banners popups streaming and other online media strategies
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Banners, PopUps, Streaming and other Online Media Strategies

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Banners, PopUps, Streaming and other Online Media Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Banners, PopUps, Streaming and other Online Media Strategies. Presented by: Susan Bratton CEO, Cendara, Inc. September 5, 2002 Power of eMarketing. Plan of Action. Definitions and research Technology and marketing vendors Demos and Stats Q&A. Definitions – Ad Models.

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banners popups streaming and other online media strategies

Banners, PopUps, Streaming and other Online Media Strategies

Presented by:

Susan Bratton

CEO, Cendara, Inc.

September 5, 2002

Power of eMarketing

plan of action
Plan of Action
  • Definitions and research
  • Technology and marketing vendors
  • Demos and Stats
  • Q&A
definitions ad models
Definitions – Ad Models
  • Interstitials: an advertisement that appears in a separate browser window while you wait for a Web page to load
  • Interactive Messaging Units (IMUs):larger ad units that enhance branding and deepen customer interaction with your products and services
  • PopUp/PopUnder: separate browser window ad that launches over/under a Web page
  • Streaming: larger file size delivered by a technology that streams small amounts of data over a period of time, to minimize download interruptions
definitions ad tracking
Definitions – Ad Tracking
  • Cookies and Tags: a message given to a Web server to identify users and possibly prepare customized Web pages for them – one by one pixels that allow you to track
  • Profiling: determine distinctive characteristics of a Web user
  • Targeting: creating marketing offerings for specific markets
definitions media strategies
Definitions – Media Strategies
  • Sessions: multiple messages, usually episodic, delivered over multiple pages views on a single site.
  • Road Blocks: placement of all ads on a single page by one advertiser to gain complete attention of viewer. Used often at sites on pages where banners and buttons have not been reformatted to larger ad units.
  • Day Part: terminology taken from television, means buying “temporally” or by time of day.
more sites means more reach
More sites means more reach

Jupiter Media Metrix - 2001

Average Audience Reached with a Four-Million Impression Ad CampaignAugust 2001 – At home/work combined in the U.S.

Jupiter Media Metrix - 2001

allocating ad dollars
Allocating Ad Dollars

Online Sales Grew Over the Past Year, Driven by the Travel Category

Comscore Networks 2002

allocating ad dollars1
Allocating Ad Dollars

Q4 Spending Focused on High Traffic Sites


Q4 2002 Ad Spending

Top Sites











Comscore Networks 2002

allocating ad dollars many smaller sites have a higher travel bpi
Allocating Ad DollarsMany Smaller Sites Have a Higher Travel BPI*
















*Buying Power Index

Comscore Networks 2002

ad dollars
Ad Dollars

Other Sites May be More Cost Effective Due to Their Higher Travel BPI


**=Actual/Weighted Impressions

Comscore Networks 2002

broadband research
Broadband Research
  • Allocating The number of broadband subscribers in the United States increased 14.2 percent in the third quarter of 2001 from the second quarter of 2001. In the second quarter, the number increased 14.9 percent from the first quarter, and it grew 25.8 percent in the first quarter from the fourth quarter of 2000
  • In Stat predicts 46 million broadband subscribers worldwide by the end of 2002 (from 16 million at the beginning of the year).
  • Jupiter Research predicts 35.1 million US broadband households by 2006

1. ARS Research 2002 2. In Stat, July 2002 3. Jupiter 2001

acquire customers with ad models that fit campaign objectives
Acquire Customers with Ad Models that Fit Campaign Objectives
  • Click to web site
  • Click within
  • Microsite
  • Interstitial
acquire customers with ad functionality that fit objectives
Emotional brand advertising


Product demonstrations and presentation

New or complex product information

Game play

Coupons and sampling

Test market

Special offer/ sweepstakes


Mass customization


Live data feeds

Acquire Customers with Ad Functionality that Fit Objectives
target up front for back end impact
Target Up Front for Back End Impact


  • Contextual/Keyword 10x-15x
  • Demographics 4x-6x
  • AgeGenderHH IncomePresence of Children
  • Geographics 4x-6x
  • Technographics 4x-6x
  • Browser TypeComputerConnection SpeedTime-of-Day
  • Psychographics
  • Behavioral Preferences Custom Profiles/ Intendor Models
communications effectiveness metrics
Communications Effectiveness Metrics
  • Awareness
  • Comprehension
  • Persuasion
  • Likeability
online advertising delivers results
Online Advertising Delivers Results
  • Consumers who remember online advertising are significantly (15%) more likely to express purchase interest in the brand
  • Consumers who remember seeing online advertising have more positive associations with the brand – a 14% increase in positive dimensions associated with the brand

IPSOS-ASI - 2000

rich media gets results
Rich Media Gets Results
  • Rich media ads averaged a 4.32% response rate – a 340% increase over typical banners
  • 61% remembered the rich media ads versus 30% who viewed standard banners

Wired Digital Online Advertising Study March 1999

broadband rich media gets results
Broadband Rich Media Gets Results
  • Double interaction – “click through”
  • Increase recall by 34%
  • Increase comprehension and brand imagery by 30%
  • Increase likeability by 20%
  • >50% spent :30 - 5 min. within the ad experience

IPSOS-ASI Rich Media I and II Studies for @Home Network 1999

consumers like rich media
Consumers Like Rich Media
  • 7 out of 10 find broadband advertisements to be “as good as or better than” television commercials
  • 9 out of 10 find broadband advertisements to be “as good as or better than” print ads

IPSOS-ASI Rich Media I and II Studies for @Home Network 1999

why consumers like it
Why Consumers Like It

Product Understanding

Product Trust

Trusted Information

IPSOS-ASI Rich Media I and II Studies for @Home Network 1999

vendors rich media
Vendors – Rich Media
  • Ad Interax –
  • Bluestreak –
  • CheckM8 –
  • Eyeblaster –
  • Point Roll –
  • Unicast (Enliven/Ad4Ever) –
  • United Virtualities –
  • Viewpoint –
vendors streaming
Vendors - Streaming
  • Eyewonder –
  • iFilm –
  • HiWire –
  • Lightningcast –
  • Microsoft Windows –
  • Real Networks –
vendors media strategies
Vendors – Media Strategies
  • Atlas DMT –
  • Centrport –
  • DoubleClick –
  • Media Port –
  • WebRF –





eyewonder and diet coke
Eyewonder and Diet Coke

Objective: Multi platform campaign to strengthen new Diet Coke positioning as a fun and playful beverage for fun playful adults

Considerations: Ability to deliver video impressions online was very valuable in accomplishing complete synergy of messaging across all platforms – cost effectiveness of using same video important also

Action: Delivered 25M impressions in one week across 11 properties – 2 time frequency cap


  • The ads reached approx. 12.5 million unique users in 5 days
  • 8% of users watched entire :30 spot and replayed
  • 90% of users watched the entire :30 spot and did not turn audio off or leave page
  • 4.5% of users hit "zoom" and expanded the video
cnet s messaging plus mpu stats
CNet’s Messaging Plus (MPU) Stats
  • Specifically, 48% of respondents remembered seeing the MPU after viewing it only once
  • The words ‘eyecatching’(51%), ‘interesting’ (45%) and ‘intriguing’ (35%) were most often used to describe MPUs
  • Unaided brand awareness increased over 74% versus the control group
  • of the MPU, users were more likely to associate the advertised brand with the specific category being advertised

CNET/Millward Brown - 2002


Thank you

Susan Bratton

CEO, Cendara, Inc.


[email protected]