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MIDTERM REVIEW. Scottish philosopher who is known for the doctrine called laissez-faire. Adam Smith. Under this monarch there was a compromise between Protestant and Roman Catholic practices. Queen Elizabeth I. According to Martin Luther, how did people reach salvation.

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  • Scottish philosopher who is known for the doctrine called laissez-faire.

  • Adam Smith

Under this monarch there was a compromise between Protestant and Roman Catholic practices

Queen Elizabeth I

  • According to Martin Luther, how did people reach salvation

Through the grace of God.

The African slave trade took place in this part of Africa

Africa’s Gold Coast

Believed people were, by nature evil, and needed a strong government.

Thomas Hobbes

The settlement of Normandy was established by

The Vikings

Known for founding the Methodist church

John Wesley

This explorer is known for exploring the St. Lawrence River

Jacques Cartier

The eastern half of the Roman Empire was the

Byzantine Empire

This group was expelled from Spain in 1492


English Parliament and the Estates General were early forms of

Representative government

Prussian ruler in power during the Seven Years’ War

Frederick the Great

This allowed religious toleration

Edict of Nantes

This asserted that the monarch must obey the law

Magna Carta

Who was responsible for the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre?

Charles IX

The major conflict between the Holy Roman emperors and the popes concerned

Who would appoint bishops

Wrote The Prince

Niccolò Machiavelli

The explorer who conquered the Incas making Spain the wealthiest country in Europe.

Francisco Pizarro

Wrote Gargantua

and Pantagruel to tell others his opinions on religion, education, and greed

Francois Rabelais

The Act of Supremacy declared Henry VIII as head of which Church?

The Church of England

Meeting so that Roman Catholic Church

leaders could address many of the major issues that the Protestants had challenged

The Council of Trent

Renaissance architecture was influenced by

The Greeks and Romans

Devastating journey for enslaved Africans

Middle Passage

The interchange of plants, animals, foods, cultures, and disease during the 1500’s

Columbian Exchange

This explorer sailed from Portugal to India giving Portugal control of the sea route to Asia

Vasco de Gama

Location of William of Normandy’s defeat of the English army


This document guaranteed basic civil rights and religious freedoms for Huguenots

Edict of Nantes

This urged monks to lead simple, orderly lives of prayer, study, and work

Benedictine Rule

This explorer’s voyage was the first to circumnavigate the world

Ferdinand Magellan

Wrote The Devine Comedy


The age of reason is known as the


Thomas Moore’s perfect society was called


Everyday language of ordinary people


Middle Ages philosophy


Who said:

“I hereby excommunicate Henry IV.”

Pope Gregory VII

Who said

“Seize that land from the Turks!”

Pope Urban II

Who said

“If daughters were sent to schools like sons, they would learn as well.”

Christine de Pizan

Who said

“My tales give a colorful picture of medieval life.”

Geoffrey Chaucer

Who said

“All heretics must be expelled from Spain”

Philip II

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