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Thematic Workshop on PWDs 9 th June 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ICT for Empowering PWDs Everyone counts Ministry of Communications and Information Technology – Egypt WSIS +10 Geneva, Switzerland 10 -13 June 2014. Thematic Workshop on PWDs 9 th June 2014. Content. 1. Background. 2. PWDs Strategy. 3. Ongoing Projects. 4.

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Presentation Transcript

ICT for Empowering PWDsEveryone counts

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology – Egypt

WSIS +10Geneva, Switzerland10 -13 June 2014

Thematic Workshop on PWDs

9th June 2014





PWDs Strategy


Ongoing Projects


Innovative Solutions for PWDs

The Roadmap


PWD in Egypt

“Isolation – Poverty – Less Communication”

PWD in Egypt

Around 12 Millions ppl living with disabilitiesWHO Statistics: (13% - 10%)Percentage of Disabled

Vs. Disability Type

Why ICT?





ICT + Disability = Ability

Less opportunities (Edu., Empl., health..)

Education Opportunities


More Poverty

Inclusion in Community

More Isolation

More Disability


Take an Action



Accessible Tools

Innovative Solutions

Energizing Communities


MCIT interventions with PWDs through using of ICTs

International Exposure


Into Action

PWD Strategy






  • Interactive CD to Communicate with Deaf

  • Supporting CSOs to serve disabled ppl.

  • ITU Regional Conference

  • Erada Portal for PWD

  • Supporting E-learning for HVIS Students in Egypt

  • WSA for Erada portal

  • ICT4PWD Strategy

  • Tamkeen Competition

Social Responsability Strategy


Target Groups

Digital Knowledge Inclusive, Equitable, and Participatory Society, where Social Responsibility plays a vital Role in Achieving Social Justice.

PWDs Strategy

International Cooperation

Communication and Access to knowledge


Training and Employment

Better Accessibility of Services

Assistive Technologies


On Going Projects

Communication and Access to Knowledge

Erada Portal for PWDs

One of the ITU Regional Conference recommendations

Effective and easily accessible

Great support among disabled parents and relatives

Promote awareness

Establish community sharing network

Work with relevant authorities

Won international awards

On Going Projects


بوابة إرادة

On Going Projects

Inclusion and Participation

Forming the PWDs’ communication


15 members from different governorates representing different disabilities


On Going Projects

Education: Promote equality in educational opportunities

The 1000 schools for PWDs initiative

35 schools in 3 Governorates

Completed 2013

Technological Development for Inclusion schools

Inclusive School at

Fayoum Governorate

300 Schools

Ongoing 2014

All blinds Schools: 26

Ongoing 2014

Technological Development for special schools

All deaf Schools: 199

Ongoing 2014

Schools for mental disability: 500

Ongoing 2014

Schools for the Blinds

On Going Projects

Education: Supporting e-learning for HVIS in Egypt


Special Education Schools

Converting the Curriculum of Math, Science and IT into digital format on Interactive CDs and an Online web version as well



Upgrading the IT Labs (Computers, AC, Screen readers, interactive boards..etc.)

Learning Process



Awareness Workshops


Tawasol Competition

On Going Projects

Education: Promote equality in educational opportunities

Technological Development for Centers for PWDs at Egyptian Universities

All public universities: 23

Completed 2014

Ongoing 2014

Development of the Digital unified sign language dictionary

On Going Projects

Success Story : Education

On Going Projects

Training and Employment

ICDL for PWDs Grant

Graduation Ceremony

Pilot Project: 57 blind were trained on telesales and employed

Completed 2013

Training for Employment

Full scale project (Phase I): 100 PWDs are being interviewed

Ongoing 2014

On Going Projects

Youth Employment Generation Program

Inclusion of at least 10% of PWDs

On Going Projects

Success Story: Youth Employment Generation Program

Innovative Solutions for PWDs

  • Innovation competition for ICT and mobile applications for PWDs: TAMKEEN

  • Objectives:

    • Provide affordable and customized

    • applications to empower PWDs

    • Create the ICT for PWDs industry in Egypt

  • Market Size:

    • Egypt: 12- 15million

    • Arab Countries: 55million

    • Arab and African Countries: 180 million

Submitted Projects

Innovative Solutions for PWDs

Identifying Themes of the Competition

Idea generation session

PWDs IT Developers

Research Companies

Innovative Solutions for PWDs

Themes of the Competition

Audio and Haptic technology

Software Accessibility ideas

Sign language related Software and Hardware applications

Gaming applications

3D software and hardware technology

Arabization of Assistive Technologies

Innovative Solutions for PWDs

I can See

  • Objective:

  • To enable visually impaired people to independently identify money, colors and products through the mobile.

  • Deliverables:

  • Money reader

  • Color detection

  • Object identifier

Innovative Solutions for PWDs

Training on moving lips with the Arabic alphabet characters. Every

character is accompanied with its corresponding sign language

Phase I: Learning Phase

Testing what has been learned: face and mouth detection is performed, the user moves his/her lips with the chosen character, and the system gives a response either X or ✓.

Phase II: 1- Testing Phase

Lip Reading System

  • Objective:

  • Enable hearing impaired to properly utter Arabic alphabets.

Innovative Solutions for PWDs

Sign Language Detector

  • Objective:

  • Enable hearing impaired to:

  • Communicate through translating text to sign language.

  • Master touch type through sign language

  • Deliverables:

  • Sign language dictionary.

  • Translator from text to sign language videos.

  • Touch typing Software using sign language.

Innovative Solutions for PWDs

Home Automation

  • Objective:

  • To enable physically impaired people to control different devices through the mobile.

International Cooperation

March 2012

1st international conference for ICT4PWDs- Announcing the strategy

  • Auspices of the European Union

  • 15 countries

  • 8 International organizations

  • 36 exhibitors

2nd international conference and Exhibition for ICT4PWDs

April 2013

G3ict M-enabling summit. Washington DC. Presetting the Egyptian case.

June 2013

ITU: Presenting the Egyptian case

Standardization of ICT for PWDs

September 2013

The Road Map

Egypt as a Hub for Arabic SW and Mob. Apps. for PWDs

4th annual competition for ICT4PWDs

Oct. 2015

3rd annual competition for ICT4PWDs

Oct. 2014

January 2016

Raising the allocated budget for TAMKEEN competition

Feb. 2014

January 2014

Launch the CoE in ICT4PWDs

Jan. 2016

Launch a specialized track for ICT4PWDs

Feb. 2015

Contribute to the development of the ICT4PWDS standards

June 2014

Intensive informative sessions on ICT4PWDs

International cooperation and knowledge transfer to Arab countries

Commercialization of the developed applications

Thank You

Hoda Dahroug

MCIT - Egypthttp://www.mcit.gov.eg/