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UNIVERSITY PORTAL. Under the Guidance of Prof T.Ramesh C.Vineela Rao (CS08763)

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Under the Guidance of

Prof T.Ramesh

C.Vineela Rao (CS08763)

D.Vijay Chekravarthy (CS08712)

Y.Sanath Chandra (CS08764)

K.Anil Kumar (CS08725)


  • Problem Statement

  • Proposed Solution

  • Goals of this Project

  • Hardware Specifications

  • Software Specifications

  • Existing System

  • Proposed System

  • Database Design

  • Client Design

  • Back End Design

  • Social Networking Module

  • Conclusions

  • Possible Upgrades

Problem Statement

  • The communication gap between college management and students is creating barriers in automation of administration activities.

  • The present institute website is not able to cater to the evolving needs.

  • Root cause of the above mentioned problems is the lack of integration of resources and their reach ability.

  • Lack of a common platform for faculty and administration to share important academic content.

  • Internal announcements like declaration of results are done globally.

  • The student representatives are overloaded with jobs of informing the students .

Proposed Solution

A university portal which caters to the above mentioned problems is the solution

Goals of this project

  • Bridging communication gap between students faculty and administration.

  • Automating the institute registration procedure.

  • Attending student grievances.

  • Facilitating public requests.

Hardware Specifications

  • No of servers : 1

  • RAM : 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

  • Memory : 20 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 25 GB (64-bit)

  • CPU Speed : 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

Software Specifications

  • Operating System : Windows OS (XP or 7)

  • Database : MySQL database 5.5.16

  • Web Server Used : Apache web server 2.2.21

  • Server side : PHP 5.3.8

  • Client side : AJAX , HTML , JavaScript

  • Browser : Mozilla or Chrome

  • Framework : Elgg 1.8.3

Existing System

  • Registration :

    Prerequisite : For a student to register in his/her department, he/she should have a bank account in bank related to the institute

  • Electives Allocation:

  • A preference sheet of available electives is given to the students in which they have to give their priority order of the electives.

  • These are ordered according to Cumulative Grade Point Average and priority order.

Registration Flow Chart


  • Announcements are made through notice boards and routine orders which are available at hostel offices.

  • Results are made publicly available in the website

Proposed System


  • Automating the present registration system of taking student’s account number and authorization online through their profile.

  • Receipts will be generated after each payment which are to be reproduced on the specified dates to complete registration.

Flow Chart

Elective Allocation


  • Every student and faculty will have a public profile page with their professional information, achievements and research works.

  • Every professor will have a private home page for receiving the announcements from the administration and respective department.

  • Every student will have a private homepage with a news feed updated with their related information like announcements from their respective class representatives, assignments from professors etc.

  • Every student can subscribe to their Professors and Class Representatives

  • Every club will be given a profile of their own where they can share their information.

Database Design

Some important tables

  • User_all

  • Utype_all

  • Subject_all

  • Stu_type_all

  • Stu_subject_rec_all

  • Stu_all

  • Stu_btech_all

  • Stu_schol_all

  • Hod_all

  • Faculty_all

  • Fee_all

  • Dept_all

  • Course_all

  • Admin_all

Triggers and Functions

  • Trigger after logging in social networking module

  • Triggers on history tables

  • Trigger on selected_subjects to insert validated data into stu_sub_rec_all

  • Trigger after receiving lists from the bank to set/reset registration flag

  • Elective Selection

  • Calculating Total Fees

Client Design

  • Once the student clicks on the link, they will be redirected to a page where their details are shown.

  • The student has to select the semester in which the courses he wants to register for are offered.

  • A list of courses, both core and electives are populated.

  • The student has to choose the courses he wants to register and give preference of his electives.

  • And after registering, he gets a list of registered subjects whose print out is to be taken by the student.

  • Once the student has registered, a registration flag is set in the database.

  • At the end of registration days, a list of bank account numbers of students whose registration flag is set is generated.

  • This fee amount for each student is calculated depending on the number of electives and courses he has registered.

  • Once the bank has processed the transactions, it sends back a list of successfully processed accounts

  • This is matched with the previous list from database and registration flag is set again.

  • For those failed transactions due to various reasons, students with scholarships/bank loans they are given intimation about it in their profile or by email and they have to pay their fees with DD/Challan.

  • The student has to get the printed list of registered subjects and get it approved by the assigned faculty member as according to the norms the student should be present in person on the days of registration.

Back End Design

  • Roll no is sent through POST method and the data is extracted from user_all table using the roll number

  • Once the semester number is selected, subjects are retrieved from subjects_all table.

  • After the selection of the subjects and submission, the subjects are sent to selected_subjects table in database which is a temporary table.

  • After the validity of the subjects selected is checked for number of credits , and electives are allotted these subjects are stored into stu_sub_rec_all table.

  • Final report of the subjects registered is generated by retrieving subjects from stu_sub_rec_all.

  • The total fee is calculated for each student and a list is generated to be given to the bank.

Social networking Module

Types of Users:

  • General User

  • Admin

    Functions of General User :

  • login

  • logout

  • forgot password

  • Search for other users

  • Add friend

  • Remove friend

  • Posting

  • File sharing

  • Adding a Group

  • Joining a Group

  • Leaving a Group

  • Posting in the group

  • Creating page

  • Liking a page

  • Messaging

  • Edit Profile

Additional functionalities of Admin :

  • Create a user

  • Validate a user

  • Ban a user

  • Unban a user

  • Delete a User

  • Make admin

  • Remove Admin

  • Reset Password

  • Administer the site

  • Change Menu items

  • Change profile fields

  • Change Group settings

  • Activate the plug-in

  • Deactivate the plug-in

  • Change Basic settings

  • Change Advanced Settings

  • Profile Manager


  • An existing system is taken and automated to the proposed system

  • Students can register online itself

  • The faculty and administration are freed from the burden of registration work

  • Communication can be done through the portal itself benefitting many people

  • An official platform is established to bridge the communication gap

Possible Upgrades

  • Internet banking can be introduced instead of collecting bank account numbers and processing them.

  • PHP plug-ins like online test module etc can be added to the social networking module to broaden the usage of the platform.

  • Registration module can be completely automated.

Thank You

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