jvt report 22nd 23 rd jvt meeting
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JVT Report 22nd & 23 rd JVT Meeting

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JVT Report 22nd & 23 rd JVT Meeting . Co-Chairs: Gary Sullivan, Jens-Rainer Ohm Vice Chairs: Thomas Wiegand, Ajay Luthra. AVC Conformance Corrigenda. Disposition of Comments on ISO/IEC 14496-4:2004/Amd.6/DCOR1 ( N8742 ) Text of ISO/IEC 14496-4:2004/Amd.6/COR1 (AVC Conformance) ( N8743 )

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Presentation Transcript
jvt report 22nd 23 rd jvt meeting

JVT Report 22nd &23rd JVT Meeting

Co-Chairs: Gary Sullivan, Jens-Rainer Ohm

Vice Chairs: Thomas Wiegand, Ajay Luthra

avc conformance corrigenda
AVC Conformance Corrigenda
  • Disposition of Comments on ISO/IEC 14496-4:2004/Amd.6/DCOR1(N8742)
  • Text of ISO/IEC 14496-4:2004/Amd.6/COR1 (AVC Conformance)(N8743)
  • Disposition of Comments on ISO/IEC 14496-4:2004/Amd.9/DCOR1(N8744)
  • Text of ISO/IEC 14496-4:2004/Amd.9/COR1 (AVC FRExt Conformance)(N8745)
new professional profiles
New Professional Profiles
  • Disposition of Comments on ISO/IEC 14496-10:2005/FPDAM2 (N8746)
  • Text of ISO/IEC 14496-10:2005/FDAM2 New Profiles for Professional Applications(N8747)
    • Update on profiles (see next slide)
    • Editorial improvements and clarifications
  • Joint 4:4:4 Video Model (JFVM) 6(N8748)
  • JFVM 6 Software(N8749)
  • Committment made by companies to contribute to reference software and conformance testing
new professional profiles4


CAVLC 4:4:4 Intra (14b)


New Professional Profiles

High 4:4:4 Predictive (14b)

High 4:4:4 Intra (14b)

High 4:2:2 Intra (10b)

High 4:2:2 (Predictive 10b)

High 10(4:2:0 Predictive 10b)

High 10 Intra (4:2:0 10b)



Arrows denote capability subset hierarchy.

Four profiles not shown: Baseline, Extended, Main, High.

avc new professional profiles
AVC New Professional Profiles
  • Reference Software and Conformance amendments under development
  • Request for ISO/IEC 14496-4:2004/Amd.30 (N8954)
  • Working Draft 1 of ISO/IEC 14496-4:2004/Amd.30 Conformance Testing for new Profiles for Professional Applications(N8955)
  • Request for ISO/IEC 14496-5:2001/Amd.18 (N8958)
  • Working Draft 1 of ISO/IEC 14496-5:2001/Amd.18 Reference Software for new Profiles for Professional Applications(N8959)
scalable video coding amd 3
Scalable Video Coding (Amd.3)
  • Study Text (Version 3) of ISO/IEC 14496-10:2005/FPDAM3 Scalable Video Coding(N8962)
    • FDAM planned for July (without editing period)
    • Various improvements and clarifications
    • Update on Profiles (see next slide)
  • Joint Scalable Video Model (JSVM) 10(N8963)
    • See adoptions (for possible second phase of SVC) on subsequent slides
  • JSVM 10 Software(N8964)
scalable video coding amd 37
Scalable Video Coding (Amd.3)
  • Reference Software and Conformance amendments under development
  • Request for ISO/IEC 14496-4:2004/Amd.31 (N8956)
  • Working Draft 1 of ISO/IEC 14496-4:2004/Amd.31 Conformance Testing for SVC Profiles (N8957)
  • Request for ISO/IEC 14496-5:2001/Amd.19 (N8960)
  • Working Draft 1 of ISO/IEC 14496-5:2001/Amd.19 Reference Software for SVC(N8961)
    • This will be a subset of JSVM software where all tools not contained in Amd.3 are stripped off
    • JSVM 10 software is of second priority
svc profiles
SVC Profiles

Spatial scalability(dyadic, 3/2)Coarse-grain scalability

Spatial scalability(arbitrary up to 2)Coarse-grain scalability

Scalable Baseline

Scalable High

Scalable High Intra




  • All previously undecided issues on these profiles resolved by consensus
  • Various details specified
svc adoptions marrakech
SVC Adoptions Marrakech
  • Moving FGS and AR-FGS from JD back to JSVM
  • CE1: Improved coefficient coding (JVT-V095)
  • CE4: Disabling SVC chroma deblocking filter (JVT-V032)
  • CE8: CGS SVC-to-AVC bitstream-rewriting (JVT-V035)
  • Various small changes e.g. restrictions in decoding rules
  • Various changes in high-level syntax
    • We have come back to 4-byte NAL header
svc adoptions san jose
SVC Adoptions (San Jose)
  • FGS via MGS (JVT-W090)
  • ESS improvement (JVT-W030)
  • Interlaced restrictions (JVT-W025)
  • Smoothed reference prediction removed
  • De-blocking filter modification (JVT-W063r1)
  • Various high-level syntax issues (from JVT-W046, JVT-W047, JVT-W048, JVT-W049, JVT-W051, JVT-W053r2, JVT-W062r3, JVT-W137 et al.)
svc development
SVC Development
  • JSVM
    • Simplified FGS (JVT-W111, JVT-W119, JVT-W121)
    • Subband Intra coding with dyadic-only spatial scalability (JVT-W097)
  • Non-normative
    • Encoder problem detection trick (JVT-W115)
    • Rate control (JVT-W043)
  • Ongoing Core Experiments
    • CE1: SVC subband techniques (JVT-W097)
    • CE2: SVC bit-depth and chroma-format scalability (JVT-W102, JVT-W078, JVT-W113)
svc development12
SVC Development
  • DraftSVCVerificationTestPlan V3.0(N8965)
    • Further details (test report) to follow
    • Scenarios based on profiles definition
    • Good commitment to contribute
multiview video coding
Multiview Video Coding
  • Working Draft 3 of ISO/IEC 14496-10:2005/Amd.4 Multiview Video Coding(N8966)
    • PDAM expected for July
    • Various improvements on high-level syntax elements
    • Much better alignment with SVC NAL and high-level syntax achieved
  • Joint Multiview Video Model (JMVM) 4(N8967)
    • See adoptions on next slide
  • JMVM 4 Software(N8968)
adoptions in mvc marrakech
Adoptions in MVC (Marrakech)
  • JMVM 3
    • MVC parallel decoding SEI message (JVT-V098)
    • Remove multiview dependency SEI
  • WD 2
    • Reference picture list construction (JVT-V043)
    • Reference picture list marking (JVT-V044 )
    • View coding order information in SPS (JVT-V054)
    • Clarify marking process (JVT-V085)
adoptions in mvc san jose
Adoptions in MVC (San Jose)
  • WD 3
    • Various HL syntax issues (JVT-W035)
    • Signal views to be outputted (JVT-W036 )
    • View scalable SEI (JVT-W037)
    • nal_ref_idc_view (JVT-W056)
    • RPLR bug fix (JVT-W066)
    • Parallel decoding SEI syntax (JVT-W080)
    • Camera parameters & max disparity (JVT-W060)
    • Restriction of temporal direct and weighted prediction (JVT-W040)
adoptions in mvc
Adoptions in MVC
  • JMVM 4
    • De-blocking filter control (JVT-W024)
    • Illumination compensation info derivation (JVT-W031)
    • MVC Motion skip mode (JVT-W081 / JVT-W139)
  • Core Experiment
    • CE 3 – View interpolation and synthesis(JVT-W059, JVT-W087)
    • Intended to find out about the benefit of depth data for the purpose of increased compression
jvt adhoc groups
JVT Adhoc Groups
  • JVT project management and errata reporting
  • JM Text, reference software, bitstream exchange and conformance
  • AVC professional applications
  • SVC JD and JSVM text, software and conformance
  • SVC bit depth and chroma format scalability
  • SVC FGS applications and design simplification
  • MVC high-level syntax and buffer management
  • MVC JD and JSVM text and software
  • MVC experimental framework and testing conditions
  • MVC solutions using existing AVC decoders
  • MVC reduced resolution update, downsampled reference and adaptive reference filtering