frmac t echnical and operational update nrep april 2009
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FRMAC T echnical and Operational Update NREP April 2009

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FRMAC T echnical and Operational Update NREP April 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FRMAC T echnical and Operational Update NREP April 2009. Panel discussion Questions welcome!. FRMAC Technical and Operational Update. Information & New Directions for NIMS Integration Colleen O’Laughlin FRMAC Augmentation Robert Augdahl FRMAC Assessment Methods – The New EPA PAGs

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FRMAC Technical and OperationalUpdate

Information & New Directions for NIMS Integration

Colleen O’Laughlin

FRMAC Augmentation

Robert Augdahl

FRMAC Assessment Methods – The New EPA PAGs

Arthur Shanks

FRMAC Data Management – Paperless FRMAC

Harvey Clark

FRMAC Product Distribution – CMweb

Rajah Mena

New Line of FRMAC Data Products – Briefing Products

Harvey Clark

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cm frmac colleen o laughlin u s department of energy national nuclear security administration

CM/FRMACColleen O’LaughlinU.S. Department of EnergyNational Nuclear Security Administration

work with other agencies
Work with other Agencies
  • DoD – MOU
  • EPA - PAG Manual, RAD/Chem, ICS
  • NASA – Mars Launch Support (postponed), ECAMS MOU
  • NRC – IPX’s
  • VA – Support
  • Advisory Team – Pop. Monitoring
  • FRMAC Working Groups (Interagency)
empire 09
Empire 09
  • National Level Exercise
    • 3 Phases
      • Phase I Table-Top discussion of the first 48 hours
      • Phase II Full-Scale Field exercise, 48-120 hours
      • Phase III Table-Top discussion, Intermediate/long-term recovery, 45 days
    • RDD incident in an urban environment
    • Address Lab analysis
    • Staffing augmentation
    • Transfer FRMAC responsibility, DOE to EPA
  • IPX-10 - 3
  • IPX-11 - 6
  • Diablo Bravo – Weapons
  • Empire – Urban RDD
  • Liberty Radex – Long-term Recovery
  • NLE-2010 - IND
  • NLE-2012 – FRMAC
frmac ics implementation
FRMAC ICS Implementation
  • Ensure FRMAC’s ability to coordinate and manage Federal radiological monitoring and assessment as a discrete organizational unit
  • Collect and asses radiological data based on incident command priorities for incident planning and decision processes
  • State/FRMAC Bi-annual Conference Call – Last Wednesday of January & July
  • Mass E-mail
  • Manuals
  • [email protected]

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Colleen O’Laughlin

  • To provide additional personnel and expertise to the Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center.



  • Surge capacity to supplement responders
  • Increased field analytical capacity and capabilities 
  • Mobile Laboratory Resources
  • Department of Energy
    • Radiological Assistance Program
    • National Laboratories and other DOE sites
  • Other Federal Agencies
    • EPA - FDA
    • CDC - USDA
    • DHS - NRC
our first test
Our First Test
  • Empire 09 – Albany, NY
    • 130 DOE responders
      • Consequence Management Response Team, Nevada
      • RAP Regions 1, 2, 3, New York , Tennessee, Georgia
      • Sandia National Lab, New Mexico
      • Los Alamos National Lab, New Mexico
      • Lawrence Livermore National Lab, California
    • And a full cast of other state and federal players
new assessment calculations
New Assessment Calculations
  • Developed and Incorporated the "avoidable dose" concept into the Deposition Derived Response Level (DRL) and Exposure Rate DRL methods,
  • Developed and Incorporated the ability to calculate \'delayed entry\' worker protection guidance,
  • Developed and Implementing Alpha DRL, and Beta DRL methods,

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assessment method updates
Assessment Method Updates
  • Developing additional FRMAC assessment methods in conjunction with OGT (e.g., ingestion pathway analysis, resuspension factor, dose to exposure conversion factor).
  • Held 2 Assessment WG meetings in the last year to work on and finalize several of the new methods:
    • Several sub-work groups have been spun off of the Assessment WG

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manual and turbo frmac revisions
Manual and Turbo FRMAC Revisions
  • Revising FRMAC Assessment Manual.
    • To date, 10 revised methods have been drafted for AWG review and approval.
  • Expect draft manual out for technical review in fall of 2009.
  • Turbo FRMAC 2009 Release April.
    • Incorporates newly developed methods that have been approved by Assessment WG

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cmht assessment actions
CMHT/Assessment Actions
  • CMHT resource has been an evolving and very successful new capability
    • Tested in several exercise
    • Supported the real-world NIST Event
  • CMHT Assessment Outreach
    • HT Assessment has been integrated into all RAPTER Trainings
    • Supported several IPX events

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update on paperless frmac

Update on Paperless FRMAC

An Electronic Data Management Enterprise


Paper-Based Data Management

Harvey Clark

Remote Sensing Laboratory

goals objectives
Goals & Objectives

Goal – Move data faster, farther, and better through telemetry, automation, and networking





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fy09 pfrmac goals
FY09 pFRMAC Goals

Add samples and lab analyses

Other features

One-Button CMweb upload

Total accountability

Archive Utility

EPA Relationships

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database rams r adiological a ssessment and m onitoring s ystem
Database – RAMSRadiological Assessment and Monitoring System

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rams key features
RAMS – Key Features
  • Version 2
    • 6 Types of Samples
    • Lab & In-situ
    • Chain of Custody
    • Bulk Upload (EDDs)
  • Version 1
    • Field Data
    • Search Utility
    • Mapping Utility
    • Measurement Sets

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rams workflow management
RAMS – Workflow Management

Action Item Tracking

Work Product Approval

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frmac product distribution

FRMAC Product Distribution


A Unified Web Site for FRMAC, CMHT, and NARAC/IMAAC Product Distribution

RaJah Mena

Remote Sensing Laboratory

cmweb a unified web site for frmac cmht and narac imaac product distribution
CMweb:A Unified Web Site for FRMAC, CMHT, and NARAC/IMAAC Product Distribution

Official Use Only

access to frmac narac imaac and cmht products has been unified under cmweb
Access to FRMAC, NARAC/IMAAC and CMHT products has been unified under CMweb
  • is a single Web site for DOE NA42 asset public information
  • Login to CMweb secure, password-controlled site provides access to the following (if it has been shared with you):
    • Working group information, meeting notes, documents, manuals, user guides, etc.
    • FRMAC, NARAC/IMAAC and CMHT model/data products for current and historical incidents/exercises (note: CMweb will be utilized for Empire 09, June 2009)

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Emergency Contact


System Notifications

Notifications of folders, model runs, books, files that have been shared with you

  • Operations Info:
  • Event Folders
  • Exercise Folders
  • Meeting Notes


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FRMAC Documents, Meeting Notes and

Working Group information can be found on CMweb

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During an Exercise or Event, FRMAC and NARAC/IMAAC products will be available via CMweb

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FRMAC and NARAC/IMAAC technical products are currently available, with the new briefing product format coming soon

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update on briefing products

Update on Briefing Products

Communicating Technical Issues to a Non-Technical Audience

Harvey Clark, Remote Sensing Laboratory

briefing product initiative
Briefing Product Initiative
  • Additional Product Line Tailored to:
    • Briefing key leaders
    • Decision makers without SMEs
  • Motivation
    • Customers Changing
    • HSC issues tasking
  • Does not replace Standard Products

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briefing product initiative1
Briefing Product Initiative
  • Developed with Stakeholders
    • 5 Rounds of reviews



HSC, OSTP & Advisory Team

  • Final until after Empire 09
  • Standard Products Next

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briefing product features
Briefing Product Features
  • Targets key leaders and decision makers
    • Plain English, No jargon
    • Highlights key points
    • Cites PAG and consensus recommendations
    • Explanation page
    • Layouts for projection & speaker notes

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Briefing Product Suite

  • Modeled Evacuation and Sheltering Areas – Plume Phase
  • Modeled Evacuation and Sheltering Areas – Post-Plume Phase
  • Relocation Areas
  • Areas of Concern for Agricultural Products
  • Default Evacuation and Sheltering Area
  • Worker Protection Area
  • Early Heath Effects


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