Clear spring yoga plan a proposal to improve residential life at baylor school by chris ferguson
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Clear Spring Yoga Plan A Proposal to Improve Residential Life at Baylor School By: Chris Ferguson Introduction

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Clear spring yoga plan a proposal to improve residential life at baylor school by chris ferguson l.jpg
Clear Spring Yoga PlanA Proposal to Improve Residential Life at Baylor SchoolBy: Chris Ferguson

Introduction l.jpg

The purpose of my proposal is to convince the Baylor Headmaster, Jim Buckheit, of the need to establish and support an off-campus yoga program for boarding students at Clear Spring Yoga.

Context l.jpg

Solicited? This proposal was written in direct response to a call from the Baylor School Board for ideas to improve the residential community. Therefore, I imagine this proposal will be received in a supportive, positive manner.

Physical Context: I will present a hard copy of this proposal to Jim Buckheit in person during a private meeting this September. I will not utilize any other media to present the proposal.

Audience l.jpg

Primary Audience: Jim Buckheit, Headmaster.

Secondary Audience: Associate Headmaster, Dean of Faculty, Dean of Residential Life, Chief Financial Officer.

Invoked or Addressed? This is most certainly an audience addressed. As Baylor is still a relatively small community, I have a strong working relationship established with all of the members of my audience.

Vital statsitics the b oarding r eport c ard l.jpg
Vital Statsitics: The Boarding Report Card

The BRC indicated that over 60% (or 122 students) of the Baylor boarding community finds itself “bored and restless” during the “dead time” from 5:30 to 7:30. As a result, 65% of the boarding community expressed an interest in the possibility of an optional, structured activity during that time.

The ability of boarding students to leave campus is a key component in their happiness. The BRC clearly indicates the frustration of an overwhelming majority, over 94%, who responded that the off-campus offerings during the weekare “insufficient.”

Baylor s needs l.jpg
Baylor’s Needs

  • Improve morale of residential community

  • Improve boarding retention percentage

  • Cost effective

  • Safety with a minimum insurance burden

  • Show responsiveness to Board

Student needs l.jpg
Student Needs

  • Fill 5:30-7:30 “dead time”

  • Non-competitive, healthy, physical activity

  • Get the #%@ * off campus !

Clear spring plan l.jpg
Clear Spring Plan

  • I volunteer my time to drive and supervise students at Clear Spring Yoga twice a week.

  • Clear Spring Yoga is only three miles from the Baylor Campus.

  • The plan uses existing Baylor vehicles to limit cost.

  • The plan provides a healthy, non-competitive activity for up to 32 students per year, or 26% of the boarding community.

Qualifications l.jpg

  • Five years experience as an upper school teacher.

  • Two years experience as a dorm parent.

  • Initiated and led numerous student trips, including trips to Colorado, New York City, Italy, and France.

  • Yoga student at Clear Spring for over two years.

Benefits l.jpg

  • Safe, supervised, cost-effective activity.

  • Provide students with a healthy, non-competitive activity at an off-campus location.

  • Improve boarder morale and retention.

  • Addresses needs of Board, administration, and students.

Budget l.jpg

  • Biggest selling point of the proposal.

  • Students responsible for instruction fees.

  • No additional insurance burden.

  • Baylor’s only cost is gas, just $28.00 a year!

It’s Grrrrreat!!!!