MSN MoneyCentral Investor: Getting Started with Portfolio Manager
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MSN MoneyCentral Investor: Getting Started with Portfolio Manager M ark Vandeway MSN MoneyCentral Product Lead Product Support Services Microsoft Corporation Agenda MSN ® MoneyCentral™ at Requirements Downloading the ActiveX ® controls Signing in to Passport

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MSN MoneyCentral Investor: Getting Started with Portfolio ManagerMark VandewayMSN MoneyCentral Product LeadProduct Support ServicesMicrosoft Corporation

Agenda msn moneycentral at http moneycentral msn com l.jpg
Agenda ManagerMSN® MoneyCentral™ at

  • Requirements

  • Downloading the ActiveX® controls

  • Signing in to Passport

  • Setting up your first account

  • Entering transactions

  • Customizing the settings

  • The non-ActiveX Portfolio

  • Troubleshooting

Requirements l.jpg
Requirements Manager

  • To access the deluxe ActiveX version of Portfolio Manager, you must:

    • Be using Windows® 95 or later

    • Be using version 4.0 or later of Internet Explorer or Netscape

    • Allow cookies, scripting, and downloading of ActiveX controls

  • Other operating systems and browser combinations access the more limited HTML version of Portfolio Manager

Downloading the activex controls l.jpg
Downloading the ActiveX Controls Manager

  • The controls need to be downloaded the first time you try to access “My Portfolio” on the MoneyCentral site.

  • Clicking the “Download MoneyCentral Deluxe” link will begin the process. This should take only a few minutes depending on your Internet connection speed and the amount of congestion on specific servers along the way.

Downloading the activex controls continued l.jpg
Downloading the ActiveX Controls Manager(continued)

  • Accept the Microsoft Certificate if asked.

  • Wait for the Chart to display and then click “I see the chart”.

Downloading the activex controls troubleshooting l.jpg
Downloading the ActiveX Controls ManagerTroubleshooting

  • Most installation problems are caused by restrictions and/or limitations of the computer. This may be caused by:

    • Browser settings and/or preferences

    • Anti-virus or Internet security software

    • LAN firewall or proxy server restrictions

    • Or even something as simple as an incorrect system date on this computer

  • Installation Frequently Asked Questions: that the URL should be entered as one line; it is wrapped here for readability.)

Signing in to passport l.jpg
Signing In to Passport Manager

  • After the controls have been installed, you’ll need to sign in to your Passport, or create a new Passport if you don’t have one.

  • Your Passport is used to uniquely identify your portfolio data file if you need to access this data from different computers or if you want to create completely independent data files on one computer (for a husband and wife, for example).

Signing in to passport continued l.jpg
Signing In to Passport Manager(continued)

  • Enter your Passport name and password

  • If you don’t have a Passport, click the “Get one here” link and create a new Passport.

Setting up your first account l.jpg
Setting Up Your First Account Manager

  • The first time you sign in to Portfolio Manager, you will be prompted to create your first account using the Portfolio Manager Setup Wizard.

Setting up your first account continued l.jpg
Setting Up Your First Account Manager(continued)

  • It’s a good idea to figure out how you want to organize your investments and then to set up separate accounts based on that plan. For example:

    • An account for each corresponding brokerage account you have.

    • An account for any privately held shares.

    • One or more watch accounts to track different types of securities you’re interested in.

    • Other desired groupings (sectors, types, and similar items).

Setting up your first account continued11 l.jpg
Setting Up Your First Account Manager(continued)

  • The Portfolio Manager New Account Wizard will prompt you for the type of account:

    • Regular: an account that you manually track and update

    • Watch: for securities you don’t currently own but want to track

    • Imported: get the transactions from another source: Money, Quicken, your broker, and others)

Entering transactions l.jpg
Entering Transactions Manager

  • After you have set up at least one account, you can begin entering transactions for your investments.

Entering transactions continued l.jpg
Entering Transactions Manager(continued)

  • Click New Transaction and select the appropriate Investment type: stock, mutual fund, bond, or other

  • Enter the details for the initial purchase:

    • Date

    • Quantity

    • Fund Price

    • Other details (as needed)

Entering transactions continued14 l.jpg
Entering Transactions Manager(continued)

  • After the initial purchase has been recorded, you can double-click the investment to add new transactions in its Investment Details.

  • For example:

    • Buys

    • Sells

    • Dividends

    • Interest

    • Others (as needed)

Customizing the settings l.jpg
Customizing the Settings Manager

  • Settings that can be adjusted include:

    • Columns displayed and their order

    • How your accounts and investments within the accounts are sorted

    • Which accounts to show

    • Whether or not to show sold securities

    • Grouping your investments (by accounts, position, security type, risk, or other criteria)

    • Whether to enable your data for “Multiple Computer” access through the File menu by clicking Save Portfolio.

    • Other general preferences accessed through the Edit menu by clicking Preferences.

Customizing the settings columns l.jpg
Customizing the Settings ManagerColumns

  • On the Columns menu, click Customize Column Set and create your own column set, or choose one that is pre-defined.

Customizing the settings accounts l.jpg
Customizing the Settings ManagerAccounts

  • The Accounts menu allows you to:

    • Select a specific account, selected accounts, or all accounts.

    • Choose whether to include Watch Accounts and/or Sold Securities.

    • Group your investments differently:

      • Accounts

      • Position

      • Risk

      • Other criteria

Customizing the settings where to save your file back up and print l.jpg
Customizing the Settings ManagerWhere to save your file, back up, and print

  • From the File menu, you can:

    • Print the portfolio or transactions

    • Choose where to save your portfolio data

    • Make a backup

    • Restore a backup

    • Import

    • Export

Customizing the settings preferences l.jpg
Customizing the Settings ManagerPreferences

  • On the Edit menu, the Preferences command allows you to change additional settings.

The non activex portfolio l.jpg
The Non-ActiveX Portfolio Manager

  • Operating system and browsers that are not capable of supporting the ActiveX controls, access the HTML version of the Portfolio

The non activex portfolio new account l.jpg
The Non-ActiveX Portfolio ManagerNew Account

  • Clicking New Accountallows you to add anew account and include your initial entries for the securities trackedin this account.

The non activex portfolio edit account l.jpg
The Non-ActiveX Portfolio ManagerEdit Account

  • Clicking Edit Account allows you to make changes to an existing account.

The non activex portfolio view options l.jpg
The Non-ActiveX Portfolio ManagerView Options

  • Clicking View Options allows you to change the columns displayed.

Troubleshooting l.jpg
Troubleshooting Manager

  • Technical Support’s Contact Us page:


  • Portfolio Manager’s “How Do I” Help Topics:


  • Other Help Topics and Glossary items:


      (Note that the URLs should be entered as one line; they wrapped here for readability.)

Troubleshooting continued l.jpg
Troubleshooting Manager(continued)

  • Support Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Microsoft Support Center articles:

    1. Go to

    2. Select “MoneyCentral” as the product.

    3. Select the type of search.

    4. Type your search word, phrase, or question.

    5. Click “go” or press ENTER.

    (Note that the URL should be entered as one line; it is wrapped here for readability.)