dragon skin armor
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Dragon Skin Armor

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Dragon Skin Armor. By Lupe Lara MEEN 3344 Material Science. What is Dragon Skin Armor?. Bulletproof vest with distinguishing silver dollar-sized circular discs that overlap like dragon scales.

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dragon skin armor

Dragon Skin Armor


Lupe Lara

MEEN 3344 Material Science

what is dragon skin armor
What is Dragon Skin Armor?
  • Bulletproof vest with distinguishing silver dollar-sized circular discs that overlap like dragon scales.
  • Creates a flexible vest that allows a greater range of motion and can absorb more hits than standard military body armor.
  • The discs are composed of a silicon carbide ceramic matrices and laminates.
dragon skin benefits
Dragon Skin Benefits
  • Flexibilityflexible enough to wrap around the whole torso area that "move when you move".
  • LightweightThe lightest of the overt tactical and only covert concealable vests offering this type of protection and coverage.
  • Coverage OptionsOffers a minimum of 44% more coverage from our standard front and rear rifle protection than two standard 10" X 12" tactical plates. .
  • Diving Capable

Durable and highly wear resistant sealingfor the overt tactical vest

downside to dragon skin
Downside to Dragon Skin
  • Heat TestFailed catastrophically... at minus 60 Fahrenheit, and at 120 and 160 degrees."
  • Vulnerability The scaled armor is more vulnerable from angled shots. Shot from a rear and side angle has a better chance of getting through Dragon Skin.
  • Weight Weighs 47.5 lbs compared to 28 lbs of current armor
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