student group training 2011 2012
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Student Group Training 2011-2012

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Student Group Training 2011-2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Group Training 2011-2012. University Funding Board. Introductions. My Name: Matt Meriweather My Position: External Vice President Student Government Office: 655 Steger Student Life Center (SSLC). Today’s Agenda. Before Requesting Funds The Process of Requesting Funds

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student group training 2011 2012

Student Group Training2011-2012

University Funding Board


My Name: Matt Meriweather

My Position: External Vice President

Student Government Office:

655 Steger Student Life Center (SSLC)

today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • BeforeRequesting Funds
  • The Processof Requesting Funds
  • AfterRequesting Funds
important information
Important Information
  • Each Group is allotted up to $7,000/year.
    • Must submit budget and follow UFB criteria to attain these funds
  • Each Group has $300/year in operating funds
    • This money does not require you to create a budget but it does require exact documentation of funds used
      • Your Responsibility
eligibility for funding pg 21

Group is open to all UC students

Group has registered with Student Activities Board (SAB)

New Organizations

Must wait 10 weeks after becoming a group to request funding


Group has restrictive membership

Group receives any kind of academic credit

Any group eligible for GSGA funds

*i.e. club sports, Greek organizations, honoraries

Eligibility for Funding (pg. 21)
what is an event
What is an Event?
  • Two Different Types of Events Conference: “An event off campus in which any member of the group will stay overnight as a part of the event.”
    • Program: “An event that is held on or off campus that does NOT require the group to stay overnight to attend.”

UFB Criteria 2010-2011

items generally not funded pg 24
Items Generally Not Funded(pg. 24)
  • Seed Money (Loan)
  • Student Gifts/Giveaways
  • Honoraria for University students, faculty, staff, or administrators
  • Service Contracts (Coaches, Photographers)
  • Media Equipment (magazines, videos, films)
  • Electronics
  • Alcohol
  • Dues/Insurance (National/State Dues, Insurance)
before requesting funds
Before Requesting Funds
  • Know if you are eligible for funding
  • Know what event (program/conference) you are planning
  • Create a budget and fill out the budget request form
  • Meet with a UFB Representative!
process for requesting funds pg 27
Process for Requesting Funds (pg. 27)
  • Filling out the Request Form
    • The Front
      • Name of Group and name of Event
      • Specific Dates
      • Person who Attended Treasurers Workshop Signature
      • Advisor Signature
      • Description of the Event
      • Purpose of the Event
        • Needs to align with the purpose of the group
process for requesting funds
Process for Requesting Funds
  • Filling out the Budget Request Form
    • The Back
      • The $$$$ part of the budget
      • Line Items
        • Make sure you add correctly!
      • After you are done filling out the Budget Request Form you need to attach documentation
line items pg 28
100% Deductions

There is a deadline: Two Thursdays before your program date before 3pm

Signatures do not match

M-numbers. You need them or you cannot go!

Each line item that does not have proper documentation

25% Deductions

Balanced FiguresAll items that do not fully explain the cost breakdown of each item

All figures that do not match documentation

25% deduction from actual cost of item

Mathematical miscalculations

Line Items (pg. 28)
line items pg 281
Line Items (pg. 28)


  • If an event on campus has food and beverages and has limited availability ORevent is located off campus advertising with RSVP is required


  • Airlines tickets for guest speakers ONLY
  • We will pay $0.25 a mile for gas
    • UC Vehicles ONLY


  • You can get up to $2000 to pay for food at up to two events each year.
  • Food only for UC students


  • UFB can fund up to $1000 of lodging per year for conferences
  • We do pay for speaker’s lodging when they come to town for an event
if you re planning a conference
If you’re planning a conference…
  • M-Number for all attending
  • 10 student registrations paid for annually (Not per Conference)
  • Have proper documentation for travel expenses
  • Itinerary needed
  • Documentation is the mostimportant part
    • Each line item on your budget needs to have documentation
  • Example:
    • Sally wants to spend $146.87 on food.
      • Receipts, pictures of prices on food, or invoice for company is needed
    • UFB needs proof of what you are spending the money on. The more documentation the better
  • Agendas are required for all programmed events
  • Example of acceptable agendas are located in the student government office.
m numbers
  • Groups traveling to a conference or anywhere in a university provided vehicle must provide a list of M-numbers for all students.
  • This includes everyone, not just the people who are including in the conference fees that UFB pays for
  • This is for your safety and very important. Failure to have M-Numbers results in a denial of the budget and this is non-appealable
co sponsorships pg 24
Co-Sponsorships (pg. 24)

Filling Out the Paperwork

  • ONE front cover with president/treasurer and advisor’s signature from BOTH organizations
  • ONE back cover explaining what each item both groups are paying for and how much from each group
  • Food cannot exceed $2000 per events
  • Cannot spend more than $3500 each year on co-sponsored events
after you are done making your budget
After You Are Done Making Your Budget
  • Get it checked by UFB
    • Go under the UFB tab and our office hours are posted
  • Turn in your budget TWO FULL THURSDAYS before your event before 3pm
passed denied


  • Congratulations!
  • Visit Gila Johnson in 655 Steger Student Life Center
    • She will tell you what forms to fill out


    • How to obtain the money you were approved for


  • Create a new budget
    • New date, event, name
    • You cannot apply for the same event twice, dual submission
  • Appeal
    • You only have one week to turn in your appeal along with the proper documentation
      • You cannot appeal automatic deductions
      • Due by 3pm the next Thursday
assessments pg 29
Assessments (pg. 29)
  • Assessment Forms (Online)
    • You must fill out an assessment form online and turn in all your receipts within TEN days of your event
    • If the form is filled out late, UFB will freeze the group’s funds for a number of days equal to ½ the number of days late the form was
    • If your groups fails to fill out an assessment form, the budget request will not be heard for at least THREE business days
changes for this year
Changes for this year
  • No Third Party Vendors (Hotwire, Expedia)
  • No Kroger/shopping benefit cards
important dates
Important Dates
  • April 15th, last day to spend operating funds
  • Requests for Summer funding due the 5th week of spring quarter
  • Requests for Fall 2011 due the 8th week of spring quarter
helpful hints
Helpful Hints
  • Documentation is KEY
  • Check the math
  • Typed or legibly written
  • Make sure event is educational
  • Have a UFB representative check you budget before it’s turned in!
  • Each fall we have a membership drive for UFB. We have two spots open this year
  • October 17, 20: Open House for students interested in joining UFB following meeting
    • 10/17 6:30 PM, 655 SSLC
    • 10/20 5 PM on 600 level of SSLC (open space)
  • October 28: Membership Applications Due
contact information
Contact Information
thank you

Thank you!

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