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Get to Know about Different Types of Commercial Exterior LED Lighting Products

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Get to Know about Different Types of Commercial Exterior LED Lighting Products - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Get to Know about Different Types of Commercial Exterior LED Lighting Products

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Get to


Exterior LED

to Know

Know about

LED Lighting

about Different

Different Types

Lighting Products


Types of

of Commercial


Lighting products like LED light bulbs, LED panels, LED flood lights, etc. are becoming the

popular lighting options for households and commercial sectors. Going for LED lighting is an

excellent option compared to fluorescent, CFLs or halogen lights. After all, LED lights can

save energy and, thereby, they also help to save a lot of money.

There are plenty of commercial exterior LED lighting options available along with interior

options. However, it is a good idea to become more familiar with them.

What Is LED?

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are regarded as the modern source of lighting. They are

regarded as eco-friendly illuminators that can easily beat up the conventional lighting

options which were known to take up a lot of space, consume huge power supplies, and

rack up a massive electricity bill. With LED lightings, the electricity consumption is reduced

while taking care of the other issues.


Wide Range of Products

Consumers can easily shop from a wide range of commercial electric LED lights. Some of

the popular products which are widely used are LED tubes, LED light bulbs, panel lights, and

flood lights. The USP of LEDs is that they can easily convert 80% of the energy into light.

Based on a survey done by EPA, it has been seen that the energy-rated LED products

consume only 20-30% of the energy. For a dim lighting effect, the LED bulbs are the perfect

option. Bright lighting is needed in the kitchen, dining areas, garage, study rooms, etc. The

LED tube lights or LED panel lights can be used easily there.

Commercial exterior LED lighting products provide the perfect option to illuminate the

walkways, streets, playgrounds, stadiums, with bright light. The best part about these

products is that they have prevented the emission of the harmful UV rays. Customers can

easily choose the color temperature of the lights from cool white to bright yellow. LED flood

lights or street lights need not be replaced on a frequent basis. Since they do not have any

filament, they are also free from mercury content.

There is, however, one thing which you need to keep in mind before buying commercial LED

lights from the retail store or from the online stores. That point is that the retailer should be

a reputed one and should be willing to provide the customers with a replacement in case the

lighting product turns out to be faulty.