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CRICOVA WINERY. Cricova - is a city in Republic of Moldova and it is a territorial component of Riscani district, Chisinau

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Cricova - is a city in Republic of Moldova and it is a territorial component of Riscani district, Chisinau

The earliest documentary mention of the village, under the name Vadup Pietrei and Vdeni to the year 1431. Here, from ancient timesthebuilding stone is extracted. In tunnels obtained in such way are situated famous Cricova cellars that stretch over a distance of kilometers. Here are kept for more than 100 collections of wines from the best grapes grown in the central part of the country.

From ancient times building stone is extracted.

, .

Since 1952, the galleries were chosen to store wine.

On the official website it says that Cricova cellars - is the only and largest natural wine storage place with a unique natural environment. The whole year round stable air temperature is +10+12 degrees Celsius. Relative humidity is 97-98%.

All around just barrels.

Here is stored more than 100 collections of wines from the best grapes.The underground city spans on a distance of approximately 60 km.

Like every city, Cricova has its streets, boulevards, squares, traffic signs, traffic lights. And each street is named after the wine which is stored on it: Codru, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot and so on.

The inscription on the bright plaque to the right: Cabernet Street.

A semaphore. In the background - a coaches carrying tourists.

The sign crosswalk"

It is said that exist even the sign Care,children"

About champagne. More specifically, about the foam champagne. Here it is produced and bottled.

Light signal prohibits to reach the bottles. And not in vain. The bottles are subject to a process called remuage", during which they are twisted daily at a less angle and are put upside down gradually, so that the sediments collect in the bottle neck to be removed later.The photo shows white signs for verifying the rotation angle.

Thecellarshave tasting rooms (at a depth of 40 meters). This is one of them. In the background, two tasters and a sommelier serve wine and taste cheese.

A namesake of the former head of Russian Presidential Administration was able to rent a cell to store 500 bottles.

As they say, the ideal weather conditions of Cricova cellars allow the storage ofa private wine collection. Everyone has the opportunity to rent a cell.

Not miss this opportunity and Putin when he celebrated the anniversary of 50 yearsin Cricova cellars. This, however, did not stop him, throygh the voice of Onishchenkoto declare Moldovan wines unworthy for Russian consumers.

Interestingly, Putin's cell dont indicate the number of bottles. Apparently, all the wines belong him!

And indeed there is a lot of wine.

And finally - the kingdom of wine map.

In this place you can often find savage touristswho, seeing people disappear quickly.Thecitizenslost from groups are difficult to find. The savagetourists lose their human form, are drinking wine, champagne, are afraid of light and refuse to return to the real world from the clutches of Bacchus. Perhaps they know the meaning of life?

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