Ch 7 personal health e q why is so important to take care of our personal hygiene
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Ch. 7 - Lesson 2 - Healthy Teeth and Mouth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ch. 7: Personal Health E.Q.: Why is so important to take care of our personal hygiene? Lesson 2: Healthy Teeth and Mouth

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Ch 7 personal health e q why is so important to take care of our personal hygiene l.jpg

Ch. 7: Personal HealthE.Q.: Why is so important to take care of our personal hygiene?

Lesson 2: Healthy Teeth and Mouth

Bell Work: Divide paper into these 4 categories: parts of the tooth, parts of the mouth, mouth disorders, and teeth disorders. Now put the health terms (pg. 167) in one of these categories.

Lesson objectives students will be able to l.jpg
Lesson ObjectivesStudents will be able to…

  • Describe the structure and functions of the teeth and mouth.

  • Define periodontal disease and explain its causes and methods of prevention.

Health term to know l.jpg




Periodontal disease


Health Term to Know

Your teeth l.jpg
Your Teeth

  • Most noticeable contributor to the appearance

  • Periodontium is the area immediately around the teeth

    • Gums

    • Periodontal ligaments

    • Jawbone

    • All support teeth

  • Tooth

    • Root

    • Neck

    • Crown

  • Pulp is the living tissue inside the tooth

Comparing health and beauty l.jpg
Comparing Health and Beauty

  • Turn to pg. 168

    • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    • Be alert to key words

    • Read the fine print

    • Consult a dental professional

Healthy teeth and mouth l.jpg
Healthy Teeth and Mouth

  • Brushing doesn’t get to hard to reach areas so need to floss

    • Flossing removes plaque

      • A sticky colorless film that acts on sugar to form acids that destroy tooth enamel and irritate gums

  • Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay

    • In our water supply

  • Regular visits to a dental care professional

  • Good food choices are important too!

    • Avoid sweets unless you brush immediately

    • Eat foods that have phosphorus, vitamin C and D

  • Avoid smoking and use of smokeless tobacco

    • Causes oral cancer

Periodontal disease l.jpg
Periodontal Disease

  • An inflammation of the periodontal structures

    • Preventable

    • Caused by bacteria from plaque

    • Tartar is hard crust like substance that was plaque not removed fast enough

      • Irritates underlying bone and gums

    • Plaque eats into the enamel and spreads to the dentin

      • Nears the pulp becomes more sensitive

      • Expose nerve is the toothache

    • Tooth becomes infected when the decay progresses

      • Called an abscessed tooth

      • Can spread into sinuses

Other problems of the teeth and mouth l.jpg
Other Problems of the Teeth and Mouth

  • Halitosis

    • Medical term for bad breath

    • Caused by decaying teeth, eating certain foods, smoking, and mouth infection

  • Gingivitis

    • Gums become red and swollen and bleed easily

  • Periodontitis

    • Gingivitis goes untreated it turns into this

    • Bone surrounding the teeth gradually deteriorates causing teeth to fall out

  • Malocclusion

    • Teeth of the upper and lower jaw do not align properly

    • Can lead to decay and disease

    • Could affect person’s speech and ability to chew

Quiz time l.jpg

You have 5 minutes!

You may use your notes!

You may only use pen; NOT pencil or RED pen!

When you are finished sit quietly and wait for others to finish!

Quiz Time!

Time is up l.jpg

  • Take out RED pen.

  • I will read the correct responses aloud.

  • Mark the ones incorrect with an “X” over the correct answer!

  • When we are finished write the correct amount out of 10 in box at bottom of page

  • Do NOT multiply by 10!

Ticket out the door l.jpg
Ticket Out the Door

  • Turn in Quiz

    • 1st period 1st shelf

    • 2nd period 2nd shelf

  • Have a good day!