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Know about Cuernos Del Paine, Andes Mountains Gabriel Callaghan

Cuernos Del Paine, Andes MountainsGabriel Callaghan. Examples of divergent boundaries. So, we\'re making new crust? . Convergent plate boundaries. 2 types of crust = 3 possible combinationsOceanic lithosphere meets oceanic lithosphereOceanic lithosphere meets continental lithosphereContinental lithosphere meets continental lithosphere.

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Examples of divergent boundaries

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Cuernos Del Paine, Andes Mountains

Gabriel Callaghan

Examples of divergent boundaries

Examples of divergent boundaries

So we re making new crust

So, we’re making new crust?

Convergent plate boundaries

Convergent plate boundaries

2 types of crust = 3 possible combinations

  • Oceanic lithosphere meets oceanic lithosphere

  • Oceanic lithosphere meets continental lithosphere

  • Continental lithosphere meets continental lithosphere

Convergent boundaries involving oceanic lithosphere

Convergent boundaries involving oceanic lithosphere

  • At convergent boundaries oceanic plates are subducted.

  • Subduction is the recycling of oceanic crust into the mantle

Play convection animation

Play convection animation

Subduction zonesare characterized by two things:

  • Deep trench

  • Long chain of volcanoes

Volcanic arc


Where is this subduction zone?

  • At oceanic-oceanic convergent boundaries, volcanoes form chains of islands called island arcs.

The Aleutian Islands in Alaska

  • At continental-oceanic convergent boundaries, volcanoes form long mountain chains such as the Cascade Mountains.

Mt. Saint Helens

  • Subduction zones cause the largest Earthquakes known.

  • The 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean was caused by an earthquake at a subduction zone.

Continent continent convergent boundaries

Continent-continent convergent boundaries

  • Neither lithospheric plate can be fully subducted.

  • Instead, the plates pile up to form huge mountain ranges

Where is this continent-continent collision?

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Play plate motions animation

Play plate motions animation

Transform plate boundaries

Transform plate boundaries

  • Relatively few volcanoes

  • Lots of earthquakes, though not so large as at subduction zones

Where is this transform boundary?

Mid-ocean ridge transforms

Hot Spots

Hot Spots of the World

Divergent boundaries

Divergent boundaries

  • Begin with rifting—upwelling of hot mantle starts to break the crust apart

  • Faults form rift valleys

  • Decompression causes melting and volcanism

  • New oceanic crust begins to form. The plate boundary is now a mid-ocean ridge.

The Theory of Plate Tectonics

Active Rift


Mantle Plume