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Brain Waves. Brain Fingerprinting. Forensic Science, Biometrics, etc…. Brain-Computer Interface Research: A non-invasive example. J. Bayliss research group – Rochester Institute of Technology. Will this be us?

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Brain fingerprinting l.jpg
Brain Fingerprinting

  • Forensic Science, Biometrics, etc…

Brain computer interface research a non invasive example l.jpg
Brain-Computer Interface Research: A non-invasive example

  • J. Bayliss research group – Rochester Institute of Technology. Will this be us?

  • Goal: “To develop a system that performs real-time EEG signal analysis in order to generate control commands for environmental control, communication, or even simple driving commands”

  • The Hope: “A big signal like the P300 can be recognized via single trial recognition in order to trigger commands on the VR car. We currently have around 85% average recognition accuracy.”

  • Success: “P300” signal response is evoked, trained via biofeedback, used to activate things in a virtual apartment.

Electroencephalograph eeg l.jpg
Electroencephalograph - EEG

  • Brain has continuous electrical activity that can be recorded

  • Pairs of electrodes attached to scalp form distinct channels

  • Weak signal ~millivolts is sent thru amplifier

  • Continuous output recorded via galvanometer.

Slide6 l.jpg

  • Each pair of electrodes forms a channel to measure something - maybe potential difference between them?

  • Localized anomalies pinpoint physical brain problems

  • Computer waveform analysis: high-speed samples taken 200 times/second to convert analog>digital

  • Commercially available to run on PCs and Macs, you can even use it qualitatively if you’re bad at math

Other non invasive brain mapping techniques l.jpg
Other Non-Invasive Brain Mapping Techniques - maybe potential difference between them?

  • Positron emission tomography

  • event-related potentials

  • electro-and magnetoencephalography,

  • magnetic resonance imaging

  • single-photon emission tomography

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