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Longford Community Resources Ltd. Longford Community Enterprise Centre, Longford, Ireland. A Development Company Covering County Longford. AIM : “To Promote Positive Change in Social, Economic and Environmental Development in Co. Longford”

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Longford community resources ltd

Longford Community Resources Ltd

Longford Community Enterprise Centre, Longford, Ireland

A development company covering county longford
A Development Company Covering County Longford

AIM: “To Promote Positive Change in Social,

Economic and Environmental

Development in Co. Longford”

Key focus:Tackling social exclusion and social & economic disadvantage

Membership of longford community resources ltd
Membership of Longford Community Resources Ltd.

Company Status:

  • Limited by Guarantee, with Charitable Status

  • 19 Board Members from 4 sectors

  • Community/Voluntary and State Agencies

  • Social Partners/Elected Representatives

  • Relevant Substructures that support the numerous programmes

Key statistics on county longford
Key Statistics on County Longford

  • Area Size 257,970 acres

  • Population 31,066

  • 29 Persons per square kilometre

  • 36.2% of population are age dependent (32.3% nationally)

  • 41% of population left school by 15 years (35% nationally)

Main barriers to development in co longford
Main Barriers to Development in Co. Longford

  • Low population density and imbalanced age structure

  • Significant educational disadvantage and early school leaving

  • Over reliance on agriculture and lack of indigenous industry

  • No third level institution or vocational training facilities in the County

  • Infrastructural weakness and concerns around the sustainability of the environment

  • Inadequate tourism development (.6% of international arrivals)

Strategic aims
Strategic Aims

  • To support and encourage rural and community development in Co. Longford

  • To actively promote social inclusion in Co. Longford

  • To influence policy and lobby for change and social justice at all levels

  • To strengthen LCRL as a company and maximise its resources

To support encourage rural community development

  • 2-pronged approach develop a capacity building programme:

  • To address lack of local community development capacity throughout the county.

  • To raise the capacity of very socially excluded people to help themselves

To support encourage rural community development1

  • Promote awareness of the need for better utilization of natural resources leading to new and sustainable employment opportunities both on and off farms.

  • Develop a coherent local rural development strategy

Groups issues supported
Groups & Issues Supported

  • Youth & Early School Leaving & its Prevention

  • Older People & Rural Transport

  • Travellers

  • Long Term Unemployed

  • Rural & Community Development Groups

  • Disadvantaged Women & Lone Parents

  • Low Income Farmers

  • Refugees & Asylum Seekers

  • Tourism Development

Programmes funds secured managed by longford community resources
Programmes/Funds Secured & Managed by Longford Community Resources

  • 1995 - 2000 LEADER II Programme

  • 1996 - 2000 Local Development Programme (to tackle long term unemployment & social exclusion)

  • 1997- 2000 Equal Opportunities Childcare Programme (to improve quantity & quality of community & private childcare in our region)

Programmes funds secured managed
Programmes/Funds Secured & Managed Resources

  • 2000-2006 LEADER + Programme

  • 2001-2006 National Rural Development Programme (Tourism funding)

  • 2001 -2003 CAIT Initiative (provide information technology training to socially excluded groups)

  • 2002 -2006 Millennium Fund for Disadvantaged Students in 3rd level

Programmes funds secured managed1
Programmes/Funds Secured & Managed Resources

  • 2002- 2006- Rural Transport Initiative (provision of rural transport services in North Longford)

  • 2000-2008- Longford Traveller Project (build the capacity & skills of the Traveller community enabling the development of a group that is Traveller led to tackle issues eg accommodation, health, education, unemployment & discrimination)

Programmes funds secured managed2
Programmes/Funds Secured & Managed Resources

  • 2005-2007 Co. Longford Youth Service from Dormant Accounts & the Dept of Education (provision of youth service in region to support youth & communities)

  • 2005-2007 - Community Development Work- Dormant Accounts Fund (providing 2 workers as community development support to specific disadvantaged areas)

Programmes funds continued
Programmes/Funds - continued Resources

  • 2005-2007 Rural Social Scheme (provide p/t employment to low income farmers by providing them with pay for community work eg caretaking of halls, village enhancement, social care, developing walks & amenities

  • 2006 Co Longford Youth Service-Dept

    of Health

  • 2006- 2008 Equal Opportunities Childcare Programme – 4 After School Services (for disadvantaged children identified by the schools as requiring extra support)

Total funding to date
Total Funding to Date Resources

  • Also involved in 2 EQUAL Programmes to support women into enterprise with Longford EQUAL Partnership and an Equality for Women Programme for a Skills Agency

  • Funding secured by Longford Community Resources since its establishment in late1995


Lcrl staff team
LCRL Staff Team Resources

  • 1 Manager

  • 2 Administrators

  • 2 Social Inclusion Co-ordinators

  • 2 LEADER Project Workers

  • 2 Traveller Development Workers

  • 2 Community Development Workers

  • 1 Rural Transport Co-ordinator

  • 1 Enterprise Worker

  • 1 Employment Mediator

  • 1 Farm Family Development Worker

Lcrl staff team1
LCRL Staff Team Resources

  • 1 Youth Service Co-ordinate & 3 Youth workers

  • 1 Rural Social Scheme & 2 Supervisors

  • 54 workers on Rural Social Scheme in region

  • 1 After School Co-ordinator & 13 p/t childcare workers

  • 1 Education Co-ordinator

  • 1 Secretary & 1 p/t Volunteer Co-ordinator

  • LCRL contract 1 Womens Development Worker & 1 p/t Refugee Support Worker to Womens Centre

Benefits of Management of Multiple Programmes Resources

  • Reduced Administration costs - shared Manager, Administrators & Secretary

  • Shared Buildings and Office Equipment

  • Greater collaboration and integration between the staff and resources of the different programmes

  • Greater ability to respond more effectively to the issues and difficulties facing the region

Benefits of management of multiple programmes
Benefits of Management of Multiple Programmes Resources

  • Greater integration between the programmes administered as they are all contained within one company

  • Multiple responses to the problems of the region eg to tackle early school leaving of Traveller children in a no. of ways

  • More holistic support to the people and communities of the region.

Benefits of management of multiple programmes1
Benefits of Management of Multiple Programmes Resources

  • 1 Local Contact Point for Government Depts.

  • One company administering all so less confusing to our customers

  • Greater awareness by the agencies of the individuals circumstances

  • Familiarity with the other supports provided by Longford Community Resources for communities, families and individuals.

Difficulties in multiple programme management
Difficulties in Multiple Programme Management Resources

  • Less Time to spend on the programmes planning & delivery due to all under 1 roof

  • Needs Co-ordinators for all Programmes to support staff and integrate our work

  • Need wide expertise at Board level

  • More demanding on Board & Manager & Administrators

  • Need a Human Resources Manager at this point !!

Contact: Resources

Longford Community Resources Ltd.

Longford Community Enterprise Centre

Ballinalee Road


Tel: 043-45555 Fax: 043-44093

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.lcrl.ie