Medcenter Container TerminalEurope, Gioia Tauro, Italy

Marine Terminal


2.3 M TEU Volume

Straddle Carrier Operation

  • Reorganization

  • Implementation of world class standard

  • Crane and shift productivity increase > 13%

  • Terminal expansion and investment planning

  • Organization enhancement from 600 K to 2.3 M TEU

  • Definition of an outstanding IT Terminal Monitor System

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Container Terminal DortmundEurope, Dortmund, Germany

Inland Terminal

Seaport Link

50 K TEU Volume

Rail Mounted Stacking Cranes

  • Company Re-organization

    • Revenue increase > 2.5 times

    • Improvement of service quality

    • Implementation of rail shuttle service

    • Implementation of maintenance system

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La Spezia Container TerminalEurope, La Spezia, Italy

Marine Terminal


370 K TEU Volume

RMG/ RTG Operation

  • Start Up Management

  • Management of operations

  • Implementation of “North-Range-performance standard”

  • IT- and terminal automation development

  • Design of the gate-automation and RDT System

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Lübecker Hafen - GesellschaftEurope, Germany

Sea port operator

Regional port

RoRo, LoLo, Passenger, Container

  • Technical Management

  • Terminal Schlutup, designed for handling of Forest-Products.

  • Terminal Seelandkai, designed for RoRo- and Container handling

  • Terminal Skandinavienkai expansion, designed for RoRo and Rail Ferries

  • Intermodal Terminal construction, annual capacity 140,000 units

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City Deep Rail TerminalJohannesburg, South Africa

Inland Rail Terminal

400K TEU Capacity

Reach Stacker Operation

  • Management Consultancy

    • Preparation for the implementation and transition to a new TOS

    • “Best Practice” operating business processes

    • Guidance on the Terminal Operating System change over process.

    • Description of required business and organizational changes.

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Container Terminal, confident clientMiddle East,Qatar

Container Terminal Project

500K TEU Design Capacity

RTG Operation

  • Management Consultancy

    • Assessment of a Brown Field Container Terminal Project

      • Terminal operating system

      • Planning & scheduling of traffic and operations

      • Document handling and information exchange

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Intermodal Terminal – confidential clientEurope, Italy

Intermodal Terminal Project

700 K Units Design Capacity

Reach Stacker/ RMS Operation

Multi Trailer Systems

  • Management Consultancy

    • Layout and Handling System Proposal for a Green Field Project

    • Layout

    • Handling System

  • Capacity

  • Equipment

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SITIEurope, Turin, Italy


Fully Automated Marine Terminal


>6 M TEU Design Capacity

Automated rail shuttle system

  • Management Consultancy

    • Member of the project team “Genova , il Porto oltre l’Appennino”

      • Assessment of operational assumptions

      • Supporting the commercial assumptions

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Evyap PortIzmit Bay, Turkey

Marine Terminal Project


450 K TEU Capacity

Reach Stacker/ RTG Operation

  • Management Consultancy

  • Member of a project for dedicated to

    • Expansion planning & layout proposal

    • Determination of the allowable container volume

    • Determination of type and number of equipment terminal capacity and machinery park (TDD)

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Reefer TerminalEurope, Vado-Savona, Italy

Marine Terminal Project


350 K TEU Capacity

Reach Stacker/ RMG Operation

  • Management Consultancy

    • Layout analysis and capacity evaluation

    • Existing operation

    • Future layout

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Kumport Istanbul, Turkey

Marine Terminal Project


450 K TEU Capacity

Reach Stacker/ RTG Operation

  • Management Consultancy & Technical Due Diligence

  • Organization analysis & Re-organization proposals of operations

  • Expansion planning

  • Assessment of terminal capacity and machinery park (TDD)

  • Equipment tender consultancy

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Cosco Europe, Italy

Marine Terminal


500 K TEU Capacity


  • Management Consultancy

    • Member of the project team “tender 6th module”

      • Investment planning

      • Business plan

      • Tender documents

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Hapag Lloyd – Terminal Flavio GioiaEurope, Italy, Naples

Marine Terminal Project


80 K TEU Capacity

Reach Stacker Operation

  • Management Consultancy

  • Business Due Diligence

  • Capacity verification

  • Organization analysis

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Klaipedos Smelte Container Terminal Europe, Lithuania, Klaipeda

Marine Terminal Project


200 K TEU Capacity

RTG Operation

  • Management Consultancy

    • Terminal design and planning to build a container terminal

    • Tender management

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Ceres Paragon Terminal Europe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Marine Terminal


900 K TEU Capacity

Straddle Carrier

  • Organization Audit

    • Operations

    • Engineering

    • Information & Communication Systems

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Port 2000 Project Europe, Le Havre, France

Marine Terminal Project


700 K TEU Capacity

Straddle Carrier

  • Management Consultancy

    • Capacity calculation

    • Manpower calculation

    • Shareholder agreement

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  • Andreas Nigulisis an expert with more than 25 years of experience in Port Operation and Management of Marine and Inland Terminals in Europe.

  • He has profound know how in start up management, re-modelling organisations, efficiency improvement. He operated in Marine and Inland Terminals from 50 k TEU to over 2.3 M TEU throughput in Germany, Portugal and Italy.

  • His Intermodal Transport experience includes marketing studies as well as planning and phasing in of new services.

  • Past positions include

  • Head of Terminal Operations of Voltri Terminal Europa, Genoa

  • Terminal Director of Cagliari International Container Terminal, Italy

  • Operations Manager of Medcenter Container Terminal, Gioia Tauro, Italy

  • Operations Manager of La Spezia Container Terminal, Italy

  • Managing Director of CT Dortmund, Germany for

  • Eurogate/ Contship Italia Group

  • P&O Ports

  • PSA Europe

  • In 2003 he set up Vector as a consultancy firm offering expert solutions for the port and transport industries. He managed and conducted projects in France, The Netherlands, Turkey and Lithuania, led the terminal design and planning of the Klaipedos Smelte Container Terminal, Lithuania, as well as a start-up audit for a state-of-the-art terminal in Amsterdam. He lectured at the University of Genoa, Italy.

  • Andreas Nigulis is German and speaks fluently German, English and Italian. He holds a Master Mariner Degree and a Diploma in Maritime Studies.

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Detlef Kockis an expert with 30 years of experience as Head of Technical Departments in fast-growing German marine environments (Container- and RoRo- Terminals) and 16 years of Harbour Planning in Ro-Ro Terminals.

He has excellent know how in Layout of Terminal Systems- and machinery, Supervision of civil works and Constructional Engineering from operator’s side, Design and Development of Harbour Equipment and Operation of Harbour - Railway systems.

Past positions include

Technical Director of Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft, Lübeck, Germany

Technical Director of Eurokai Container Terminal in Hamburg , Germany

Researcher at Technische Universität Hannover, Germany

His activities included the position of Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Trucks of the German Port Technology Association HTG.

Detlef Kock is German and speaks fluently German and English. He holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

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Igor Golec is an maritime expert was more than 30 years of international experience.

Igor has consolidated senior management knowhow gained with leading shipping lines and container terminal operators. He successfully participated at the development of Italy’s main transshipment hub Med Center Terminal.

For fifteen years he directed the commercial and sales activities for Contship Italia’scontainer terminals in Gioa Tauro, La Spezia, Livorno, Cagliari and Ravenna.

He was Jugolijna’s representative in South East Asiawith responsibility for Singapore, Malaysia , Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and Japan.

Igor has global insight in container terminal tariff structures and assists actually one of Turkey's logistic and transport leaders in his Mediterranean feeder and sales activities.

Igor Golec is Croatian and speaks fluently Italian and English and holds a Diploma in Economy for Maritime Affairs.

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  • Vector Port and Transport Solutions

  • 20 Cherston Court

  • Gloucester GL4 3LE

  • UK

    • Tel: +44 1452 542 103

    • Mob: +44 777 569 4916

    • Fax: +44 700 603 5379

    • Email: [email protected]

    • Web:

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