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Provision 2 – Tool kit

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Provision 2 – Tool kit. Vijay K. Ummadi Health Educator Student Nutrition Bureau. Criteria for Implementing Provision 2. Participate in the NSLP / SBP

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provision 2 tool kit
Provision 2 – Tool kit

Vijay K. Ummadi

Health Educator

Student Nutrition Bureau

criteria for implementing provision 2
Criteria for ImplementingProvision 2
  • Participate in the NSLP / SBP
  • Have a high percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced price meals either in the entire school district or in one or more schools
  • Have room for expansion as meal participation grows – higher participation rate
  • Operate an efficient and effective school food service system
  • Apply to the state agency and be approved prior to starting the program
provision 2
Provision 2
  • Reduces application burden to once every 4 years and simplifies meal counting and claiming procedures
  • All students meals are at no charge for Provision 2 schools
provision 2 base year
Provision 2 Base year
  • Policy statement should be in place.
  • Notify the public of the availability of school meals (non-pricing public release statement)
  • Distribute free and reduced price applications
provision 2 base year1
Provision 2 base year
  • SFA should determine children’s free and reduced price meal eligibility in the base year

- Apps are reviewed for completeness

- Children matched through direct certification process (categorically eligible- SNAP, TANF,FDPIR) are approved for free meals

- Income apps are approved for F/R/P based on income eligibility guidelines.

provision 2 base year2
Provision 2 base year
  • SFA must ensure that the apps from the Provision 2 schools have a equal chance of being included in the verification pool
  • Point of service meal counts must be obtained by meal type (F/R/P) – must be taken on a daily basis for each meal service (breakfast and/or lunch)
provision 2 base year3
Provision 2 base year
  • SFA should perform an on-site review early in the base year to ensure meal counting and claiming system is accurate and efficient
  • At the end of the base year after the final claim for reimbursement has been filed – calculate the claiming percentages.
provision 2 non base years
Provision 2 non-base years
  • Years 2,3 and 4 of the Provision 2 cycle and any years beyond year 4 in which provision 2 has been extended – referred to as non-base years
  • Provision 2 schools continue to offer meals at no charge to all children.
  • Count only the total number of reimbursable meals – and apply base year percentages of F/R/P to total meals in order to determine F/R/P meals claimed.
provision 2 non base years1
Provision 2 – non base years
  • Policy statement should be in place. Continue notifying the public that meals are served to children at no charge (public release statement / letter to households)
  • Do not collect free and reduced price apps or make eligibility determinations
  • Do not conduct direct certification process or count meals by type
provision 2 non base years2
Provision 2 – non base years
  • Total daily meal counts should not exceed the attendance-adjusted enrollment

#Students with access to program X attendance factor = Attendance-adjusted enrollment

provision 2 non base years3
Provision 2 non base years
  • All the documentation from Provision 2 base year incl. base year percentages should be kept securely as it has impact on subsequent years reimbursement during provision 2 non-base years
  • Non-base years: you can expect reduced paperwork, faster serving lines, increase student participation
provision 21
Provision 2
  • For Provision 2 schools, the SFA must pay the difference between federal reimbursement and the cost of providing all meals at no charge.
  • The money to pay for this difference must be from sources other than federal funds.
end of provision 2 cycle
End of Provision 2 cycle
  • At the end of each four-year cycle, schools on Provision 2 must choose one of the following:
    • to revert to standard meal counting& claiming
    • apply to state agency for Provision 2 extension ( & submit socio-economic data)
    • apply to state agency to operate a new Provision 2 base year in the next school year
provision 2 administrative review
Provision 2: Administrative Review
  • All Provision 2 program records should be available for review:
    • Apps for F/R price meals
    • Direct certification records
    • Benefit issuance/Roster documents
    • Extension data (socio-economic data)
    • Meal counting & claiming documents
    • Claiming percentages work sheet
    • Verification documents
provision 2 base year4
Provision 2 Base year
  • Are 100% of applications from Provision 2 base year

for schools selected retrievable?

  • Are the applications approved correctly ? Is direct certification being used properly?
  • Is there a benefit issuance / roster list of eligible students for the base year?
  • Are there point of service breakfast and lunch counts of F/R/P categories for the base year retrievable? (Because, they determine/establish the base year percentages which will have an impact on subsequent years reimbursement claims)
  • Is verification of the selected applications done correctly during the base year?
  • Adult meals and second meals should not be claimed