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Safety Evaluation. 8 th Grade Science. Let’s Get Started, Click Here. 1. The bowl Shape at the top of the water line in a graduated cylinder is ____. cup. toilet. meniscus. pool. 2. Use broken or chipped glassware ________. as instructed by the teacher. only in chemistry.

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Safety Evaluation

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Safety Evaluation

8th Grade Science

Let’s Get Started, Click Here

1. The bowl Shape at the top of the water line in a graduated cylinder is ____.





2. Use broken or chipped glassware ________.

as instructed

by the teacher

only in chemistry

only at home


3. What is the scientific term for smelling chemicals in the lab?

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4. The proper unit of measure for liquid volume is _____________.

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5. The mass of a car is measured in _______________.

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6. The mass of a feather would be measured in ___________________.

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7. The first thing to do in case of broken glass is to _____________.

make other students

and instructors

aware of it’s location

use the pan and brush

to clean the broken glass

tell the instructor

to get a new beaker

dispose of the

broken glass

8. Dispose of all chemicals _____________________.

down the sink

in the trash can

wrapped in a paper towel

as instructed

by the teacher

9. At the end of experiments ________________.

always wipe

down lab tables

open chemical containers

throw away chemicals

leave the room

10. If you spill chemicals on yourself ____________.

Run to the nurse

as fast as you can

Rinse with water,

notify your teacher

Do your homework

Wipe it on your partner

11. Wear appropriate eye protection, and apron ____________.

Only when it looks cool

Whenever handling


When you partner wears


During every class

12. Material that should be included in the work area includes ____________.

all books

backpack and jacket

only lab manuals

and notebooks.

last nights homework

13. Proceed with activities when ______.

you get together with your


the teacher says go

you understand

the instructions

at the start of class

14.Report all chemical spills and accidents to your instructor or supervisor ________________.

after you’ve cleaned it up

after your partner

cleaned it up

after everyone has

left the room


15.When heating materials _________.

point the container away

from you and others

use only gas burner

only use water

wait until the end of the


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