national civic education campaign to enhance the constitutional review process
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National Civic Education Campaign to Enhance the Constitutional Review Process. NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR DEMOCRACY (NCD).

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project objectives

The main objective is to build citizens interest in the Constitutional Review Process and increase the understanding of the importance of the constitution to the daily lives of Sierra Leoneans

Provide translations of relevant themes [1.Judiciary], [2. Executive], [3. Legislative], [4. Fundamental Principles of State Policy] & [5. Local Government & other Ancillary Divisions of Government] of the 1991 Constitution into 5 Sierra Leonean languages (Krio, KonoLimba, Mende & Temnefor accessibility

Create audio-visual recordings on these themes of the constitution

Support and Receive verbal or written submissions from citizens for onward transmission to the CRC in Sierra Leone

geographic outreach

This project will be implemented on a national scale and will target the 50 constituencies in rural or remote parts the country.

Geographic Outreach
  • Areas of focus (themes)
  • Due to limited resources: time, funding, complexity of planning requirements, coordination considerations and other issues of bordering on efficiency, the NCD has selected a slice of concerns among multifaceted issues existing to be discussed with citizens.
areas of focus themes cont

Focus is made on 5 strategic areas of the 1991 Constitution

1. Judiciary

2. Executive

3. Legislative

4. Fundamental Principles of State Policy and Human Rights

5. Local Government and other Ancillary Divisions of Government

Areas of focus (themes) cont.

Focus is made on 5 strategic areas of the Constitution

To zoom focus on the relevant portions of the 1991 Constitution in five key themes [i] Judiciary, [ii] Executive, [iii] Legislature, [iv] Fundamental Principles of State policy and Human Rights, [v]Local Government and other Ancillary Division of Government] & translate them into the Sierra Leonean languages (Krio, Temne, MendeLimba & Kono)

Prepare video (snippets - bits & pieces) quotes on these areas with interpretation. Professionally recorded in collaboration with SLBC (–what the 1991 Constitution says literal meaning- interpretation, principles and objectives with possible lacunas etc).

activities cont

Hold town hall meetings nationwide two per constituency in 50 rural communities to show video, followed by open sessions for discussions with room to solicit views

Use NCD outside broadcast (OB) van to do publicity for more participation from citizens.

Receive written or oral submissions from citizens for onward transmission to Constitutional Review Committee

Produce a final report with findings & recommendations which will be sent to the CRC

Activities cont.
expected outputs

5 – days writers’ workshop

  • Print and distribute 4,000 copies of relevant portions of the thematic areas interpreted into the 5 Sierra Leonean Languages identified [Krio-1,500], [Mende-800], [Temne-800], [Limba-600], [Kono-300 copies]
  • In close collaboration with SLBC, do joint production of 25 videos (5 per thematic area) on relevant constitutional issues identified and voicing these into the 5 Sierra Leonean Languages identified above
Expected outputs
expected outputs cont

100 Town Hall Meetings in 50 constituencies nationwide.

  • 100 Outreach sessions nationwide using NCD’s Outside Broadcast Van (2 per constituency) to promote awareness of civic responsibility and participation in CRP
  • Frequent monitoring and evaluation exercises to ensure the project reaches its outlined objectives
Expected outputs (cont.)

In this project the NCD will promote public awareness of the CRC’s work, increase public awareness of principles, objectives and specific entities in the present Constitution of Sierra Leone through the provision of a translation of relevant portions of the constitution to make it accessible to a wide range of Sierra Leoneans.

In a collaborative way the Commission will be working closely with media institutions to do outreach and radio programmes.

Widely disseminate the information and materials produced through the use of NCD open broadcast van to promote awareness with a view to ensuring maximum participation in the review process by all sectors of society

methodology cont

In order to make its messages visually appealing, the commission will prepare video snippets- bits and pieces from the constitution (with direct quotes, interpretation and possible lacunas) from a professional background, which will presented in town hall meetings conducted nationwide in 50 Constituencies to stimulate public debate followed by open sessions for discussions

During these activities NCD will support and receive verbal or written submissions from citizens for onward transmission to the CRC in Sierra Leone

Produce a final report which includes findings and recommendations for the CRC.

Methodology (cont.)