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It ’ s Every Sports Fan ’ s Dream...… Two Guys, a Monster RV, and the Greatest Road Trip in Sports History! Scheduled Events: Super Bowl 2003 NBA Allstar Game Daytona 500 World Figure Skating NCAA Final Four The Masters Kentucky Derby Preakness Stakes Indy 500 NBA Playoffs/Finals

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It’s Every Sports Fan’s Dream...…

Two Guys, a Monster RV, and

the Greatest Road Trip in Sports History!

Scheduled Events:

  • Super Bowl 2003

  • NBA Allstar Game

  • Daytona 500

  • World Figure Skating

  • NCAA Final Four

  • The Masters

  • Kentucky Derby

  • Preakness Stakes

  • Indy 500

  • NBA Playoffs/Finals

  • NHL Playoffs/Finals

  • Belmont Stakes

  • US Open Golf

  • PGA Championships

  • US Open Tennis

  • World Series

  • NFL Playoffs

  • College BCS Game

  • Super Bowl 2004

  • Play The Top 25 Public Golf

    Courses in America

Join Phil Gordon and Rafe Furst for the world’s greatest year long tailgate party, as a sponsor, a media partner, or just a groupie. Heck, if we like you enough, we’ll even invite you to join us for a week on the road…

Ultimate Sports Adventure, LLC

7260 Drifting River Court

Las Vegas, Nevada 89149


Email: us[email protected]

Phone: 888-479-9092

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USA and Charity


Our Goal… $100,000

During the tour, The USA Team will raise money and awareness for CRPF. See the USA Website for upcoming charity events and track our progress to $100,000!

Ultimate Sports Adventure, LLC

7260 Drifting River Court

Las Vegas, Nevada 89149


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-479-9092

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Major Tour Events Schedule

Join the Ultimate Sports Adventure Team Today!

Scheduled Events:

  • Additional Events:

  • Boxing Title Fights

  • X Games

  • Bowling Championships

  • WNBA Games

  • Major League Soccer

  • Major Poker Tournaments

  • Volleyball Tournaments

  • Swim Meets

  • Little League World Series

  • Wrestling Events

  • Ultimate Fighting

  • Ping Pong Tournaments

  • Billiards Tournaments

  • Backgammon Tournaments

  • Bridge Tournaments

    And more…

Ultimate Sports Adventure, LLC

7260 Drifting River Court

Las Vegas, Nevada 89149


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-479-9092

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Top 25 Public

Golf Course Challenge

Top 25 Public Golf Courses

Are these REALLY the best public courses in the continental U.S.?

That’s what the magazines say, but why take the word of professionals? Phil (10 hcp, liberal mulligans) and Rafe (18 hcp, known for carrying a 15th club, the foot-wedge) will play all these courses and more and give you the their uniquely average weekend hacker perspective. Which courses are the best value for your money? Which course has the friendliest cart girls? Which have the best beer and hot dogs at the turn? What secret knowledge can you use at each course to win bets with your buddies?

Find out how to win a spot in the foursome at the course of your choice by visiting the USA web site!

Ultimate Sports Adventure, LLC

7260 Drifting River Court

Las Vegas, Nevada 89149


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-479-9092

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Ultimate Activities and Challenges

The Sports Challenges:

  • See every pro baseball, hockey, basketball and

    football team in action at least once

  • Play and rate USA’s top 25 public golf courses

    The Charitable Challenge:

  • Raise $100,000 for charity along the way

    The Celebrity Challenges:

  • Play table football with Brett Favre

  • Race Jeff Gordon in our Porsche

  • Play poker with Michael Jordan

  • Get a date with at least one supermodel

  • Play miniature golf with Tiger Woods

  • Get a stock tip from Anna Kournikova

  • Hustle pool with Jeanette Lee

  • Challenge Shaq to Around the World

    The Drinking Challenge:

  • Drink and rate 500 different microbrews

    The Fame Challenges:

  • Throw out first pitch at a major league game

  • Sing National Anthem at a major sporting event

  • Be featured guests on a major talk show

  • Crown America’s Sports King and Queen

We are not content with just the best sports trip in history… We’re taking it to a whole new level, stepping up to the plate, taking one for the team.

Indeed, our friends, family, and sponsors have issued a few challenges for the USA Team to keep us busy between the majors…

We will not rest until we’ve completed these challenges!

Have a challenge for the USA Team? Go to the USA web site! If we select and perform your challenge, you could win a week on the road with the USA Tour!

Ultimate Sports Adventure, LLC

7260 Drifting River Court

Las Vegas, Nevada 89149


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-479-9092

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USA and Product Marketing

  • Reach MILLIONS of sports fans across the country

    • Decal Advertising

    • Radio Interviews

    • TV Appearances

    • Print

    • Personal Interaction

    • Online / Direct Marketing


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-479-9092

Ultimate Sports Adventure, LLC

7260 Drifting River Court

Las Vegas, Nevada 89149

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USA and Product Marketing:Decal Advertising

  • The Ultimate Sports Adventure is a Moving Billboard!

  • Studies conducted by the American Trucking Association reveal that our 25,000 mile tour across America will develop more than 10.9 million impressions while driving and parked at sports events.

  • The same studies also show that 75% of the subjects develop an impression about a company from the sides of the vehicle, and 29% actually base a buying decisions based on those impressions.

  • Also, the RY&P, which is the largest U.S. advertising agency for the leisure and travel industry, determined that:

    • 96% of respondents notice the words and pictures displayed on trucks.

    • 98% of respondents say that fleet graphics create a positive image for the company.

    • 96% of respondents say that fleet graphics have more impact than billboards.

  • The USA RV is a visually stimulating and captivating vehicle. Wrapped in USA flag colors, our logo and sponsor messages, we will be sure to garner plenty of attention during our year long journey and create critical exposure for our sponsors.

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USA and Product Marketing:Radio Interviews

The Ultimate Sports Adventure is Great Radio!

USA estimates approximately 100 radio appearances throughout the course of the trip.

Working with our publicist, our charitable organization, and our sponsors, we will actively pursue local talk radio appearances. Sports Talk, Morning Drive Time, and Late Night are all genres well suited to the USA story.

We are currently in negotiation with several large market sports radio stations. Each radio station will be featuring the USA on a regular basis.

Our estimate is based on a similar, less comprehensive road trip. The guys from garnered national and local radio coverage in 35 markets during their tour. The guys from the MLB Baseball Odyssey (2000), a 60 day tour of only baseball stadiums, appeared on 15 radio sports talk shows during their tour.

As of 12/15/02, USA has already had three radio appearances talking about USA. In each interview, we successfully placed all of our major sponsors. Tape available on request.

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USA and Product Marketing:Television Appearances

The Ultimate Sports Adventure is Great TV!

USA will actively pursue television coverage throughout our tour. We will contact local television sports desks and invite them out for a tour and interview. Our goal of raising $100,00 for charity will play well to a large audience. On each appearance, our Sponsor logos and messages will be visible on and in the USA RV.

Excellent fits for USA include ESPN Sports Center, PTI, Best Damn Sport Show, the Man Show, David Letterman, Conan, Monday Night Football, Up Close, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and many others.

USA is in active discussion with major broadcast and cable networks and has commitment from an award-winning production company should a major outlet want regular coverage with professional big league production.

Coverage of the USA Tour is guaranteed on a television show to air in January, The World Poker Tour, in which Phil Gordon won an invitation only tournament of the best poker players in the world and $250,000.

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USA and Product Marketing:Print

  • The Ultimate Sports Adventure is a Great Story!

  • USA will actively pursue print coverage throughout our tour. We will contact newspapers and local publications throughout our tour and offer them the USA story.

  • Excellent fits for national magazine coverage include:

    • Sports Illustrated Golf Digest Maxim PlayboyESPN The Magazine Razor Stuff Golf MonthlyOutside RV Life Cigar Aficionado Men’s JournalPeople Golf Tips Smart Money and many others…

  • USA is in discussion with editors at several major sports publications. We are currently working with a well respected publicist to secure additional coverage as the trip gets underway.

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USA and Product Marketing:Personal Interaction

The Ultimate Sports Adventure is Grass-Roots Marketing!

USA team members will be personally interacting with people across America during the tour via promotional displays and product demos in front of the RV, tailgating events, parties at local sports bars and other venues, and at the events themselves.

We will be meeting hundreds of thousands of people throughout the tour, giving each one of them a look at the Ultimate Sports Adventure. We will be demonstrating and giving away products, taking names for mailing lists, holding raffles for our charity and constantlyspreading your message.

Our personal interaction with people will have great appeal and a lasting marketing impression on everyone. We are all about having fun, and the people we come in contact with will want to be a part of that fun. As a USA sponsor, you will be an integral part of our grass roots message!

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USA and Product Marketing:Online / Direct Marketing

  • The Ultimate Sports Adventure is Interactive!

  • USA is conducting various online contests and promotions throughout the tour, both regional/event focused and national in scope. Examples include:

    • Interactive sports challenge contests (e.g. March Madness brackets)

    • Poker Tournaments

    • “Best Story” contests

    • Sweepstakes

  • These promotions are proven methods for collectingregistration informationthat our partners and sponsors are able to leverage for direct marketing campaigns.

  • In addition, direct sponsorship of online promotions is available, perfect for garnering repeat traffic forimproved brandingandstickiness.

  • Ask us for details!

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USA and Product Marketing:Sponsorship Opportunities

The Ultimate Sports Adventure is YOU!

Become a part of Team USA today. Current sponsorship opportunities include:

Title Sponsorship: “The SPONSOR’S NAME Ultimate Sports Adventure”A complete co-branding, sponsorship at this level reflects a commitment from both USA and the Sponsor. Sponsor gains exclusive rights to use USA in national television and radio advertising. 40 sq. ft. of decal advertising space. $125,000. ($25,000, tax deductible, goes directly to the USA sponsored charity).

National Sponsor: 15 square feet of decal space. Product placement throughout tour in all media appearances. $25,000. Full visibility on the USA web site. ($5,000, tax deductible, goes directly to the USA sponsored charity).

Product Sponsor: 6 square feet of decal space. Product placement as often as possible. Limited visibility on the USA web site.

Charity Sponsor: Pledge $1 / mile or more to the USA sponsored charity and receive all benefits of Product Sponsorship.

Contest Sponsor: Ask for details.

USA is a dynamic, intelligent team that can quickly respond to any request. Have an idea for partnering with USA? Let’s talk.

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Ultimate Adventurers

Phil Gordon

Rafe Furst

Phil Gordon, is a true adventure enthusiast and sports addict. After his network software company was acquired by Cisco, Phil decided to hit the road and see the world. In Africa, he has dived with the Great White Sharks, summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro, tracked gorillas in Uganda, and rafted the Zambezi River. In South America he built a balsa raft to float the Amazon River Basin, trekked the Famous Inca trail, sailed through the fiords of Patagonia and explored the pristine wilderness of the Galapagos Islands. In Australia, Phil covered 20,000 kilometers solo in a Land Cruiser, dodging kangaroos and wallabies, climbing Ayer's Rock, diving the Great Barrier Reef, and judging a wet t-shirt competition in the middle of the outback!

Phil is a world-class card player, having won a national championship event in bridge, and taking 4th place in the 2000 World Series of Poker main event, claiming $400,000 in prize money and a celebrity spot on the Travel Channel documentary. Phil has been featured in articles in Yahoo! Internet Life, Cigar Aficionado and Card Player magazines, as well as NPR Radio's This American Life, national broadcasts on Mojo Radio, and a classic television episode of Blind Date!

A National Merit Scholarship finalist who began college at 15 (Georgia Tech, B.S. Computer Science, 1990), Phil continues to set fire to the world of professional poker, recently beating a slew of world champions in an invitation-only event, soon to be televised on the World Poker Tour.

As a die-hard Dodger and Laker fan growing up in Los Angeles, Rafe suffered a crisis of football faith when first the Rams and then the Raiders abandoned their LA fans. Eventually he found salvation in his alma mater, the Stanford Cardinal, where he did his best to "earn" a football scholarship the easy way: by beating the actual players in a weekly game of poker.

After earning an M.S. in Computer Science at Stanford, Rafe spent several years doing research and putting together multi-million dollar joint ventures in Silicon Valley at Kestrel Institute. Following his dream of weaving sports and entrepreneurship, Rafe co-founded Pickem Sports in 1997 to bring promotional sports contests to the then-nascent World Wide Web. After selling Pickem to Internet Sports Network, Rafe stayed on for two years as the CTO before deciding to embark on a travel odyssey through Europe, Africa and South America, eventually leading up to the Ultimate Sports Adventure.

In addition to being a fan, Rafe loves to play beach volleyball, golf, paddle tennis, baseball, ski, snowboard, and is game for just about any sport that looks fun to him. As a life-long poker player, Rafe has appeared on several national radio shows and in print covering his exploits, including NPR Radio's This American Life, Smithsonian Magazine, and Card Player magazine.

Ultimate Sports Adventure, LLC

7260 Drifting River Court

Las Vegas, Nevada 89149


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-479-9092