Hybrid silica membranes for oxy fuel conversion membrane reactors
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Hybrid silica membranes for oxy-fuel conversion membrane reactors PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hybrid silica membranes for oxy-fuel conversion membrane reactors. PhD. Student: M . ten Hove, MSc Phone:+ 31 53 489 2998 Thesis advisor:prof.dr.ir . A. NijmeijerE-mail:[email protected] Supervisor:dr . A.J.A. WinnubstURL:http :// www.utwente.nl/tnw/im

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Hybrid silica membranes for oxy-fuel conversion membrane reactors

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Hybrid silica membranes for oxy-fuel conversion membrane reactors

PhD. Student:M. ten Hove, MScPhone:+31 53 489 2998

Thesis advisor:prof.dr.ir. A. NijmeijerE-mail:[email protected]

Supervisor:dr. A.J.A. WinnubstURL:http://www.utwente.nl/tnw/im

Research group: Inorganic MembranesResearch school: -

Supported by: ADEMPeriod: 02/2011 – 01/2015

  • Introduction

  • The growing energy demand combined with increasing concerns about greenhouse gas emissions is driving the research towards the development of processes with integrated CO2 capture.

  • In this research a hybrid silica membrane is developed to be used in a water gas shift membrane reactor, enabling pre-combustion carbon capture.

  • Membrane preparation

  • A metal doped hybrid silica sol was prepared by co-condensation of 1,2-bis(triethoxysilyl)ethane (BTESE) with a zirconium precursor.

  • Hybrid silica membranes were prepared by dip‑coating a diluted sol onto a γ-alumina membrane. The membranes were calcined at 400 °C in nitrogen atmosphere.

  • Results

  • A monomodal particle size distribution with an average particle size of 5 nm was obtained for the zirconium doped BTESE sol.

  • Nitrogen adsorption on unsupported membrane materials shows a densification effect upon doping with zirconium.

  • By varying the dip sol concentration a maximum H2/CO2 selectivity of 12 is obtained for Zr‑BTESE with a dip sol concentration of 0.2 mol/L.

  • Acknowlegdement

  • We acknowledge financial support for this research from ADEM, A green Deal in Energy Materials of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of The Netherlands (www.adem-innovationlab.nl).

Gas permeation results for undoped and Zr-doped BTESE membranes. The values in brackets correspond to the Si+Zr concentration in the dip sol in mol/L.

Cross sectional SEM image of Zr-BTESE[0.2] deposited on a γ-alumina coated α-alumina support

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