The Khojalu events

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The Storyboard . Khojalu is a village in Artsakh, (Nagorno - Karabakh), where the only airport - a route to the outside world

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The Khojalu events

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1. The Khojalu events A story of falsification of tragic events

2. The Storyboard Khojalu is a village in Artsakh, (Nagorno - Karabakh), where the only airport - a route to the outside world – was there, during the siege of Karabakh by Azerbaijani forces. In the winter 1991/1992 the Azerbaijani army was mercilessly bombing the Armenian civilians of Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno Karabakh. The shellings forced the Armenians to capture the city of Khojalu and put an end to the civilian deaths in Stepanakert. A few days after its liberation by the Armenians Forces, Azerbaijan disclosed pictures of dead civilians, supposedly killed in Khojalu.

3. What about Khojalu? Khojalu was inhabited by Azerbaijanis and Meskhetian Turks. During the Azeri aggression, it was transformed in an offensive bunker to lock Artsakh from the Airport and from the main roads The Armenian Freedom Fighters launched an attack on Khojalu on the 25th February 1992 to suppress this land-locking and the daily bombings on Stepanakert The government of Azerbaijan was informed of this offensive nearly two months before it started Armenian forces organized a humanitarian corridor to allow the evacuation of civilians, as testified even by the Azeri sources

4. What about Khojalu? Most of the population was indeed evacuated by helicopters by the Azerbaijani authorities. They just “forgot” some Meskhetians Turks who were actually used as Human shield.  These roughly 700 civilians surrendered to the Armenians Freedom Fighters. They were given back to Azerbaijan afterwards. They bitterly accused Azerbaijan to have deliberately kept them uninformed of the Humanitarian corridor. The day after the liberation of Khojalu however, the Azerbaijan government said that 11 mutilated corpses of civilians were found there, allegedly victims of the “Armenian barbary”.

5. What about Khojalu? Actually, the place where these corpses were found as well as the circumstances of their death remain highly controversial as the Azerbaijani government refused any investigation on this issue. It seems however, that these bodies were found near Aghdam, a town which was then fully under the Azerbaijani control. Only the Azerbaijani government knows why and where these people were killed.

6. The true reasons for a manipulation The Khojalu manipulation fostered by Azerbaijan intends: To cover how the Aliev clan overtook the power in Azerbaijan after the battle and how it dismissed Mutalibov To  uphold the anti-Armenian and Armenophobic feelings among the Azeri population – a key component of the Azeri State ideology. To distract the attention of Azeri people from their harsh living conditions as well as from Azerbaijan’s poor democratic records.

7. The true reasons for a manipulation To keep on a climate of hate and defiance – actually a genuine psychological warfare – toward Armenia with which it is supposed to have peace negotiations in order to avoid any concession. To divert the international community’s attention from its own testified war crimes such as the Soumgaďt, Baku, Mingeshahur and Kirovabad pogroms against Armenians To act as a mechanism counteracting the International Recognition process of the Armenian Genocide, a genocide prolonged by Azeris in the Caucasus in the 1920’s

8. Falsification of photos about Khojalu Documents and photos exploited by the Azerbaijani authorities to demonstrate and prove their version of Khojaly events. A few examples are given below, from

9. Falsification of photos about Khojalu Edited photo from Azerbaijan Original photo from Kosovo

10. Falsification of photos about Khojalu Edited photo from Azerbaijan Original photo from 1983 Earthquake in Turkey

11. Falsification of photos about Khojalu Edited photo from Azerbaijan Original photo of Starving Afghan children

12. Falsification of photos about Khojalu Edited photo from Azerbaijan Original photo of Hamas fighters killed in Israel

13. Quotations - Verbatim It is clear that the execution of civilians in Khojalu was organized to legitimize an overthrow in Azerbaijan” – Ayaz Mutalibov, then President of Azerbaijan – Novoie Vremia, 6 March 2001 “We could have helped the inhabitants of Khojalu, we had the required strength and facilities. But the leaders of the Republic [of Azerbaijan] wanted to show the people that they were overwhelmed and that they needed the support of the CIS army (Community of Independent States) to crush the opposition” - R. Hadjiev, member of the Aghdam section of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan - Moscow Izvestia, April 1992

14. Quotations - Verbatim “I was unable to film the bodies merely because there are none” – Cengiz Mustafaev, Journalist; reports to DR-press (Moscow), 28 February to 2 March 1992 (He was killed a few days after near Aghdam. His death is still not elucidated). “This killing will benefit us. We must not interfere in the course of events” – Heydar Aliev, President of Azerbajian –Bilik-Duniasy Agency, 1992

15. Quotations - Verbatim “Khojalu was an important strategic position. Its loss meant the political fiasco of the Mutalibov regime. The Khojalu events which led to death of civilians were the exclusive result of political intrigues and struggles for power in Azerbaijan” – M. Safaroghli, Journalist - Nezavisimaia Gazeta, February 1993 “We knew that the corridor was dedicated to the evacuation of civilians” – Elman Mamedov, Mayor of Khojalu – Russian Thought, 03 March 1992 reprinted from the Baku Worker “A corridor was however opened by the Armenians. Then why should they have shot?” – Ayaz Mutalibov, then President of Azerbaijan – Nezavisimaia Gazeta, 02 April 1992

16. Quotations - Verbatim “The town and its inhabitants were deliberately sacrificed for a political purpose – to prevent the Popular Front of Azerbaijan from coming to power” –Arif Yunusov, Journalist – Zerkalo, July 1992 “The tragedy was committed by the authorities of Azerbaijan, in concrete terms by someone highly placed” – Tamerlan Karayev, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Azerbaijan at this time – Moukhthalifat, 28 April 1992

17. Quotations - Verbatim "We have to admit that, if the Popular Front of Azerbaijan had ambitious goals, it probably reached them: Mutalibov is compromised and dismissed. the worldwide public opinion is shocked and the Azeris and their Turkish brothers have beleived to the thesis of the genocide of the Khojalu Azeri people" - Megapolis Express, Azerbaijani Review, #17, 1992

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