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Computer boot camp. is all about Building the Individual's Vocabulary * Skills * & Confidence. Vocabulary. - Is built by linking new items into common analogous concepts & practicing it’s usage - use it, break it, fix it Hardware Software Operating Systems. Skills.

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Computer boot camp

Computer boot camp

is all about Building the Individual's

Vocabulary * Skills * & Confidence


  • - Is built by linking new items into common analogous concepts & practicing it’s usage

  • - use it, break it, fix it

    • Hardware

    • Software

    • Operating Systems


  • built by repetition of discrete tasks to develop into final project.

    • editing skills = specific audience = Podcast


  • comes from troubleshooting skills

    • being able to identify the problem and having the vocab and skill sets necessary to recognize what’s not working and then ask the right questions…


Computer anxiety
Computer anxiety

  • Computer anxiety is one of the greatest inhibitors to teachers learning to use technology. Gerard and Sleeth (1996) argue that it is one of the biggest challenges facing trainers of technology today. Thus, innovative methods of training must be developed to reduce teacher anxiety toward computers. One such training method involves digital storytelling, a process by which teachers use computers to create and tell personal stories.

  • Authors -Janice Butler, Rene Corbeil, University of Texas at Brownsville, USA

The boot camp process
The Boot Camp Process

  • Building Vocabulary, Skills and Confidence

  • Part of my job @ GCS is to hone the tools – to enable them to used w/out any snags. The Boot Camp process is designed to help you identify the snags that make you not want to use this tool.

  • Vocab, Skills and Confidence will enable you to be more efficient w/ whatever tools you choose to use.

Action point 1 follow take notes
Action Point #1- Follow & take notes

  • Open the presentation attachment and go to slide # 8

  • We’re practicing taking notes on the computer to start getting used to moving information around

  • ? QUESTIONS ? - answer by looking off your neighbor or “Call Me”

  • Don’t let me leave you behind

Action point 2 add visual notes
Action Point #2 -add visual notes

  • On slides 11 & 12, make sure your formatting palette is open (under View)

  • Under Add Objects, explore the types of objects you can add.

  • Determine at least 3 different types that can be used to spice up your presentation

  • 2 of you will be called to share what you’ve created!

Vocab operating systems
Vocab - Operating Systems

File browsers=web browsers, just internal

Search bar saves time

System files and preferences

File permissions

View preferences

User Accounts & types

Action point 3 copy and paste practice
Action Point #3 -Copy and Paste Practice

  • On slides 14 & 15, go to the 2nd email I sent you and use the text there to copy and paste the correct keyboard shortcut w/ the action it matches

  • This will be gone through 3 times - the 1st to show the concept, the 2nd to see if you can fill in answers on your own and the 3rd to verify.

Keyboard shortcuts





Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Command-Tab Switch application

  • Tab Highlight next item

  • Command-C

  • Command-V

More keyboard shortcuts

The command key is the key with the cloverleaf or Apple symbol.














Command-W Close the current window

Command-Z Undo

Command-X Cut

Command-A Select All

More Keyboard Shortcuts

Homework questions

Is symbol.there a particular project that you feel could be used with your students?

What was it about a particular project mentioned in the article that made you take notice?

Isthere a project that you have a question about?

Homework questions

Action point 4 going over homework
Action Point #4 - symbol.Going over homework

  • Create a word-processed document that lists possible questions that will launch a project-based learning lesson.

    • Possible themes - Valentines Day; The Great Wall of China; Crocs…

Ilife in the classroom
iLife in the Classroom symbol.




Garageband symbol.

  • Garageband can be used to created podcasts w/ still photos and background music.


iPhoto symbol.

  • iPhoto can create photo books that can be printed, professionally bound, or saved as a quicktime slide show to go on the web.

iWeb symbol.

  • iWeb can be used to place all of the student’s assembled digital material into a complete website that we can host on our site