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2. January 1999. It was identified that a multi agency approach was needed to tackle inequalities in teenage Health.The new Lomond LHCC received funding from the Scottish Executive.. 3. March 1999. 500 Questionnaires were devised and completed by young people living within. 4. Questionnaire Results, The Main Points..

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Youth 2 Youth

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1. 1 Youth 2 Youth Timeline

2. 2 January 1999 It was identified that a multi agency approach was needed to tackle inequalities in teenage Health. The new Lomond LHCC received funding from the Scottish Executive.

3. 3 March 1999 500 Questionnaires were devised and completed by young people living within

4. 4 Questionnaire Results, The Main Points. > of young people said they would favour a service ran by and for young people. 80.9% wanted services provided to be free 78.4 were worried about confidentiality in the health service. 75.0% wanted not only leaflets provided but also advice on health issues.

5. 5 June 1999 Consultation evening held in local community centre. >80 young people attend. 17 young people came forward showing enthusiasm and interest in joining a steering group to look in to the issue more in depth.

6. 6

7. 7 February 2000 Youth Enquiry Service Outreach Youth Rights Informal Internet Access No Barriers Comfortable Surroundings Support or interest based Groups

8. 8 April 2000 Recommendations... Short Term... Water Dispensers. Comfortable, Less Formal seating. Doctors not sat behind desk. Clearer signage for all users. Separate crche. Background Music. Reading material improved. Weekly surgeries specifically for young peoples concerns. Outreach/peer educators as advocates between professionals and young people. Long Term... Two main centres Containing the following... Fitness rooms. Caf area/cookery classes Consultation room/s Seating area General Purpose rooms. Art/Drama room/drama classes Computer room Quiet room Youth info/enquiry service THE CENTRE MUST BE USER FRIENDLY!!

9. 9 April 2000 Group invited to attend Walk the Talk Conference

10. 10 May 2000 Young people present the long and short term recommendations to the LHCC, Local GPs, Health Visitors, practice managers/nurses, ect.

11. 11 June December 2000 Group visit other youth orientated centres to get a more diverse concept of what should be included in the Drop in.

12. 12

13. 13 March 2001 Group start looking in to what issue based workshops should be available in the drop in. These include presentations on... Alternitaves Community Drug Project Oral Health Team Heartstart Relaxation and Aromatherapy Contraception STIs

14. 14 October 2001 Group residential to devise Top 20

15. 15

16. 16 February 2002 Youth 2 Youth is launched providing most of the services mentioned in the recommendations including... One 2 One advice from health professionals Issue based workshops Centrally located premises Seating areas General purpose rooms Computers Wide range of youth health information FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL!!

17. 17 Problems We need to have more of a partnership approach towards developing and integrating Youth Health Services. More specialist workers need to be available. Territorial issues in the Dumbarton area Would prefer own premises

18. 18 Successes Youth 2 Youth has only been open for 12 weeks and in that time the Health Visitors have consulted a total of 130 young people A total of 269 young people have been through the doors of the drop in Feedback from most of the workshops and the service as a whole have been excellent.

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