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Bettendorf Middle School. School Counseling and Guidance Program Classroom Guidance (Results sample). National ASCA and Iowa Counseling Standard s Personal/Social Standard A.

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Bettendorf Middle School

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Bettendorf middle school l.jpg

Bettendorf Middle School

School Counseling and Guidance Program

Classroom Guidance

(Results sample)

National asca and iowa counseling standard s personal social standard a l.jpg

National ASCA and Iowa Counseling StandardsPersonal/Social Standard A

Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.

Student competency l.jpg

Student Competency

PS:A1 Acquire Self-Knowledge

PS:A2 Acquire Interpersonal Skills

PS: B1 Self Knowledge Application

PS: C1 Acquire Personal Safety Skills

Guidance curriculum l.jpg

Guidance Curriculum

Grade 6

October – December/ February - April

Health class


Definition of empathy

Examples of empathetic acts

Identify how someone is feeling

What is interpersonal conflict/interpersonal violence

Understanding anger and its implications

Where to file harassment

Research tells us l.jpg

Research Tells Us…

  • Classroom interventions can positively impact aggressive behavior and conflict resolution skills.

  • Second Step has had the strongest research support of any social/emotional classroom intervention.

    Grossman et al., 1997

6 th grade pre post test item results l.jpg

6th Grade Pre-Post Test Item Results

What do they know pre post l.jpg

25% of students could define interpersonal conflict

28% of students could define interpersonal violence

What do they KNOW? Pre Post

82% of students could define interpersonal conflict

86%of students could define interpersonal violence

What do they know pre post8 l.jpg

75%of students knew where to report bullying

What do they KNOW? Pre Post

99%of students know where to report bullying

That’s a 32% increase!!

Believe that reporting bullying can lead to a decrease in violence pre post l.jpg

28% Strongly Agree

48% Agree

15% Disagree

6% Strongly Disagree

BELIEVE that reporting bullying can lead to a decrease in violencePre Post

  • 43% Strongly Agree

  • 41% Agree

  • 12% Disagree

  • 3% Strongly Disagree

Believe that reporting bullying can lead to a decrease in violence l.jpg

Believe That Reporting Bullying Can Lead to a Decrease in Violence

Students who report feeling safe at school l.jpg

Students Who Report Feeling Safe at School

What research tells us l.jpg

What Research Tells Us…

  • The greater understanding and application of the concept of empathy, the fewer instances of bullying occur.

  • When school climate improves (fewer instances of violence), student achievement improves.

    Van Horn 2003

Harassment reporting per month l.jpg

Harassment Reporting Per Month

Office referral results for aggressive behavior l.jpg

Office Referral Results for Aggressive Behavior

In summary l.jpg

In Summary…

  • Students are coming to BMS with more knowledge and understanding of empathy.

  • We can identify kids that need a greater degree of intervention.

  • 3/4 of our students are transferring the information presented to their behavior at school.

  • 93% of 6th graders feel safe at BMS

Next steps l.jpg

Next Steps

  • Spend more time teaching anger management skills

  • Improve connection between violence and their behavior at school.

  • Provide intentional intervention to targeted students

  • Continue efforts to teach the positive correlation between harassment reporting and a decrease in violence in our school.

  • Continue to collect and analyze data

Slide17 l.jpg

The Bettendorf Middle School counseling program is committed to contributing in a meaningful way to the academic achievement of all students.

Thank you for your support of the school counseling program.

The end l.jpg

The End

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