using the education databases
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Using the Education databases

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Using the Education databases - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using the Education databases. Kate Walker Education Librarian [email protected] What are databases?. Databases contain records of journal articles They also list other material, such as conference proceedings, book chapters and reports

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what are databases
What are databases?
  • Databases contain records of journal articles
  • They also list other material, such as conference proceedings, book chapters and reports
  • The key databases for Education are ERIC, British Education Index and Australian Education Index
database records
Database records
  • Databases do not contain full-text of journal articles
  • They contain records of articles
  • Records include information such as: Author, title, source (e.g. journal), keywords
where to find them
Where to find them
  • Go to the Library website

This will take you to the Education subject page

Click on Finding journal articles

  • Run by the US Department of Education
  • It has a strong American bias
  • It covers a very large number of journals (not only American)
  • Database records include abstracts
british education index bei
British Education Index (BEI)
  • BEI is good for searching for British articles
  • It is quite a small database
  • BEI records do not have abstracts
australian education index aei
Australian Education Index (AEI)
  • Produced by the Australian Council for Educational Research
  • AEI has a strong Australian bias
  • AEI’s records have abstracts
accessing the databases
Accessing the databases
  • You must have VPN set up to use these off-campus
  • Click on the database you would like to use. It will take you through to the following screen
database homepage
Database homepage

Tick the box of the database you want to search

Then click Easy Search

picking out keywords
Picking out keywords
  • Databases cannot search for whole assignment titles, so pick out your keywords
  • e.g. if your topic is “Teaching Shakespeare to secondary school pupils”, your keywords are:
    • Shakespeare
    • Secondary school

Type your keywords into the boxes on the search page


Secondary School

Then click search


You will be presented with a brief list of records

For more details click on the link to abstract/database record


This will take you through to the full article record

If you would like to see if we hold the article online, click here


You will be taken through to the following results screen

If the article is available online, there will be a link here.

If the article is available in hard copy in the Library, it will say Catalog here.

Ignore these two links, they don’t give you any useful information!

  • The databases index more journals than the Library holds. You may not have access to the articles listed
  • If you would like an article not held by the Library, please order it on interlibrary loan:

refining your search
Refining your search
  • If you don’t come up with enough results, try using synonyms
  • Combine synonyms using or
    • e.g. secondary school or high school
truncation symbol
Truncation symbol
  • A truncation symbol replaces one or more letters
  • The truncation symbol for ERIC, BEI and AEI is the dollar sign - $
  • Teach$ will find
    • Teacher
    • Teaching
    • Teachers
refining your search1
Refining your search
  • If you come up with too many results:
  • Think of additional search terms and combine with ‘and’
    • e.g. Shakespeare and Secondary school and literacy
  • You can also use limits to restrict the number of years you’re searching
refining your search2
Refining your search
  • If you still can’t find any results, try another database
  • More databases are listed on the Education Subject page
  • If you have any other queries, contact [email protected]