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Welcome to 4th grade curriculum night
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Welcome to 4th Grade Curriculum Night. 4 th Grade Teachers Mrs. Elder – Mrs. Fowler Mrs. Edwards – Ms. Crawley. Special Area Teachers. PE – Coach Doster & Coach McGowan Art – Mrs. Phillips Music – Mr. Weese Computer – Mrs. Opolka. Resources to help your child.

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Welcome to 4th Grade Curriculum Night

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Welcome to 4th grade curriculum night

Welcome to 4th Grade Curriculum Night

4 th grade teachers mrs elder mrs fowler mrs edwards ms crawley

4th Grade TeachersMrs. Elder – Mrs. FowlerMrs. Edwards – Ms. Crawley

Special area teachers

Special Area Teachers

  • PE – Coach Doster & Coach McGowan

  • Art – Mrs. Phillips

  • Music – Mr. Weese

  • Computer – Mrs. Opolka

Resources to help your child

Resources to help your child

4th Grade Para – Ms. Blount

Additional Paras – Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Vinson

Gifted Program – Ms. Towler

EIP Reading – with Mrs. Peters

EIP Math – with Mrs. Hayes

LEAP Tutoring in the afternoons

Parent Resource Center in library

Tonight s agenda

Tonight’s Agenda

  • How we communicate with you

  • Daily schedule

  • Classroom/4th Grade Expectations

  • Responsibility & Organization

  • New Standards & Rigor of curriculum

  • SS & Science books on line

  • *CRCT testing information and resources to help your child prepare

  • Technology in the Classroom

  • Infinite Campus and AR

  • Newsletter and Classroom Web Pages

How we communicate with you

How we communicate with you:

  • The Agenda – sign it nightly!

  • Behavior Cards – be sure to sign the card when you sign the Friday Folder. There is a parent signature slot.

  • Email blasts – We send at least 2 per week.

  • Friday Folders – Sign them over the weekend and send them back on Monday morning.

  • Infinite Campus and AR – you can access these at home.

  • Newsletter and Classroom Web Pages.

Welcome to 4th grade curriculum night

Daily Schedule*8:00 – 8:25 – Arrival & Morning Work8:25 – 8:30 – Announcements8:30 – 9:30 –Whole Group Reading9:30 – 10:15 – Guided Reading (pull outs for EIP, DEES & FOCUS)10:15 – 11:05 – Specials (Art, Music, PE, Computer)11:05 – 11:40 – SS/Writing * Change Classes * 11:40 – 12:10 – Science/Writing 12:15 – 12:45 – Lunch12:45 – 1:15 – Recess1:15 – 2:30 – Whole Group Math2:30 – 3:15 – Guided Math (Pull outs for EIP, DEES & FOCUS)* Change Classes – Return to homeroom & pack up to go home. * 3:20 Announcements & being dismissalDEAR (Drop Everything And Read) TimeOR Study Hall/Homework time/Journaling during bus call*Students stay in homeroom for the first ½ of the day. If your child is in Mrs. Edwards or Mrs. Elder’s room, they will have math and science first and reading and SS second.

Welcome to 4th grade curriculum night

Good night’s sleepEat breakfastOn time for schoolBe here every dayBe preparedBE ON TASK AND ORGANIZED

Reminders for Successful Experience at School

Welcome to 4th grade curriculum night

On-going Assignments* Read and earn 100 AR Points by the end of the year* Read and complete Genre Bingo for Mrs. Jenkins by the end of the year*Rigby/Star/Lexile Reading levels *Math Fluency – basic facts*Map Skills *Cursive writing

Science ss books are on line

Science & SS books are on line!

  • Type in this web address: www.eduplace.com/eservices

  • Log on using: waltonstudent4 (for 4th grade students)

  • Password: password

  • Select the textbook you want.

  • Type in the page number you want on the top right hand

  • side.

  • Make sure your speakers are on and you’re to go.

Reading stories on line

Reading Stories on Line

  • All stories in the Trophies Reading Book are on line at the county web site.


  • Staff Page…textbook software…4th Grade

2013 2014 curriculum changes

2013-2014 Curriculum Changes

  • New CCGPS implemented

  • New Lexile expectations have greatly increased from previous years. Reading passages will be much more rigorous than in the past.

  • New assessment in progress. Math has basic skills, fluency, and problem solving skills.

For additional ccgps information

For Additional CCGPS Information


Go to the Common Core GPS tab at the top.

Then go to the desired subject and grade level. This web site will give you a wealth of information including the standards that have been moved to other grade levels.

Increased text complexity

Increased Text Complexity

Old Lexile MeasureNew Lexile Measure

648 - 845*740 - 1010

(4th – 5th) (4th – 5th)

Old Passing CRCTNew Passing CRCT

800*825 ?

*These are still changing and increasing.

Welcome to 4th grade curriculum night

Name______________________________Date_________________________________ Teacher_________________________________

Directions: Complete the missing pieces of the chart using the standard form, expanded form and written form.

Reading example

Reading Example

Resources to help your child1

Resources to help your child

  • Websites

  • Test Practice- scroll down to printable tests. http://www.wcbritt.org/students/OAS.htm

  • OAS-click on parents and then scroll down to find the correct username/password https://www.georgiaoas.org/servlet/a2l

  • NYlearns.org-

Resources to help your child2

Resources to help your child

3. Rabun County Practice http://www.rabun.k12.ga.us/staff/rhenson/CRCTPractice.html-scroll down to fourth grade tests.

4. Online CRCT practice- http://www.nwle.com/crct_printable_



Crct testing information

*CRCT testing information

  • This year we will again have TWO weeks worth of testing with the testing days split into mid-week tests.

  • Tuesday- Reading (must pass)

  • Wednesday-Language Arts

  • Thursday-Math (must pass)

  • Tuesday-Science (next year must pass)

  • Wednesday-Social Studies

Behavior expectations

Behavior & Expectations

  • Organization – Notebook/binder& Agenda

  • Work Ethic – giving best effort AND completing work within a time frame

  • Staying on Task & showing self control

  • Get to school on time

  • Homework

Challenges in 4 th grade

Challenges in 4th Grade

  • Working within a given time

  • Staying on task

  • Knowing HOW to study

  • Turning in work

  • Organization

  • Problem solving – being self-directed

How to help at home with these challenges

How to Help at Home with these Challenges

  • Working within a given time on homework assignments – use a timer

  • Staying on task – monitor on task behavior while doing #1.

  • Routine and schedule is very important. Make homework a routine in a quiet environment.

  • Knowing HOW to study – Flash cards, repetition, songs, mnemonics (Never Eat Soggy Waffles)

  • Turning in work – make sure it is done the night before and placed in notebook before going to bed.

  • Organization – Check book bag on a regular basis

  • Problem solving – being self-directed – Have regular responsibilities at home.

Welcome to 4th grade curriculum night

Our job, as parents and teachers, is to prepare our CHILD for the road of life.

Responsibility is learned and taught. Failure is NOT fatal, it is a learning process.



  • Smart Boards-Each classroom has new smart boards installed. These are wonderful resources to engage students! Each teacher incorporates the board into her lessons each week!

  • CPS Clickers- This is a new resource that the kids LOVE! We currently have

    two in fourth grade

  • Ladybug – View pages from book/pics

Infinite campus and ar

Infinite Campus and AR

Infinite campus allows you to pull up grades online instantly!

AR-website allows you to track the growth of your child, see what tests they have taken, and what their current level is. AR access at home is through the parent tab on the county web site. Use your child’s lunch number to get in and set it up.

Infinite campus can be reached through the parent tab on the county web site

Infinite Campus can be reached through the parent tab on the county web site.

Infinite Campus

Newsletter and classroom webpages

Newsletter and Classroom WebPages

  • Each teacher has a class web page with information such as the weekly newsletter, reminders, pictures, and resources. Check it Out!

  • Weekly Friday Folders

  • Bi-weekly newsletters

  • Grades and newsletter carefully.

  • Sign all grades below 80.

Welcome to 4th grade curriculum night


Welcome to 4th grade curriculum night

Thank you for coming!!

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