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Sustainable Innovation. Overview of this lecture. Introduction: what is sustainable innovation? Practical information on the course Film: The Story of Stuff Expectations, questions, discussion Information on the presentations (week 3 and 4) , illustrated by means of an example: “meat”.

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Overview of this lecture
Overview of this lecture

  • Introduction:

    what is sustainable innovation?

  • Practical information on the course

  • Film: The Story of Stuff

  • Expectations, questions, discussion

  • Information on the presentations (week 3 and 4), illustrated by means of an example: “meat”

Issues of sustainable innovation
Issues of sustainable innovation


taking care of

  • environmental factors (e.g. climate, pollution, deforestation)

  • socialfactors(e.g. poverty, welfare, local development)


    -new and creative ideas and solutions

    -new products, processes and markets

Definition of sustainable development
Definition of sustainable development:

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED): Our Common Future (1987) (also known as the “Brundlandt report”)

Examples of sustainable innovations
Examples of sustainable Innovations

Samsung Blue Earth phone

  • void of harmful chemicals

  • built from recycled water bottles

  • works on a set of solar panels

Http www que com

super-thin e-book

Release date still unknown…

The new IPAD of Apple, launched 27 jan 2010

Wouldyouread a glossy magazine onthisdevice?

Watch this
Watch this…

Click here

Re use repair recycle
Re-use, repair, recycle…

Practical information
Practical information

  • Read the course manual on the internet:

  • 13 x 2 hours of tuition

  • Lectures combined with discussion and interaction

  • Individual assignment (ecological footprint)

  • 3 group presentations

    • sustainable topic

    • SI-model

    • company strategy

  • Written exam

  • Attendance will be registered

  • People involved
    People involved

    • Dr. Saskia van Stroe-Biezen

    • Dr. Ulrich Scholz (contact for IM)

    • Dr. Ortrud Kamps

    • Drs. Bart Titulaer (coordinator; contact IBE, FFM)

      ….and you!

    Overview of the semester


    Film Age of Stupid



    C2C and POM

    The innovation process

    Customer insight and idea generation

    Corporate environmental management systems

    Green Marketing

    Guest lecture

    FIHE – SI model

    SI strategy of a company

    SI strategy of a company

    Overview of the semester

    The urgency of sustainability
    The urgency of sustainability

    • On this site you also can find:

    • A fact sheet

    • A glossary

    • Links to NGO’s


    • Scripts:



    With subtitles DE or NL

    Discussion and questions
    Discussion and questions

    • In how far are the problems as urgent as ‘The Story of Stuff’ suggests?

    • What is your opinion on ‘The golden arrow’ of consumption. Do you think it influences your own behavior?

    • Do you know examples of the externalization of costs?

    • What do you expect of this course? What do you hope to learn or to discuss?

    The presentation in week 3 and 4
    The presentation in week 3 and 4

    • Search for reliable sources

    • Search for telling photographs, statistics, cartoons, news items and video fragments

    • Take care of a transparent, attractive and logic structure

    • Do not try to do everything: take two or three telling examples.

    Example meat and sustainability
    Example: meat and sustainability

    What themes pop up unto your mind?

    Comparisons can tell a lot
    Comparisons can tell a lot!

    If everyone in the UK abstained from eating meat five days a week…

    this would save more than the emission reductions, which would be achieved if the total electricity use of all households in the UK was eliminated


    Video fragments can tell a lot
    Video fragments can tell a lot!

    “Meat the truth”

    Trailer of the documentary made by the Dutch “Partij voor de dieren”

    (“party for the animals”)

    Or take this one of barack obama
    Or take this one of Barack Obama…

    Barack Obama answers the question of a student who pleas for a vegan diet, and appears to be quite knowledgeable of the relation to world hunger, climate change, obesitas…