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Coordinated Review Effort. Coordinated Review Effort (CRE). Coordinated Review Effort . A federally mandated accountability review of the National School Lunch Program Conducted every 5 years in public schools, private schools and residential child care institutions

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Coordinated review effort l.jpg

Coordinated Review Effort

Coordinated Review Effort (CRE)

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Coordinated Review Effort

  • A federally mandated accountability review of the National School Lunch Program

  • Conducted every 5 years in public schools, private schools and residential child care institutions

  • A standard review form is used

  • Examines critical and general areas of program operation – at SFA and at a designated number of schools

Cre review l.jpg

  • School selection based upon criteria stated in federal regulations

  • Selected from October claim (due by November 10th)

  • Notified of school selection, December

  • Superintendent and food service director notified of review details about 4 weeks prior to the review

Overview of cre process l.jpg
Overview of CRE Process

  • Entrance conference

  • School Food Authority (SFA) review

  • School level reviews

  • Exit conference

  • Report to Superintendent and School Board President

Sfa and school reviews l.jpg
SFA and School Reviews

  • Critical areas

  • General areas

  • State addendum

Critical areas of review l.jpg
Critical Areas of Review

  • Eligibility: free & red. price application

    - Direct Certification

    - Benefit Issuance

    - Updating eligibility

  • Accurate counting and claiming

    - Day of review and review period

  • Meal pattern compliance

    - Day of review and review period

Critical area non compliance l.jpg
Critical Area Non-compliance

  • Requires corrective action by SFA

  • Requires recovery of funds

  • May warrant a follow-up review

Follow up cre l.jpg
Follow-Up CRE:

  • Free and Reduced Price Meal Applications:

    5% or greater error rate

  • Counting and Claiming: system as implemented does not yield accurate count

  • Meal Pattern: meals claimed for reimbursement – the required food items not available to all students

Sfa general areas l.jpg
SFA: General Areas

  • System for consolidating the claim

  • Monitoring responsibilities

  • Reporting and record keeping

  • Civil Rights

  • Benefit issuance

  • Verification

Sfa state addendum l.jpg
SFA: State Addendum

  • Internal accounting

  • Billing and collections

  • Audit compliance

  • Systems management

  • Annual Report

  • Procurement

  • Inventories

  • Staffing

  • Policies

School general areas l.jpg
School: General Areas

  • Free and reduced price process

    -Policy statement

    -Overt identification

School general areas12 l.jpg
School: General Areas

  • Meal Patterns

    -Portion sizes meet the meal pattern

    -Variety low-fat fluid milk available

    -Offer vs. serve implemented correctly

    -Option B: 10/12 bread servings weekly,

    servings of fresh fruits & vegetables,

    dried beans, dried peas, or lentils


    -Moderate levels of fat, sugar & salt/sodium

School general areas13 l.jpg
School: General Areas

  • Reporting and record keeping: records maintained for 3 years + year of operation

  • Civil rights: poster, non-discrimination statement included on program materials, i.e., school handbooks, menus

  • Special dietary needs

  • Daily point of service documentation: method and summary reports

School state addendum l.jpg
School: State Addendum

  • Cash management:

    -Receipts for cash received

    -Reconciliation with bank statement

    -Bank reconciliation reflect two


    -Dual signatures on checks

    -Petty cash

  • Internal controls:

    -Proper segregation of duties

    -Edit checks completed

School state addendum15 l.jpg
School: State Addendum

  • Competitive food sales

  • Food safety and HACCP Plans

  • Production records

  • CN labels and local recipes

  • Drinking water available

  • Adequate time for meal

  • Dining area and admin. practices encourage participation

  • Pregnant & lactating students

  • A la carte sales

  • School and community involvement in nutrition policies and practices

General area non compliance l.jpg
General Area Non-compliance

  • Requires corrective action; however, noncompliance does not warrant a follow-up review or recovery of funds.

Common cre problems l.jpg
Common CRE problems

  • Application, benefit issuance, and direct certification errors

  • Verification problems – timeframe, status change,

    documentation, notify household of verification outcome

  • Manual meal count input errors

  • Daily summary reports not updated

  • Receipting of cash collected daily

  • Cash collected on line (potential for overt identification)

  • Segregation of duties

Common cre problems18 l.jpg
Common CRE Problems

  • Monitoring – recommend using OCN form,

    - document follow-up visits

  • Not enough time to eat

  • Competitive food sales

    -Minimal nutritional value

    -Direct competition in cafeteria

    -Non-compliance w/ Policy 4321.1

  • Non-reimbursable meals

    -Inadequate monitoring of salad bars

    -Failure to document accurately

Common cre problems19 l.jpg
Common CRE Problems

  • School negotiated snack and beverage contracts

  • SFA written response to corrective action time-frames (within 30 days of receipt of written CRE report)

  • Five whole grain servings per week

  • Current health department inspection (2)

  • Collection of outstanding bill payments

Keys for a successful review l.jpg
Keys for a successful review

  • Train school staff so they know what to expect

  • Be prepared: review this information and organize materials needed for the CRE

    (school and SFA checklists, review forms, etc.)

  • Relax!

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We’re counting on you

To serve the children of WV