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The obvious question...... . WTF do we need HTML5?!?!?!. Why HTML5?. . HTML 5 will enable better cross-browser compatibility and better support for Web 2.0-style' Web applications in addition to documents.". Brendan EichCTO, Mozilla. Why HTML5?. HTML5 will have an application cache that is capable of storing all resources in your Web app so that the browser can load them and use them even when you're offline.

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HTML5 - A Look Ahead

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1. HTML5 - A Look Ahead presented to: techMaine Web Design Users Group May 18, 2009

2. The obvious question.....

3. Why HTML5?

4. Why HTML5? HTML5 will have an application cache that is capable of storing all resources in your Web app so that the browser can load them and use them even when youre offline

5. Why HTML5? HTML5 enables mobile and desktop Web site designers to deliver the advantages of client-side and server-side development to their users simultaneously. API development and workability in the browsers will take a leap forward.

6. Problems with HTML5 Not backwards-compatible? extensible? - questionable <P> = <p> ...and... <div class=foo> = <DIV class=foo> removal of certain tags - <acronym> removal of access keys? This could set back the usability/accessibility of markup (or, there could be good reasons for doing this)

7. Please remain calm..... Its just a working draft, people!

8. What does HTML5 mean to Web designers? new tags for semantic layout improved microformatting new tags for incorporating rich media new tags for APIs, applications

9. Browser support Browser support? What browser support??

10. Browser Support Opera 9.x (supposedly) offers best support Safari 3.x - sketchy (best support in my experience) Firefox 3.x - sketchy Chrome? - sketchy IE8 - veeerrrry sketchy IE7 - nope IE6? (LOL!)

11. New Tags article aside audio canvas command datagrid datalist

12. doctype - Look Ma! No DTD! <!DOCTYPE HTML>

13. doctype xHTML: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">

14. HTML5 - basic document structure <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>HTML5</title> </head> <body> </body> </html>

15. Layout - HTML4, xHTML

16. Layout - HTML5

17. Layout - HTML5

18. HTML5 - Quirks in IE

19. HTML5 & CSS CSS works fine in most cases w/t/new tags New tags are treated as inline elements; need to use display:block; Need to use javascript to force IE to recognize new HTML5 tags and apply CSS to them

20. Microformats - now

21. Microformats - w/HTML5

22. <audio>

23. <video>

24. <canvas>

25. New Rules for markup

26. New Rules for markup

27. Validation

28. What does it all mean? Its a work in progress Its going to be awhile before were using HTML5 It may turn up in mobile browsers first HTML5 will lead to browser-based apps that are more powerful and more responsive

29. <Thank you!>

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