Introduction and overview to v3 0 presented by hcn clinical operations
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Introduction and Overview to v3.0 Presented By: HCN Clinical Operations PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction and Overview to v3.0 Presented By: HCN Clinical Operations. Table of Contents. Introduction. Customized Leadership Enabled Analytical Reports (CLEAR) is a dashboard tool which: Aggregates and organizes data

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Introduction and Overview to v3.0 Presented By: HCN Clinical Operations

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Introduction and Overview to v3.0

Presented By:

HCN Clinical Operations



Customized Leadership Enabled Analytical Reports (CLEAR) is a dashboard tool which:

  • Aggregates and organizes data

  • Provides a visual representation of performance measures (MU, ACO, QI, UDS, PCMH)

  • Puts important information where you need it, when you need it.

NEW Functionalities now include the ability to:

  • Filter by payor

  • Set default date ranges

  • Customize your entire dashboard

  • Export Planned Care Visit data to Excel with one click

  • Lock patient name while scrolling through the PCV data

  • Access HELP

  • Patient Clinical History Module

how to access CLEAR

Access CLEAR inside your Citrix environment.

  • Navigate to the following intranet page:

    Add link to your favorites for quicker access!

  • Use the HCN Portal:

  • All users who had previous access to the Clinical Dashboards now have access to CLEAR.

  • To grant access to users, open a 1st Call Support ticket.


CLEAR is customizable per user. You can now create your own DASHBOARDS!

Working with the widgets

Using the Date Range Field


Choose from a calendar view to select dates

Toggle to Preset

Choose from preset date options that will automatically prefill “From” and “To”


Using the Organization Field

Choose the location(s) you want to include in the filters.

Unselected location

Selected location

Location is defined by ‘posting location’

Using the Provider Field

  • Click on the Provider field.

  • A drop down menu will appear with a complete list of Providers.

  • Select Provider and provider will be added to the filter.

  • Click on the [x] to remove the Provider from the selection.

  • Continue to click to search for additional Providers.

The provider field lists all Providers in Intergywho have patients assigned to them as their PCP.

Using the Payor Field

  • Click on the Payor field.

  • A drop down menu will appear with a complete list of Payors.

  • Select the payor and the list will update.

  • Click on the [x] to remove the Payorfrom the selection.

  • Continue to click to search for additional Payors.

The Payor(s) field contains a complete list of all of the insurance plans listed in Intergy.

Saving the Filters

Filter: Runs the query based on your selections

Auto Save: this option automatically saves the criteria you selected for the entire widget. If marked, the next time you launch this widget, the preselected selections will populate for you.

Cancel: cancels the query


Clinical Tools

Productivity Information

Productivity Information allows you to monitor Provider Productivity.

  • Open tasks: displays all Outstanding Tasks by Provider.

  • Unreviewed Labs: displays all unreviewed by component level.

  • Unresolved Encounters: displays all open encounters that have not yet been assigned charges.

  • Unsealed Notes: displays all Notes that have not yet been sealed and signed.

Using the Productivity Information

  • Hover over the pie chart to display aging buckets percentage.

  • Click on the section to view detailed report

Sample Open Tasks Report

Planned Care Visits

  • Planned Care Visit is a list of patients who have an appointment on the specified date along with key clinical elements.

  • Examples of how Planned Care Visits can be used:

  • Great report to identify clinical gaps in care.

  • Can be exported and provided to your Care Coordinators.

  • Use in morning huddles with Clinical Support Staff.

  • Follow up with patients on orders prior to their upcoming appointments.

Drag a column header above the title bar to group data by that filter.

  • Center and Patient Columns are locked into position so that you can continue to scroll and see the patient’s name.

  • Click on the Column drop down to expand the report options

  • Page numbers are located in the bottom so that you can quickly navigate to the next pages in the report.

  • Download the report to excel or csv to further manipulate the data.

Alerts Center

  • Contains a list of patients based on a predetermined definition:

    • ACO High Risk patients with no appointments.

    • ACO patients with no show appointments

  • Click on the hyperlinks (patients(s)) to access your list.

  • Report Browser

    The Report Browser contains the following reports:

    • ACO

      • ACO beneficiaries

      • ACO Clinical Gap Roster

      • ACO Measures

      • ACO Outreach Compliance

    • MU

      • Meaningful User Year Provider Report Card

      • MU 90 days Provider Report Card – Stage 1

      • MU 90 days Provider Report Card – Stage 2

      • MU Stage 2 Record Vital Signs – Blood Pressure

      • MU Stage 2 Record Vital Signs – Height and Weight

    • PCHM

      • PCP Active Panel

      • PCP Visits

      • Provider Top Pharmacies

    • QI Tools

      • Breast Cancer Screening

      • QI Pap Compliance

      • Special Monthly details Report

    Using the Report Browser

    • Expand the Report category.

    • Click to select report.

    • Fill in report fields

      4. Click on View Report

      5. Report will display.

    Sample Report

    Use the toolbar to print, export, or navigate to next page.

    MU Clinical Quality Measures

    Before you click, remember to FILTER!

    Clinical Measures

    • The Clinical Measures summarize the following items:

      • PAPCervical Cancer

      • COLOColorectal Cancer

      • D-A1cDiabetes HbA1c Poor Control >9 or Missing

      • TobacTobacco Use Assessment and Intervention

      • FLUInfluenza Immunization

      • IVDIschemic Vascular Disease

      • BACKUse of Imaging Studies for Low Back Pain

    Sample Year to Date Report

    Sample Report Card

    Operational Meaningful Use

    Operational Meaningful Use

    Widgets Available

    Patient Centered Medical Home

    • PCMH 2-B Clinical Data Specs

    • PCMH 1-F Race & Ethnicity Information

    • PCMH 2-A Patient Information

    Using the PCMH Widgets

    Compare graphs to different date ranges to see more data

    3 months data

    Graph expands depending on the date ranges selected so you can trend over time.

    4 months data

    6 months data

    Sample PCMH report

    Uniform Data System

    Uniform Data System

    Widgets Available:

    The UDS Measure widgets allows the user to run reports off the distinct measures.

    The UDS Monitoring Measures are to serve as a guide and are not reportable to UDS.

    Additional Commands

    Customize your Dashboards

    • Click on the Customize field to renovate your view.

    • Click Yes, Continue to begin customization.

    CLEAR NEW Features and Functions presentation

    Saturday at 1pm


    Accessing Help

    Help Table of contents



    Open forum

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