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USSR 1924-57. INTRODUCTION. First impressions!. When you hear the word “Russia:” What do you think of? Write down two things that come to mind Geography. Covers more than a ninth of the earth’s land area.

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Ussr 1924 57

USSR 1924-57


First impressions
First impressions!

  • When you hear the word “Russia:” What do you think of? Write down two things that come to mind



Covers more than a ninth of the earth’s land area

Is 17 075 400 Square kilometres in size

Spans over 9 different time zones

General history
General History

  • From the earliest beginnings of the Russian State, Russia was ruled by Tsars.

  • Tsars had absolute power, which meant they did not have to answer to anybody

  • Under this strong rule, Russia grew into a large empire but was very backward compared to the rest of Western Europe. There was a vast disparity between rich and poor.


  • Read the worksheet on Peasants and Factory workers.

  • Condense the information into concise notes in the form of a T chart

  • On page 12 of the Text book, draw the diagram showing

    society in Tsarist


  • Nicholas II was the last Tsar of Russia. He did not care for politics and was oblivious to the plight of his people.

  • His son, Alexei the Tsarevich (heir to the throne) had the disorder called haemophilia (this means your blood doesn’t clot, so the smallest cut could kill)

  • Nicholas turned to a Siberian ‘healer’ called Gregori Rasputin to help. Rasputin soon became a regular visitor to the Royal household, and his influence in political affairs started to show

  • When World War One broke out in 1914, the country was united with the Tsar to fight Germany.

  • Soldiers were badly trained and poorly equipped. Russia was not industrialised enough to win a modern war. The Russian army suffered horrendous defeats.

  • Tsar Nicholas decided to go to the front and lead the army. This was one of his worst decisions, as this made him responsible for the defeats AND the shortages

  • While Nicholas was away at the front, his wife Alexandria took over running Russia, with disastrous consequences

  • Alexandria had been born in Germany, so the Russian people became uneasy at her power

  • She relied heavily on advice from Rasputin, who was a serial alcoholic and womaniser.

  • The Russian people did not trust Alexandria or Rasputin, and rumours began to circulate that they were seeing each other

  • In 1916, a group of nobles decided to kill Rasputin, to help Russia’s cause

  • They lured him to one of their homes, and served him cakes and red wine laced with enough cyanide to kill 5 men. Rasputin was completely unaffected!

  • The nobles then shot him, and he still didn’t die, so they shot him 3 more times, bound him up and threw him in the River Neva

  • The autopsy showed that Rasputin had died from drowning, not his injuries!!!

  • By 1917, there had been more than 6 million Russian Casualties.

  • The cities were starving, and in February 1917 bread riots in Petrograd led to a general strike.

  • The Tsar’s troops refused to shoot the rioters, and Nicholas realised that there was no one to keep him on the throne, so he abdicated….