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An Introduction to the Individual Student Enrollment System ISES Segment 2 Department of Public Instruction Spring 2008. Presentation Segments. Segment 1 WSLS – ISES and Public Reporting Preparing for the ISES Collection ISES CD/YE Data Elements ISES CD/YE Data Entry Segment 2

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An Introduction to theIndividual Student Enrollment SystemISESSegment 2Department of Public InstructionSpring 2008

Presentation Segments

  • Segment 1

    • WSLS – ISES and Public Reporting

    • Preparing for the ISES Collection

    • ISES CD/YE Data Elements

    • ISES CD/YE Data Entry

  • Segment 2

    • ISES CD/YE Data Validation

    • Avoiding Common CD/YE Errors

    • WSAS and ACCESS Rosters

    • ISES CD/YE Review and Revision

    • ISES CD/YE Final Submission

  • Segment 3

    • ISES Discipline Data Elements

    • ISES Discipline Data Entry

    • ISES Discipline Data Validation

    • Avoid Common Discipline Errors

    • ISES Discipline Final Submission

    • ISES Support

Ises cd ye data validation

ISES CD / YE Data Validation

Avoiding common cd ye errors

Avoiding Common CD / YE Errors

General comments
General Comments:

  • Meet the data submission schedule

  • Encourage Special Ed, Pupil Services, Assessment and ISES staff to work together

  • Take advantage of training opportunities

Submitting and accountable district and school
Submitting and AccountableDistrict and School:

  • Report short term enrollment periods and gaps

  • Be aware of school openings & closings, grade ranges, and district calendar

  • ISES Public Enrollment and PI-1563 Pupil Count (Membership) have different student populations

Educational services provided outside of district facilities
Educational Services provided outside of District Facilities:

Report students receiving services provided by Third Party Providers:

Wisconsin School for the Deaf

Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired


County Children with Disability Education Boards (CCDEBs)

LEA Private School Placements

Universities and Colleges

Residential Care Centers

Other Third Party Providers

Educational services provided outside of district facilities1
Educational Services provided outside of District Facilities:

Report students receiving services provided by District Staff on Alternative Schedules or at Alternative Locations:

Early Childhood




School-to-Work Programs


Juvenile Detention Centers


Enrollment: Facilities:

  • ISES record must correspond to an existing WSLS enrollment for the district, school, record type and enroll date

  • Missing ISES Records

    • may result if only one record type has been uploaded/entered into the ISES

    • may result if new students and transferred students have not been entered in the WSLS

    • may result if graduates or other withdrawals for 2007-08 have not been exited (Count Date)

    • may result if new students for 2008-09 are enrolled on or before 6/30/2008 (Year End)

Economically disadvantaged status
Economically Facilities:Disadvantaged Status:

  • NSLP Provision 2 public school districts must submit individual student economic data

English language proficiency code
English Language Facilities:Proficiency Code

  • When Composite ELP Level exists, ELP Code may be calculated and in many cases may not be overwritten.

  • New students should not be reported as ELL until the preliminary evaluation is complete.

Disability educational environment classification
Disability & Educational Environment Classification: Facilities:

  • Include student groups with alternative settings or schedules

  • Report data according to the appropriate IEP and educational placement

  • Use age appropriate Ed Environment codes

Parentally placed private
Parentally Placed Private: Facilities:

  • Verify which students with disabilities are covered by a Services Plan

  • Students are submitted by district in which the private school is located

  • Ed Environment should reflect parent placement

Exit type
Exit Type Facilities:

  • ISES will not allow a student to be identified as a transfer within the WSLS, if no subsequent enrollment exists on or before the count date.

  • Several exit types are available to identify students who are not known to be continuing.

Full term dropout definition
Full Term Dropout: Definition Facilities:

  • The student completed the school term associated with a year end record in the most recent previous ISES collection (year X - 2) and is not known to be continuing.

  • There is no evidence of the student enrolled in any WSLS school at any point during the next school term (year X - 1) or prior to the count date of the current ISES collection (year X).

  • A Year End record for the student from the previous collection is added to the current collection such that the affected district(s) have an opportunity to update exit information, if appropriate.

  • The student may count as a dropout for School Year X – 1, but will not count as a dropout in school term where the student completed the school term (year X – 2).

Full term dropout fields that can be modified
Full Term Dropout: Facilities:Fields that can be modified

  • Exit type

    • May not be changed to TC or HSC or Max Age

  • Expected Transfer Agency

  • Expected Transfer School

    • Grade must be within range of Expected Transfer School

  • Expected Transfer Response

    • Submitted by the Expected Transfer Agency

  • Return to Regular Education

    • Required if EXIT_TYPE = ‘TNC’

  • Optional

High or low dropout counts
High or Low Dropout Counts Facilities:

  • may result from:

    • unresolved expected transfers,

    • incorrect exit types or

    • missing enrollment periods

Low Graduation Rate Facilities:

  • may result from:

    • over reporting of dropouts,

    • misreporting of credential type,

    • incorrect exit types or

    • missing exit dates

Identifying dependencies in file upload
Identifying Dependencies in File Upload Facilities:

  • A violation of any of the business rules listed in the Appendix B.2 File Definition Table will cause the entire file to fail during the load process.

  • Mandatory Elements in XML doc (Non-Nullable in CSV doc) are required on File Upload.

  • “Conditional” and “Nullable for Upload” elements may fail depending on the combination of other values in the record.

  • Note the record type associated with data element. If a data element is sent with the wrong record type, it will cause the file upload to fail.

  • A rule which begins ‘Cannot be sent…’ may cause file failure.

  • A rule which begins ‘Will not be written to the database…’ will not cause file failure, but will cause data included in the upload to be ignored.

Wisconsin student assessment system wsas roster

Wisconsin Student Assessment System Facilities:(WSAS)Roster

Access for ells roster

ACCESS Facilities: for ELLsRoster

Solution for the 2008 and 2009 child count
Solution for the 2008 and 2009 Child Count Facilities:

  • Identify:

    • Students are non-disabled on the third Friday of September, but disabled on October 1.

    • Students who are disabled on the third Friday of September, but returned to regular education on or before October 1.

    • Students with disabilities who have moved into your LEA between 9/20/08 and 10/1/08.

    • Students with disabilities who have moved out of your LEA between 9/20/08 and 10/1/08.

    • Students for whom the Ed Environment has changed from a preschool category to a school age category because the student turned 6 between 9/20/08 and 10/1/08.

Reporting the identified students
Reporting the identified students Facilities:

  • Comma Separated Value (CSV) file

  • Layout as defined in the B.2 Appendix of the ISES CD/YE Interface Specifications

  • Submit via a secure file transfer outside the ISES CD/YE on-line application

Locking Student Data for submission to the DPI Facilities:

  • Resolve All Errors

  • Acknowledge or Resolve All Warnings

  • Review Progress and Summary Reports

  • Lock Individual Schools (Optional)

  • Request a District Lock

Who should review ises data
Who should review ISES data? Facilities:

  • District staff responsible for monitoring Adequate Yearly Progress measures

  • District Special Education Coordinator

  • District Coordinator for ELL

  • District Assessment Coordinator

  • District Student Services / Enrollment Coordinator

  • District Administrator

Common ISES Reports Facilities:

  • Third Friday of September Enrollment (formerly PI-1290)

  • Graduation Rate (formerly in SPR)

  • Dropout Summary (formerly in SPR)

  • Attendance Rate (formerly in SPR)

  • Retention Rate (formerly in SPR)

Graduation Rate Facilities:

Dropout Summary Facilities:

Ises cd ye final submission

ISES CD / YE Facilities:Final Submission

An Introduction to the Facilities:Individual Student Enrollment SystemISESSegment 2Department of Public InstructionSpring 2008