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UCSD School of Medicine Office of Educational Development and Evaluation. Faculty. Evaluation of Student Tutorial. Office of Educational Development and Evaluation: Using CoursEval 3.0 to Evaluate Students Online.

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UCSD School of Medicine

Office of Educational Development and Evaluation


Evaluation of Student Tutorial

Office of educational development and evaluation using courseval 3 0 to evaluate students online
Office of Educational Development and Evaluation:Using CoursEval 3.0 to Evaluate Students Online

  • This presentation will walk you through evaluating students online using CoursEval 3.0

  • Please visit our website for further information on Faculty Development Seminars and Evaluation Processes, Procedures and Guidelines.

    • http://meded.ucsd.edu/ugme/oede/

  • For direct access to evaluation user’s guides, please visit:

    • http://meded.ucsd.edu/ugme/oede/evaluation_mission/users_guides/

      • And click on the Faculty Guide tab

Logging in to
Logging In to

  • Go to the CourseEval website to log in: http://meded-eval.ucsd.edu

    • Often we will send you the login button and your unique login information (username and password) with your reminder emails


  • You can always access the CoursEval login from the OEDE website on the User’s Guides page.

    • 1

  • Email us if you have any difficulties logging in:

    • [email protected]

      • Or call us…

        • Cynthia Raasch 858.534.2620

        • Mark Olesen 858.534.0352

        • Felipe (Eddie) Zatarain 858.534.41107

  • Tips:

  • Leading or trailing spaces will invalidate your username and/or password.

  • Click on Log InButton. Using the Enter key will not work.

  • If you have forgotten your password, click on the Forget Your PasswordLink.

  • When you click on the to the Open Survey button, a pop up window will appear.

  • At right you will find an example of the pop up window for one of the evaluations that uses a pick list.



Thank you for your participation
Thank you for your participation! evaluation. If you are sure you have completed all your evaluations of students, click

Your evaluation has now been submitted.

Office of Educational Development and Evaluation

University of California San Diego, School of Medicine


[email protected]

Babbi J. Winegarden, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Educational Development and Evaluation

Cynthia Raasch

Evaluation Analyst

Mark Olesen

Evaluation Analyst

Felipe “Eddie” Zatarain

Special Project Coordinator

(858) 534-1107