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ASSIST. AS sessing the S ocial and economic I mpacts of past and future S ustainable T ransport policy in Europe. Overview on the project Dr. Wolfgang Schade / Dr. Michael Krail. Main objective :

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ASsessing the Social and economic Impacts of past and future Sustainable Transport policy in Europe

Overview on the project

Dr. Wolfgang Schade / Dr. Michael Krail

Assist objectives of the project

Main objective:

Provide the EU with sound policy advice on possible social and economic impacts of future sustainable transport policies that could potentially contribute to the strategic objectives of the EU

5 goals to be achieved by ASSIST:

Providing policy advice in terms of socioeconomic impact assessment of Transport Policy Measures (TPM) applied in the EU

Considering future challenges for the transport system and assessing the impacts with respect to social and economic impacts of traditional TPMs

Developing and handing over ASTRA-EC: a powerful tool for assessing social and economic impacts of transport policy

Communicating with stakeholders about project findings on TPM and the use of ASTRA-EC

Disseminating results on impact of TPMs via the Handbook of Social and Economic Impacts of Sustainable Transport Policy to policy-makers and experts

ASSIST: objectivesoftheproject

Transport policy measures tpm in assist

Transport PolicyMeasures (TPM) in ASSIST

  • Broad definition of the meaning of transport policy in ASSIST

  • Covers three topics:

    • traditional transport policies:

      e.g. pricing instruments, fuel taxation, regulation/liberalisation of markets

    • transport infrastructure implementation:

      e.g. length of networks, connection between modes

    • transport-technology related measures:

      e.g. setting standards, R&D support, incentives for consumers

      TPM in ASSIST

Assist research concept

ASSIST: researchconcept

  • Two connected lines of work:

    • Desk research on social and economic impacts of TPMs and

    • Developing the Integrated Assessment Model ASTRA-EC (based on System Dynamics ) and making it accessible to EC

  • Clustering of TPMs and attributing social, economic and environmental impacts of individual measures

  • Analysis (quantitative) of TPM under consideration of past impacts and empirical findings in context of future challenges

  • Analysing single TPMs in context of other measures to point out complementaries/contradictions

  • Adopting common consensus of the definition of sustainable transport

  • Continuous internal (via partners and quality board) and external (via stakeholder and experts) quality control

  • Policy Radar: screening of ongoing policy development (e.g. White Paper)

Assist activities and work flow

ASSIST: activitiesandworkflow

List of work packages

List ofworkpackages

Interdependencies between work packages


Project schedule

Project schedule

Assist milestones

ASSIST: milestones

  • MS1: ASSIST kick-off meeting (04/2011)

  • MS2: Inception meeting with EC (07/2011)

  • MS3: Agreement on concept of ASTRA-EC (09/2011)

  • MS4: Interim analysis of socioeconomic impacts / workshop (01/2012)

  • MS5: Mid-term meeting with EC (04/2012)

  • MS6: Identification and impacts of future challenges / workshop (06/2012)

  • MS7: ASTRA-EC implemented and calibrated (09/2012)

  • MS8: Validation of ASTRA-EC (10/2012)

  • MS9: Final socioeconomic impact assessment of TPM (11/2012)

  • MS10: Transfer of ASTRA-EC and training course (02/2013)

  • MS11: Final conference and delivery of Handbook (03/2013)

  • MS12: Final reports and project closing (03/2013)

Deliverables of assist

Deliverablesof ASSIST

Management and organisation in assist

Management andorganisation in ASSIST


(Olga Ivanova)

Client: European



ASSIST entities



coordinates, agrees

ASSIST activities

Stakeholders, Experts








ASSIST Consortium


Project DeputyCoordinator

Project Coordinator

Work Package





Project Steering



Technical work





ASSIST Quality


Quality control

Project Team



Expected results of assist

Expectedresultsof ASSIST

  • Provide a better understanding of medium- to long-term development of transport in EU

    • in the context of implications of future challenges on TPM impacts

    • and by developing and delivering a powerful integrated assessment model ASTRA-EC

  • Develop a comprehensive and easily accessible analytical framework to assess/identify options for policy actions to make transport sustainable

    • Handbook of Social and Economic Impacts of STP

    • ASTRA-EC for individually designed policy measures

Thank you for your attention


  • Contact:

    Dr. Wolfgang Schade Dr. Michael Krail

    (project coordinator)(deputy project coordinator)

    Phone: +49 721 6809 353Phone: +49 721 6809 429

    Email: w.schade@isi.fraunhofer.deEmail:


    Institute for Systems and Innovation Research

    Breslauerstr. 48, 76139 Karlsruhe, Germany

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