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Multi-Channel List Media. Presented by: Cyndi Lee VP of Business Development RMI Direct Marketing 4/28/09.

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Multi-Channel List Media

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Presentation Transcript

Multi-Channel List Media

Presented by:

Cyndi Lee

VP of Business Development

RMI Direct Marketing


Overview:List buying has gone above and beyond traditional list marketing. Today lists are considered a form of “media”. See how marketers are utilizing lists through all channels from postal, email, telemarketing and mobile.

The Roots of Direct Marketing

In the 1880’s lettershops started to open such as the Business Address Company of NY, RL Polk and NCR.

By the 1860’s number of firms used direct mail in the form of informational circulars and handbills to advertise their wares. Direct Mail as we know it today was made possible by the typewriter, which was invented in 1867 and began appearing in many offices thereafter.

In 1872 the first modern mail-order catalog was produced by Aaron Montgomery Ward. One fact that holds true today as it was back in 1872: The implementation of sound strategy and marketing program that offers products and services that satisfy changing needs, wants and interests of the consumer

1886 marked the beginning of Sears, Roebuck.





Third class bulk mail postage rates were established in 1928.

In 1961 it was Lester Wunderman, founder of Wunderman in 1958, who first used the term “direct marketing”.

In 1938 Irma Dunhill created the first mailing list for rental. Irma went door to door in the Empire State Building gathering list of names for her employer.

1917, the Direct Marketing Mail Advertising Association was established, today known as the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

In the 40’s businesses started to develop telephone sales. The breakthrough in technology by 1960’s the telemarketing industry advanced and from there telephone numbers were made available for rental.






Lists in the Early Stages

  • As mailing lists started to develop list companies started to be established to manage and sell mailing lists to other marketers.

  • The first type of lists on the market were compiled lists, consumer/business mail order, and a few publishers released expire names only.

  • Very little segmentation.

    • Compiled lists had the most segments with company size and title.

    • Response lists were limited:

      • Active Buyers

      • Magazine Expires

      • Geographic

  • In the 70’s and 80’s technology was advancing fast. Marketers started to capture and flag more transactional data.

  • Lists had more selections:

    • Hotline mail order buyer

    • Average purchase dollar

    • Product category

    • New subscribers

    • Renewals

    • Source (DM Agent vs. Direct to Publisher)

  • Merge/purge technology was created.

  • SRDS was the only book that listed “lists of lists”.

  • By the late 80’s into 90’s technology boomed and we started to see a huge transition within the list business.

  • Lists and Databases were getting more savvy, new programs came to market to help marketers maximize the value of their databases both for internal and external purposes.

  • 3rd party demographic and lifestyle data was being appended.

  • Internal data card systems were being created to track all new lists coming on the market.

  • In the mid-80’s MIN was established, the first integrated data card system.

Current Landscape withOffline/Online Assets

More Data to Maximize Value of a List

  • Having access to a lot more data, marketers can maximize the value of their own database for internal and external use.

  • If the manager and owner utilize this data and market it appropriately, mailers are able to slice and dice a file to reach the most targeted audience.

  • Data being appended:

    • Lifestyle and Demographic data

    • Ethnic & Religion Data

    • Political Data

    • Co-op data (purchasing data at the SKU levels)

  • With this data you can have over 100’s of variables to market. The key is positioning the list to the fullest potential.

More Data to Maximize Value of a List

Email List Marketing

  • Marketers are capturing email addresses from all sources, ranging from online registration or when making a transaction from a subscription, purchase, inquiry etc…

  • Marketers are also utilizing email append. You can increase the number of emails on housefile by 20-30% by doing an append.

  • There are approximately 13,465 email lists on the market today.

    • 51% consumer

    • 60% business.

  • Email list pricing varies depending on the type of list.

    • Consumer Databases are priced lower around $125/M to $150/M.

    • Business lists are priced higher ranging from $300/M to $425/M.

    • Consumer response files are priced from $200/M to $250/M.

  • Keep in mind these are market rates. Marketers can rent these lists as low as $50/M to $125/M. Research your pricing and negotiate before going to contract.

Email List Marketing

Email List Marketing

  • Marketers are utilizing email lists in various ways, such as:

    • Direct mail and email Combo’s

    • Solo email

  • They utilize these media channels to help:

    • Drive consumers to website

    • Generate leads to transition into a customer

    • Generate a new customer

    • Reactivate a customer

Direct Mail & Email Combo Campaign

  • Sample of direct mail and email in tandem.

  • This is a pre-announcement:

    catalog coming

Email to pre-announce magazine delivery

CURE is a solo DM campaign being deployed to acquire new donors.

Heifer Project is

using an email list

to acquire new donors

From: Hudson Valley Magazine [] Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 4:58 PMTo: skimoore@optonline.netSubject: Special Welcome Back Offer!

This is a reactivation effort

Example: Newsweek renewal effort

Mobile Media

  • SMS = Short Message Service has the highest deliverability of any marketing medium.

  • Texting complements other types of campaigns and can be used effectively in conjunction with direct mail, telemarketing email or event marketing.

  • SMS users run campaigns that will drive consumers to their store, website or a call to number or to respond to an offer.

  • SMS is successful when using a financial aspect to the offer and an emotional appeal.

  • Over 60% of text messages will be seen with response rates averaging 10%.

Mobile List Marketing

  • List owners are utilizing large databases of text numbers where they can do a match and create a Mobile List for rental. The good lists are double opted in.

  • The list owner or provider will deploy the text message.

  • Mobile files are priced at $225/M to $300/M.

  • The Mobile text lists coming to market have two forms of messaging

    • SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a process where software is used instead of a mobile aggregator.  Messages are not pushed through an aggregator dealing with the cell carriers. Phone is in essence receiving an email, it’s a one way system/no way to respond.  These lists are generally not double opted in which is not in keeping with MMA guidelines.  Because this pushes from server to server there is no way to track deliverability, stats show that 12 – 20% of the data deployed can be dropped or fail.

    • SMPP = Short Message Peer to Peer is a process where a mobile aggregator is used, messages are cleared though the cell co’s  and the message is pushed directly with the cell carriers.  Lists are required to be double opt in, this is a two way method of communication so a response mechanism can be implemented.  Carriers can report on deliverability and is standard within the reporting.  Well over 99% of the messages pushed are delivered.  This is the pure form of SMS.

Mobile List Marketing

Marketing SamplesCourtesy of PK List Marketing

  • Marketers are adding a texting component to DM or Print ads to motivate the audience to get personally involved.

  • They can reach potential customers wherever they are with a mobile call to action.

  • They use a unique keyword and code to traditional advertisements. The consumer then texts in the unique keyword and code and within seconds receives a reply text message with links to pictures and offer information.

Marketing SamplesCourtesy of PK List Marketing

Partnership Marketing

  • Marketers come together and craft the best exchange scenario that will benefit both parties.

  • Partnerships will trade media assets including:

    • Postal addresses

    • Email addresses

    • Banners

    • E-Newsletters

    • Telemarketing

Current was unable to use the list traditionally so a partnership deal was introduced. Woman’s Day advertised on Current’s website, Current had access to one of Woman’s Day media channels (website, email address, e-newsletter).

Partnerships Utilizing Online/Offline/TelemarketingMagazine Offer and Non Profit Partnership Sample:

  • Magazine:

  • The publisher puts an offer on the non profit’s website offering a 1 year free subscription for every $25 donated.

  • The publisher is also riding on the non profit’s lapse donor telemarketing campaign. The non profit organization calls on all lapsed donors to try and reactivate them… During the call the telemarketer will offer a 1 year free subscription to a specific magazine if they return with a $25 or more donation.

Non Profit:

  • The non profit organization will utilize the publishers email addresses to generate new donors.

  • The non profit organization will run an ad on the publishers e-newsletter to acquire new donors.

  • The non profit organization can also get editorial space on the e-newsletter.

Partnerships Utilizing Offline Endorsements

Marketers have found that endorsing a direct mail piece can lift response significantly. This sample is IMP looking for a lift in response so Doubleday/Crossings mailed their piece endorsing it.

Partnerships Utilizing Offline

This sample is showing Oreck Vacuum using the Guideposts list.

They were so successful that they only mail the GP list with an endorsement.

Takeaway Points

Takeaway Points

  • Put traditional “list” thinking behind you.

  • Lists are categorized as another media channel.

  • Be creative, innovative and make the best of what you have.

  • There are multiple forms of list marketing as demonstrated today

    • Postal

    • Email

    • Telephone

    • Mobile

  • Think partnership when discussing lists/media channels; utilize them all.

  • Always create new types of lists so every marketer can target their audience through any channel.

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