Case brought against Nixon requiring him to turn over recordings from oval office
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Case brought against Nixon requiring him to turn over recordings from oval office. Phyllis Schlafly. Camp David Accords. Yugoslavia. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 3 rd Party Candidate in Bush-Clinton election, he received 20% of the votes. Ross Perot.

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Case brought against Nixon requiring him to turn over recordings from oval office

Phyllis Schlafly

Camp David



Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

3rd Party Candidate in Bush-Clinton election, he received 20%

of the votes

Ross Perot

Iranian response to the US allowing the Shah into our country for cancer treatment

Technological changes caused people to move to the South & West – Name for that area?

Sandra Day


Woodward & Bernstein

First woman on Supreme Court, nominated by Reagan

Reporters that first connected Nixon to the scandal

Sun Belt



Species Act

Inflation + Unemployment

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)


v Yoder

Sam Walton

Attempt to add “gender” protection in the Constitution- never passed

Regulates air and water pollution standards

Equal Rights Amendment

The amount of $ the gov’t spends beyond what it collects in taxes

Panama Canal Treaty

Gerald Ford

The President that was never elected, but appointed VP

Carter agrees to give control of Panama Canal region back to Panama by 2000

Federal Deficit

Iranian Hostage Crisis

Law requiring endangered specie be listed and steps taken for protection

Iranian leader that replaced the Shah when he was forced out

Ayatollah Khomeni

Arms secretly sold to Iran so Lebanon would release US hostages-profits given to Contras to fight Communist gov’t in Nicaragua

Iran-Contra Affair (During Reagan)

Reagan Doctrine

Nixon’s 1st Vice President that resigned for taking bribes as Governor

Group that imposed an oil embargo on the US & Western Europe



Rust Belt

Areas in Northeast & Midwest w/coal & iron resources that saw population loss

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

Spiro Agnew

Policy of relaxing tensions – Nixon’s approach to the Soviet Union

Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Agreement Carter negotiated between Anwar Sadat/Egypt and Menachem Begin/Israel

Opposed the Women’s Liberation Movement

United States

v Nixon

New policy on communism, not containment, but roll back

Case where students’ 1st Amendment right to protest Vietnam War was upheld

Tinker v

Des Moines

Attempt to improve economy by reducing taxes & biz regulations – more goods=lower prices

Conservative group, begun by Rev. Jerry Falwell that supported Reagan

Helsinki Accords


Agreement signed w/Ford recognizing post-WWII boundaries & human rights


Moral Majority

Agency Carter created to develop strict standards for nuclear energy (After 3 mile island)

This complex was broken into & Nixon denied knowing of the cover up


Freedom of religion upheld-Amish children not required to attend school w/conflicting values

Ethnic cleansing occurred by Serbs of Muslims in Bosnia & Kosovo after this country dissolved


Mexico trade association-let to moving of manufacturing

Founder of the world’s largest retailer- Walmart & Sam’s Club

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