job development in a recession for mature workers
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Job Development in a Recession for Mature Workers

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Job Development in a Recession for Mature Workers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Job Development in a Recession for Mature Workers. May, 2009. Challenge. Fear, fear, fear Fewer jobs Feel don’t deserve to work Potential increase in employer resistance Competition All the old problems too. Solutions. Strategies for recessions Target the bottom and work to top

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  • Fear, fear, fear
  • Fewer jobs
  • Feel don’t deserve to work
  • Potential increase in employer resistance
  • Competition
  • All the old problems too
  • Strategies for recessions
    • Target the bottom and work to top
    • Prospect like crazy
    • Build relationships
  • Maximizing job development skills
    • Prospecting planning
    • MRD
assumptions to abandon
Assumptions to Abandon
  • Get jobs via skills
  • Need to win a competition to get a job
  • Public information accurate about hiring needs
  • There is a better candidate than yours
the markets
The Markets
  • Open – jobs brought to the public’s attention
    • These jobs disappear in a recession
    • Maximum 20% of jobs in good times
  • Hidden – jobs filled through connections not through public offering – “Jobs in Transition”
    • 80% -100% of all jobs
    • No competition
    • Better jobs
prospecting is the key
Prospecting is the Key
  • Enter through basic entry level jobs – more in a recession and less competition
  • How much and where you prospect determines how successful you are
  • Continually re-evaluate job market penetration success – reposition your message
  • Work at generating leads – random calling or relationship building
prospecting techniques
Prospecting Techniques
  • Faster: repeat business and referrals
  • Slower and slowest:
    • Cold calling by in person or on the telephone
    • Group presentations (churches)
    • Mail, fax, email campaigns
    • Job fairs, advertising
prospecting in a recession
Prospecting in a Recession
  • Multilayered approach of continual prospecting – mix the techniques so something is always running
  • Offer to Help
  • Build the relationship as it builds the trust and opens more hidden opportunities
  • Do not focus on charity or altruism – focus on a solution
public speaking
Public Speaking
  • Presentation to any group
  • Have resources and want to help
  • Your supports to businesses if hire your candidate group
  • Added value of older workers (not diamond in the rough focus) which employers may not have thought about
  • Unique solutions not well known to other employers (part time/ benefits already paid)
use jd advantages
Use JD Advantages
  • Maximize talking to more employers – you have a lot of knowledge
  • Sweeteners - your services, labor pool, funding
  • Available to assist on a regular bases and support the relationship through commitment
  • Partnership focus will be activity looking to add value
m r d product confidence
M R D – product confidence
  • Motivated – willing to got to work and do the tasks involved – (M)
  • Reliable – will show up to work every day (R)
  • Dependable – will stay on task (D)
  • Baseline for employability
minuses in a recession
Minuses in a Recession
  • Minuses:
    • Placing one candidate at a time
    • Looking only at the present
    • Starting and stopping prospecting based on what ever reason
    • Lack a clear “help you” message
    • Too little being done and no consistency in process
    • No adventurism, spine, or preparation
relationship styles after the recession
Relationship Styles – After the Recession
  • Price – you are the least expensive labor option
  • Service – you provide extra services to the hiring decision
  • Partnership – you anticipate needs and provide extra value to the relationship
  • Partnership is the strongest of the relationships
more information
More Information

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