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What does it take?. . ??. DISCIPLINE. Discipline. Definition: Training expected to produce specific character or patterns of behavior. Controlled behavior resulting from training, self controlApply Discipline to your business?What you decide to do next will determine what you do next.

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3. Discipline Definition: Training expected to produce specific character or patterns of behavior. Controlled behavior resulting from training, self control Apply Discipline to your business… What you decide to do next will determine what you do next. Your disciplined actions will produce results. Results creates success.

5. Paradigm = Set of rules Trend = A critical mass of people adopt a new belief system The signs that signify a trend Significant pain or pleasure Financial future, retirement, health a better quality of life. People begin to question the unquestionable The 45 year plan, Social Security, Job security A search for alternatives Sales, Home based business or a better quality of life What rules are being broken? People adopt a new set of rules Anti-Aging medicine vs Traditional Medicine Internet Shopping vs the Mall When a critical mass of people change the rules or take action a new trend begins

6. Building A Plan of Action Identify a goal - define it and feel it Translate your goal to a weekly income and MPCP Pin Level Create a time frame Identify the number of hours, per week, you can commit to reach your goal Identify your product focus* Treat the business like an Executive *Product focus determines, in part, your plan of action

7. Product Focus What products or services will you sell? Health and Nutrition Internet Personal Care Cosmetic Anti-Aging

8. Health and Nutrition Most products are purchased then re-purchased monthly. Can create an ongoing BV stream of 30 or more BV each and every month.

9. Internet Web center-generated BV is created when you sell a 3rd Party Website, and when you earn a monthly hosting fee to a 3rd Party Website.

10. Personal Care Most products are purchased then re-purchased every one to three months. Ongoing BV can be created, but your customer purchase cycle is different. Where 10-15 repeat customers may be required for meeting monthly personal BV sales volume through health and nutrition products, you may be required to take 15 to 25 customers that order every other month to meet those same personal sales volume. Or, you must expand to 25 to 35 customers, if the purchases are every three months versus every month.

11. Cosmetics Similar to Personal Care products, determining your customer cycle (the frequency of replacement or new orders between product purchases) will dictate the number of customers necessary to run your business at a profit.

12. Anti-Aging Products Similar to the customer sales cycle of Health and Nutrition products, unless your anti-aging products solely include Pentaxyl - which is a three-month sales cycle.

13. Market America’s Business Building Plan 10-15 Hours Per Week For 2 – 3 Years Develop One Business Development Center What are the result producing activities, and how much time a week should I spend doing them?


15. Quality Time Through Implementing Results Producing Activities Develop 10 to 15 Preferred Customers who purchase, on an average, > 30 BV per month in the first 90 days. Sponsor a minimum of 2 Distributors every 90 days. Ongoing Education – SELL TICKETS, Listen to CDs/Audios, Watch DVDs/Videos.

17. Developing One Customer Takes 2 Hours of Focused Work 4 Names/Possibilities 4 Approaches – 15 minutes each Do you take vitamins or supplements? What results have you seen since you started taking them? What if you could drink your vitamins and absorb 95% in 5 minutes? When you run out of the bottle you are taking, would you try mine for 60 –90 days to compare the results? Total Time 60 Minutes

18. Developing One Customer Takes 2 Hours of Focused Work 2 Appointments – 30 minutes each Teach customer benefits of products and how to use them. Show them how to use your web portal. Total Time 60 Minutes 2 Hours

19. Every Market America/Market Australia Distributor should service a minimum of 10 Preferred Customers, purchasing > 30 BV in goods and services!

20. Develop One New Distributor Takes 20 Hours of Focused Work 16 Possibilities 16 - Approaches - 15 Minutes Each 16 - Follow Ups - 15 Minutes Each 4 - Show the Plans - 2 Hours Each 2 - Second Looks/Follow Up - 2 Hours Each Total Time 4 Hours 4 Hours 8 Hours 4 Hours 20 Hours

21. Sponsoring Goal Identify a key GO NOW Person to focus on in each sales team. Great Attitude Coachable Master the Basic 5 Getting Started Guide at Minimum Ensures Tools Base 10, Seven Strong Accountability through Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis

22. Sponsoring Goal GO NOW should have lofty goals of Professional Coordinator or Above within twelve months. By working with individuals that have the same goals…everyone will achieve their goals more quickly.

23. Sponsoring Goal If your goal is Professional Coordinator in one year…how many hours a week must you focus on distributor development? You need 8 Personally Sponsored Distributors…4 people in each sales team. Total average time to develop one new Distributor is 20 hours. 8 distributors x 20 hours = 160 hours

24. Sponsoring Goal If you wish to reach your goal in 12 months, then subtract 3 months. Subtracting 3 months from original goal allows for the ABC Pattern to duplicate the last 3 months. For example, if your goal was 12 months, your new business building goal time is 9 months. 160 hours divided by 9 months = 17.7 hours per month Divide 17.7 hours by 4 weeks = 4.5 hours a week you must focus on distributor development.

25. Ongoing Education Through the NMTSS Attend a minimum of 8 NMTSS Events Per year Local Seminar - 8 Hours - 4x District Seminar - 12 Hours - 1x Regional Convention - 16 hours – 1x International Convention - 24 hours – 1x Leadership School - 24 hours – 1x Total Time 32 Hours 12 Hours 16 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours 108 Hours

26. Be a Promoter Definition – one, who alone or with others, actively participates in the formation of a business or venture. One of the components of forming your business is promoting seminars.

27. Be a Promoter Promoting Seminars: Edifying the Speaker Explain the Benefits For: A Qualified Prospect A New Distributor

28. Be a Promoter Example: Our next seminar (not Super Saturday or Rally) features (name of guest speaker), a very successful UnFranchise Owner. This will be an outstanding training because this person has a successful background in (education, business, management), and he or she will be training how to apply some techniques and business building components so you will have the education to successfully build an UnFranchise® Business.

30. Ongoing Basic Education First Year New Distributor Training – 4 hours Basic 5 Training – 4 hours Executive Coordinator Training – 8 hours Throughout the Year Every 3 months attend a minimum of a NDT, B5, ECCT or Specialty Training on Motives, Internet or Product – 4 hours Attend a B5, NDT and ECCT in the first 90 days then one training per quarter TOTAL TIME 4 hours 4 hours 8 hours 16 hours 32 Hours

31. Administration Activities Inventory – 10 Order Process – 15 Required Forms – 15 News and Announcements – 5 Preferred Customer Entry - 15 Total Time 10 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes 5 minutes 15 minutes 1 Hour

32. Support Activities Outside Reading Outside Audio Training Corings/Trainings ABC Pattern/Trial Run

33. Weekly Time Sheet Customer Development Distributor Development NMTSS Education Basic Education Administration Activities Support Activities 4 Hours 4.5 Hours 3.5 Hours Accrued 1 Hour Accrued 1 Hour 1 Hour 15 Hours

34. Week 13 or When the Preferred Customer Goal is Reached, A Transfer of Time Takes Place Customer Development Preferred Customer Support - Portal Parties - Surveys Distributor Development - ABC/Follow Up NMTSS Education Basic Education Administration Support Activities Total Time .5 hour 1.5 hours 6.5 hours 4 Hours Accrued 1 Hour Accrued 1 Hour 1 Hour 15 Hours

35. Daily Summary

36. Weekly Summary

37. Monthly Summary

38. Quarterly Summary Attend three NMTSS Events (Local, District, Regional or Corporate Trainings) Complete and Submit Form 1000 Measure, monitor and adjust your efforts to your plan of action Basic 5 Diagnostic

39. Objections If someone say’s No….. Say - I appreciate your decision. Ask – What is the single most reason you say no? Ask for referrals. Ask - May I call you in 90 days to let you know how I’m doing? Put follow-up call in planner with objection to refresh your memory.

40. Goal is to sponsor 4 new distributors on left and right for a total of 8 distributors. In how many months do you want to reach your goal? Subtract 3 months from that goal. Subtracting 3 months allows time for the ABC Pattern to duplicate. 8 distributors x 20 hours=160 hours Your monthly goal is 12 subtract 3 months = 9 building months. 160 hours divided by 9 building months = 17.5 hours. Divide by 4 weeks to give you your weekly = 4.5 hours per week. Results will produce sponsoring 8 people by your goal date.

41. Administrative Activities (Preferred Customers/Form 1000) Support Activities (Two nights per week, ABC/Trial Run/Follow-Up) NMTSS Education (Total training time divided by 52 weeks) Basic Education (Total training time divided by 52 weeks) Total Average Hours per Week = 1 Hour 4 Hours 3.5 Hours 1 Hour ________________ Detailed Plan Summary

42. Detailed Plan Summary Time Savers Product Previews Distributor Closing Ratio Ask Yourself Do you have 10 Preferred Customers? How is your Personal Sponsorship? Are your Personally Sponsored going to trainings? Are your Personally Sponsored duplicating your efforts?

43. Three Stories to Master Your Own Story 2 Minute Commercial The Company Story Lead the Parade Your Business Partners The Profiles of Success You have a Story Tell Your Story – Tell it Often

45. Market America What is it? Market America is a Product Brokerage & Internet Marketing Company that specializes in One- to-One Marketing and Mass Customization.

50. Evaluation Technique Maybe you could help me out. I met some people who are bringing a new business concept into the area, and I have the opportunity to work with two people to manage its expansion.

51. Evaluation Technique You may or may not be interested, but I’d like you to evaluate it. You may know the right people. If you lead me to the right people, we can work out something that would be mutually profitable.

52. Book the appointment SHUT UP! Get off the phone.

53. Direct Approach SMILE! Mind set is always make a friend and establish rapport. Hi, I’m Paul Carlotta! You are? Where are you from? What do you do? Do you have a card? Use FORM Method Family Occupation Recreation Money (After meeting make notes on the back of their card)

54. Market America What do you for a living? I partnered with a company that does market research to identify what people want…and secures the distribution rights for those products and services. I put together a team of individuals to distribute these products.

55. To Do List Prioritize each day before going to bed. A way to monitor what you get done. You must schedule it to get it done. Add 4 – 8 possibilities, from your list, to call the following day to use the evaluation approach on.

56. Learn How to Show The Plan! Pad and Paper 3-Part DVD Flip Chart Big Flip Chart Web Portal CD Presentation



61. 45 YR PLAN VS. 2-3 YR PLAN

62. Need More UnFranchise Owners??? Who do you know that’s made it to the top 5%? Who do you know that’s tried a small business, franchising, real estate or a MLM to get to the top 5%?

63. The Referral One referral is worth one hundred cold calls or twenty-five sales presentations… if you know who you are looking for.

64. Know Who You're Looking For… Teachable, coachable, motivated Be willing to dig deep to find a winner If you let a new person work their list on their own, they are going to recruit down Spend most of time with winners (80/20 Rule) Watch for status changes

65. Well-Connected Communication Skills Wants More Money or Free Time Can Afford to do the Business Know Who You're Looking For…

66. Setting Up the Follow-Up Appointment Ask an Open-Ended Question “What did you like most?” “What would you do with an extra $1000 per week?”

67. Follow-Up Appointment Explain How the Trial Run Works Get some people to evaluate it. We will show it with you. Test market the product.

68. Trial Run Advantages The “Trial Run” leads you to people who will look at the product and business. The prospect makes the decision by experiencing the business. The prospect learns the business and is duplicating the results producing activities.

69. 3 WAY CALLING When? Third party validation Promoting the three way call Length of a three way call Objective: Book the next appointment

81. Here’s what works Being accessible to your team Team Building Loyalty Developing a long term attitude STAY THE COURSE! Never Give Up…………………

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