enterprise software advisor esa 2 1 release
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Enterprise Software Advisor (ESA) 2.1 Release

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Enterprise Software Advisor ESA 2.1 Release - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enterprise Software Advisor (ESA) 2.1 Release. Channel Partner Operations Training May 2007. Overview of the ESA Program. Align ESA fee payment with Microsoft Licensing Strategy ESA 2.0 launched in July 2006 Clearly define ESA roles and responsibilities Increased value to customers

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enterprise software advisor esa 2 1 release

Enterprise Software Advisor (ESA)2.1 Release

Channel Partner Operations Training

May 2007

overview of the esa program
Overview of the ESA Program
  • Align ESA fee payment with Microsoft Licensing Strategy
  • ESA 2.0 launched in July 2006
  • Clearly define ESA roles and responsibilities
  • Increased value to customers
  • Accurately measure fee payment according to ESA performance
  • ESA 2.1 – Enhancements to ESA 2.0 model
  • Launch in August 2007
esa 2 1 updates
ESA 2.1 Updates
  • SAB Fee measurement changes
  • SAM Fee measurement changes
  • Updates to Fee Statement
  • Reports available on Explore.MS
  • Retirement of Customer Satisfaction fee type
  • All invoices generated Aug 1, 2007 and after for enrollments with a start date on or after July 1, 2006 will be subject to the ESA 2.1 fee structure.
sa benefits fee payment changes
SA Benefits Fee Payment Changes
  • Enrolments must have 3 or more entitlements activated to be included in fee calculation
  • SAB fee is only paid on PO Type BEC (Basic Enterprise Commitment)
  • SAB fee will no longer be paid on PO Type TUP & NE (True Up & New Order)
  • Fees are calculated by benefits activation percentage by fee level
  • Activation percentage is calculated at each individual fee level, as opposed to an aggregation of all enrolments and fee levels
  • Activation threshold has increased
benefits activation percentage
Benefits Activation Percentage

Average Benefits Activation Percentage is calculated by dividing:

Total number of enrolments with 3 or more SA benefits activated


Total number of enrolments with 3 or more SAB entitlements/eligible benefits

As-is SAB Fee

To-be SAB Fee

sa benefits services fee matrix
SA Benefits Services Fee Matrix

Fees are measured at fee level rather than an aggregation.

sa benefits activation example
SA Benefits Activation Example
  • An ESA has the following:
    • 20 level A2 enrolments with more than 3 entitlements
    • 15 have 3 or more activations
    • Fee Level = A2
    • Level A2 new EA: Invoice amount (BEC) = $250,000
  • SAB fee calculations:
    • SAB Activation Percentage = 75% (15/20 * 100)
    • SAB Ratio is >= 70%, SAB fee is 1.0%
    • Fee Payable is 1% of $250,000
  • SAB Fee = $2500
sam fee changes
SAM Fee Changes

Changes to Software Asset Management (SAM) fee payment:

  • Only payable on invoices with a PO type of BEC.
  • Two sections of SAM Fee:
    • SAM Requirement Fee
      • This is a requirement for all fee levels
      • However, only fee level A1, A2 & B are eligible for SAM Requirement Fee
    • SAM Report Deliverable Fee
      • Only fee level C & D only are eligible for SAM Report Deliverable Fee
  • Customer Satisfaction Fee is now integrated into the SAM fee
sam fee changes cont
SAM Fee Changes (cont.)

As-is SAM Fee Structure

To-be SAM Fee Structure

sam requirement fee
SAM Requirement Fee
  • SAM Requirement applies to all fee levels
  • Only fee level A1, A2 & B are eligible for SAM Requirement Fee
  • Fee is only paidon BEC (Basic Enterprise Commitment) PO Type
  • Minimum 2 MCPs
    • Exam 70-123 (Planning, implementing, and maintaining a Software Asset Management program)
    • 1 MCP certification per 50 EA enrollments (guideline)
  • Minimum of 3 published customer references on ESA website
  • SAM services to be referenced on ESA website
    • Validation of requirement met:
      • Currently all partners meet the requirement of 2 MCPs & APOC records reflect this . Partners must notify their PAM if their certification status changes.
      • Partners to provide the website URL to their PAM showing the listing of SAM Services & 3 X customer references posted.
sam report deliverable level c d
SAM Report Deliverable – Level C,D
  • Fee is paid on BEC invoices for years 2 and 3 only
    • Defaults to 0 in year 1 and is not paid on year 1 invoice
  • Payment of fee is dependent on MS Subsidiary assessment and review of partner compliance with actual provided SAM services for level C or D customers.
  • Partners have two options:
    • Perform a License Reconciliation Analysis of Microsoft products for the customer,including:
      • Volume License Position
      • Customer’s current usage
      • Proof of licensing on Retail and OEM products
      • Reconciliation exercise to establish customer’s entitlements vs. usage
      • Qualitative Assessment of top reasons for discrepancy (if discrepancy is significant)
    • Perform a SAM Current State Assessment (CSA) based on ISO 19770-1 of customer processes, including an assessment of:
      • Organizational Management processes for SAM
      • Core SAM processes
      • Primary Process Interfaces
  • For more information on the above options, refer to Malcolm or Julanne
sam report deliverable fee notification to apoc
SAM Report Deliverable Fee Notification to APOC
  • ESAs to notify APOC of SAM Report Deliverable fee qualification via APLQuest with MS Account Manager and PAM copied
  • SAM Report Deliverable notification must be sent to APLQuest 30 days prior to anniversary date for year 2 and year 3 to allow time for verification
  • Notification must include the following:
    • Enrollment number, year and customer name
    • Description of SAM Service delivered
    • Email from ESA to MS Account Manager and PAM
    • Email approval from MS Account Manager or PAM to ESA
  • Verification by MS Account Manager
  • Fee escalations to the PAM
sam report deliverable fee notification to apoc cont
SAM Report Deliverable Fee Notification to APOC (cont.)
  • Electronic notification to be sent to ESAs 60 days prior to anniversary date
    • Reminder to ESA to submit SAM Report Deliverable Fee notification to APOC within 30 days prior to anniversary date of EA Enrollment
  • MS Account Manager will be copied if their name and email address is completed on the EA Enrollment
  • PAMs will not be copied
esa 2 1 fee model
ESA 2.1 Fee Model

Refer to chart below

operational changes

Operational Changes

Fee Statement Enhancement

ESA Reports available on Explore.MS

esa fee statement enhancement
ESA Fee Statement Enhancement
  • Fee Statements are available in Explore.MS (mid-August)
  • Out of scope for ESA 1.0 Fee Statements
  • New fields for End Customer PO # and Ramped (Yes/No)
  • SAB Activation field shows achieved activation percentage instead of level of activation
  • New Revenue column in fee description section shows revenue amount per fee type that fee % is calculated against
fee statement enhancement example
Fee Statement Enhancement Example
  • New Fee Statement shows:
  • SAB Services Ratio Percentage
  • Customer PO Number
  • Ramped Payment
  • Revenue Column
reports in explore ms
Reports in Explore.MS
  • Two new reports are available in Explore.MS\ESA Reports:
    • ESA SA Benefits Detail Report
    • ESA Fee Statements
esa fee statements in explore ms
ESA Fee Statements in Explore.MS

Definition of Payment Status:

Awaiting Credit Invoice

– Invoices pending for credits to be applied

Awaiting ESA Invoice

– Waiting for ESA to submit ESA invoice to MS Invoice

Awaiting Fee Payment

– ESA invoice has been approved by MS in MS Invoice,

pending for fee to be paid


– Fee Statements where fees are paid by MS

Hold – not applicable to APOC

Rejected – not applicable to APOC

esa fee statements in explore ms cont
ESA Fee Statements in Explore.MS (cont.)

This is a sample screenshot that shows the list of invoices with Payment Status = Completed

esa fee statements in explore ms cont1
ESA Fee Statements in Explore.MS (cont.)
  • Note:
  • APLQuest will continue to send fee statements to ESAs until ESA 1.0 cease to exist
  • Long term plan is to enable ESAs to download ESA 2.x fee statements from Explore.MS
  • - ESAs to submit ESA invoice within 30 days of Fee Created Date
sa benefits detail report
SA Benefits Detail Report

New ESA SA Benefits Detail Report

Report available in Explore.MS

New fields (from existing SA Benefits report):

Enrolment Customer Name

Enrolment Start Date

Enrolment End Date

Fee Level

sa benefit details report cont
SA Benefit Details Report (cont.)

From Explore.MS, navigate to ESA Reports\ESA SA Benefits Detail

sa benefit details report cont1
SA Benefit Details Report (cont.)

New fields added to the SAB report

escalations and queries
Escalations and Queries
  • Contact the ROC for information on:
  • Where to find information pertaining to SAB activation
  • How to read the partner fee statement
  • Status of partner actual fee payment
  • Queries on invalid contact categorization