Political duels
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Political Duels. Finish the Concept Attainment. Background… John C. Calhoun (early a nationalist- proposed a protective tariff that may benefit South Carolina). Tariff of 1824 33 1/2c Tariff of 1828 33 49c- politically motivated to get votes for Jackson

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Political duels
Political Duels

Finish the Concept Attainment

The tariff

The Tariff

Jackson calhoun divide

  • John Calhoun VP a protective tariff that may benefit South Carolina).

  • Exposition of 1828- nullification is introduced- secretly authored by Calhoun

  • 1) Federal government was a compact between states

  • 2) sovereignty was indestructible

  • Webster Hayne Debate (catering to the West)- people not the states

  • “Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!”

  • Jefferson Day Toast

  • Jackson- “Our Federal Union- it must be preserved!”

  • Calhoun- “The Union- next to our liberty, the most dear!”

Jackson Calhoun Divide

Tariff 1832

Henry Clay proposed… a protective tariff that may benefit South Carolina).

  • 49 c- reduced

  • South Carolina

  • Order of Nullification (stop collection of the tariff- immediate secession if threatened by the Federal government).

  • Force Bill- Army to collect tariff (paper war)

Tariff 1832

Henry clay

Henry Clay

The bank of the us

  • Nicholas Biddle- President of the Bank a protective tariff that may benefit South Carolina).

  • A sectional issue

  • Northeast vs. South & West

  • West bound to the east by tight money restrictions and lack of circulating $


Election of 1832

Democratic party organized- donkey as the symbol. Nominated Jackson and Van Buren.

  • Jackson 219

  • Clay 49

  • At issue- the rechartering of the BUS 1836.

Election of 1832

Mandate destroy the monster

Jackson, reelected, did not wait for the bank’s charter to end- he tried to deprive it of money.

  • Pet Banks (federal money deposited here instead of the BUS)

    Government also generated a surplus, but Jackson did not want to spend on internal improvements (ie Maysville Road Bill- vetoed).

  • Wildcat Banks

Mandate? Destroy the Monster

Speculation devaluation

Speculation & Devaluation