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Revealing Our Voice. Can you hear me now?. Voice – what is it?. “Voice is nothing fancy. It’s simply the way you, the writer, project yourself artistically.

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Revealing Our Voice

Can you hear me now?

Voice what is it l.jpg
Voice – what is it?

“Voice is nothing fancy.

It’s simply the way you, the writer, project yourself artistically.

It’s the way you draw on yourself as you write – your sense of humor, irony, the way you see people and events, use language and entertain.”

Cynthia Morris

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  • Voice is strongly linked to who we are, our experiences, and what drives us to write.

  • Our subject matter will drive our voice.

Audience l.jpg

  • Our audience has an influence on our voice.

  • If we’re writing to a principal or a superintendent, we’re not going to tell jokes or family stories.

  • If we’re writing for our peers in a school newspaper, jokes might be appropriate but we also need to think about who else might be reading what we’ve written.

Distance l.jpg

  • The distance between us and our reader influences our voice.

  • Are we revealing facts about ourselves so that our voice is more personal?


  • Are we using data and facts to express our point so that our voice is more distant?

Emotions l.jpg

  • Our emotions can influence our voice.

  • Depending on whether we are writing to make a point, to convince or to inspire, we need to make decisions about how to use our emotions to appeal to our reader.

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  • Writers can choose as many different tones of voice as speakers can in conversation with others.

  • Writers need to choose the appropriate tone for their purpose and audience.

Vocabulary l.jpg

  • Our word choice has a great impact on our voice.

  • Our word choice should also be influenced by our purpose and our audience.

To summarize l.jpg
To summarize

  • Our voice, like us, may change according to the purpose and our audience.

  • We’re not saying the same things at a family dinner that we say when we’re hanging out with friends.

  • Our writing voice should change according to what we’re writing and we need to make sure that we’re using an appropriate tone.

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