hot house investigation
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Hot House Investigation

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Hot House Investigation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hot House Investigation. Standards. Applying a Design Process

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Standards Applying a Design Process

Apply and document an engineering design process that includes identifying criteria and constraints, making representations, testing and evaluation, and refining the design as needed to construct a product or system that solves a problem. Transfers of Heat Energy

Describe how heat energy is transferred in conduction, convection and radiation.


Students will use what they have learned about energy to evaluate data collected during the engineering challenge.

Students will correctly identify and explain conduction, convection and radiation.

Students will apply knowledge of conduction, convection, and radiation to engineer a solution to a practical problem.

hot house challenge part one
Hot House ChallengePart One
  • Part One
    • Make observations of the house.
    • Record Data
    • Analyze
      • What happened to the heat?
      • Based on this data, what might

be true about how heat moves?

hot house challenge part two
Hot House Challenge Part Two

The Problem

Your house is not evenly heated.

The Challenge

  • Choose a goal. Design and test a model home.
  • You must present:
    • Your Goal/Question
    • An analysis of your data. What might be true?
    • Data: Design research/results
    • Methods: Documentation of your design/testing process.