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Chemistry Practice SR Questions PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chemistry Practice SR Questions. 1. A game called “What am I?” is played by naming observable properties of an object and then guessing what the object is. Here are some observable properties of an object that should be found in your classroom:

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Chemistry Practice SR Questions

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Chemistry practice sr questions


Practice SR Questions

Chemistry practice sr questions

1. A game called “What am I?” is played by naming observable properties of an object and then guessing what the object is. Here are some observable properties of an object that should be found in your classroom:

“I am rectangular in shape, flat, able to be folded, & white.” What am I?

  • table

  • paper

  • window

  • book

Chemistry practice sr questions

2. Which list of items create a new material when they are combined?

  • rocks and water

  • sand and sugar

  • baking soda and vinegar

  • sticks and rocks

Chemistry practice sr questions

3. “Goo” is made by adding water to a cornstarch. Before the water was added, the cornstartch was powdery. When water was added, the physical properties changed. The “Goo” would run between the fingers of an open hand, but when squeezed, the “Goo” would become stiff. Based on the observations, the “Goo” has which of the following physical properties?

  • Ability to conduct heat

  • Ability to be attracted by magnets

  • Ability to conduct electricity

  • Ability to be flexible

Chemistry practice sr questions

4. A class made lemonade, but it was not sweet enough. 50mL of sugar was added to 250mL of lemonade, what is the volume of the sweetened iced tea?

  • 300mL

  • 250mL

  • 200mL

  • 150mL

Chemistry practice sr questions

5. How Temperature Affects A Mystery Chemical

The unknown white substance is heated by the flame. Look at the data above. The state of matter of the unknown substance changes from a

  • liquid to solid

  • solid to liquid

  • gas to liquid

  • solid to gas

Chemistry practice sr questions

6. When combining materials to make a mixture of trail mix using raisins, peanuts, and M&Ms, the property of each material

  • is changed

  • changes slightly

  • remains the same

  • causes a chemical reaction

Chemistry practice sr questions

7. A teacher is combining ingredients to make cupcakes. She uses water, oil, eggs and cake mix. After she baked the cupcakes, the students noticed steam coming from them. What happened to the water when heated in the oven?

  • The water did not change.

  • The water froze forming ice.

  • The water floated on top of the cupcakes.

  • The water evaporated forming water vapor.

Chemistry practice sr questions

8. The picture shows beads of many shapes, sizes, and colors. Which of the these best describes the picture?

  • compound

  • mixture

  • solution

  • substance

Chemistry practice sr questions

9. Which of the following best describes how the states of water changes as temperatures increase?

  • ice’water vapor’liquid water

  • ice’liquid water’water vapor

  • water vapor’ice’liquid water

  • water vapor’liquid water’ice

Chemistry practice sr questions

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

10. Philip put an ice cube in a jar, put the lid on the jar, then placed the jar on a scale. The mass of the jar and the ice cube was three units as shown in Diagram A above. Philip came back one hour later and the ice cube had melted. What unit will the arrow be pointing to in Diagram B to show the mass of the jar and melted ice cube?

Chemistry practice sr questions

  • the baking soda floats on top of the red cabbage juice

  • the baking soda sinks to the bottom of the red cabbage juice

  • there is no reaction between the two

  • the baking soda turns green

11. The table above shows the observable properties of two materials. When the two materials are combined, they make a new material. Which answer below shows that a new material is made?

Chemistry practice sr questions

12. Jack is working with materials in his lab. He combined several materials to make a new material. What happened to the observable properties of the materials?

  • They kept their properties.

  • They did not keep their original properties.

  • The temperature increased.

  • The temperature decreased.

Chemistry practice sr questions

13. Which of these describes the formation of a mixture?

  • A red powder combined with a white powder forms a red-and-white powder.

  • A red liquid combined with a clear liquid forms a yellow solid.

  • A black powder combined with a green powder forms a red powder.

  • A yellow liquid combined with a blue liquid forms a red liquid and a gas.

Chemistry practice sr questions


Chemistry practice sr questions


Chemistry practice sr questions

  • 16. Which of these has the greatest mass?

  • 100 ml of air

  • 100 ml iron

  • 100 ml milk

  • 100 ml of sawdust

Chemistry practice sr questions

  • 17. A wet towel with a mass of 500 g is hung to dry. After it dries, it weighs 200 g. What mass of water vapor was added to the air?

  • 200 g

  • 300 g

  • 500 g

  • 700 g

Chemistry practice sr questions

  • 18. A factory melts 1000 kg of aluminum cans to make new cans. What is the mass of the aluminum after it melts?

  • Less than 1000 kg

  • exactly 1000 kg

  • more than 1000 kg

  • there is no way to tell

Chemistry practice sr questions

  • 19. Andre’s class is setting up a fish tank in their classroom. They need a sand and gravel mixture for the bottom of the tank. Andre’s teacher mixes 500 g of sand and 700 g of gravel in a bowl. The bowl has a mass of 250 g. What is the mass of the bowl and the sand and gravel mixture?

  • 250 g

  • 500 g

  • 1200 g

  • 1450 g

Chemistry practice sr questions

  • 20. Which of these describe what will most likely happen if you add heat to ice?

  • The ice will boil and become a gas.

  • The ice will melt and become a liquid.

  • The ice will condense and become a gas.

  • The ice will evaporate and become a liquid.

Chemistry practice sr questions

  • 21. Which of these describes a .situation that would cause a change of state?

  • Ice is warmed to -1 degree Celsius.

  • Water is cooled to 10 degrees Celsius.

  • Water is warmed to 100 degrees Celsius.

  • Water vapor is cooled to 101 degrees Celsius

Chemistry practice sr questions

  • 22. Which of these is an example of condensation?

  • Liquid iron cooling and becoming a solid.

  • solid rock becoming liquid in a volcano

  • water in the air becoming liquid as it cools

  • salt on the ground dissolving in rainwater

Chemistry practice sr questions

  • 23. Which of these is an example of a mixture?

  • Table salt

  • pure water

  • a diamond

  • orange juice

Chemistry practice sr questions

  • 24. Which of these best describe how the state of water changes as temperatures decrease?

  • liquid water, ice, water vapor

  • liquid water, water vapor, ice

  • water vapor, ice, liquid water

  • water vapor, liquid water, ice

Chemistry practice sr questions

  • 25. Which of the following would no longer exist on Earth if water did not exist in all three states?

  • Soil

  • life

  • magma

  • oxygen

Chemistry practice sr questions

Get Ready for the Answers

Chemistry practice sr questions

16. B

17. B

18. B

19. D

20. B

21. C

22. C

23. D

24. D

25. B

  • B

  • C

  • D

  • A

  • B

  • C

7. D

8. B

9. B

10. C

11. D

12. B

13. A

14. C

15. B

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